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Mission Trips


Med/Pol Risk: Low risk  

Challenge Level: Level 2

Dates: Contact us at or 678-823-0020

Cost: $440-$530


Children Childrens Ministry

Children Construction

CommunityOutreach-Evangelism Community Outreach

Youth Youth Ministry

Experience and Risk


1-junior high age and up; no language barriers; minimal cross-cultural setting; no missions experience required

2-junior high age and up; moderate language barriers; moderate cross-cultural setting; missions experience helpful

3-senior high age and up; some language barriers; challenging cross-cultural setting; missions experience helpful

4-adults (some mature senior high); increased language barriers; intense cross-cultural setting; missions experience required


L=LOW RISK (western country or major city in developing world)

I=INTERMEDIATE RISK (developing country, travel outside city)

S=SUBSTANTIAL RISK (few western amenities, marginal medical system, political unrest sometimes present, possible infectious disease)

H=HIGH RISK (few western amenities, marginal medical system, travel to remote areas, environmental extremes/altitude, heat, etc, infectious disease)

Pregnant women are not permitted to participate on projects rated as Intermediate, Substantial or High Risk.


Contact us today: 
or 678-823-0020


Tucson, Arizona


MTW partners with Mike & Claire Alameda of Corazón Ministries in reaching the South Tucson Hispanic area. Mike ministers to many Hispanic pastors who need encouragement as they seek to serve in troubled neighborhoods. Both Mike and Claire are noted for their cross-cultural seminars that include culturally effective ministry approaches to first through fifth generation U.S. Hispanic citizens.


The week is a virtual workshop in Hispanic cross-cultural ministry. Teams have an opportunity to serve in both homes and churches helping with VBS, youth activities, construction, and door-to-door evangelism. Having someone on your team fluent in Spanish is helpful, but not required. Tucson is an MTW Family Friendly project that works well for families with elementary age children, as well as groups of youth and adults.