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Mission Trips


Med/Pol Risk: Low risk  

Challenge Level: Level 3/4

Dates: TBD

Cost: $530


CommunityOutreach-Evangelism Community Outreach
Mercy Mercy Ministry

Experience and Risk


1-junior high age and up; no language barriers; minimal cross-cultural setting; no missions experience required

2-junior high age and up; moderate language barriers; moderate cross-cultural setting; missions experience helpful

3-senior high age and up; some language barriers; challenging cross-cultural setting; missions experience helpful

4-adults (some mature senior high); increased language barriers; intense cross-cultural setting; missions experience required


L=LOW RISK (western country or major city in developing world)

I=INTERMEDIATE RISK (developing country, travel outside city)

S=SUBSTANTIAL RISK (few western amenities, marginal medical system, political unrest sometimes present, possible infectious disease)

H=HIGH RISK (few western amenities, marginal medical system, travel to remote areas, environmental extremes/altitude, heat, etc, infectious disease)

Pregnant women are not permitted to participate on projects rated as Intermediate, Substantial or High Risk.


Contact us today: 
or 678-823-0020


Human Trafficking
Atlanta, GA

Human Trafficking

Equip your church to fight human trafficking in your community. Human trafficking is not just a third world issue; it is rampant in the U.S. and touches every socioeconomic, racial, and ethnic group. The average age of a girl lured into the sex trade is 13 years old; once she enters, her average life expectancy is only 7 more years due to addiction, violence, and disease.

Would you like to learn more about the issue and see how your church or group could be involved in your community? Join us for a week of training and hands-on experience in Atlanta, a city dubbed as the model of how churches, service agencies, and non-profits are working together to bring healing and restoration to those caught in the horrors of sex trafficking.  

Participants will be involved in street outreach, prayer drives, service projects, training, and ministry at the safe houses where those rescued are prepared for a new life. There will also be speakers from different aspects of anti-trafficking work sharing about their unique approaches and how they got started in the fight against trafficking. We hope that you will leave with a keener awareness of the issues around you and how you and your church can become active participants in stamping out this injustice.

Contact: To sign up, email Opal Hardgrove:

Age/Level of Experience: This project is for college age and above. We are limited to 20 people per week.

Transportation: Participants will be responsible for travel to Atlanta.

Lodging and meals: Lodging will be in an Atlanta apartment complex and meals will be provided by Atlanta Dream Center.

Project Dates: TBD

Cost: $530 

Human Trafficking Project Brochure