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How you can participate:
• Teaching business principles  
• Mentoring small-medium sized 
   enterprises (SME’s)
• Assisting in the start of micro-
• Opening businesses in a foreign
• Being an in-country BAM 

Contact Us

678-823-0004 ext 2566

Business As Mission


Change the world through business ... and be changed in the process.

Through MTW’s Business As Mission program you can use your business knowledge and experience to make a difference in the lives of people around the world.


         Ways God Can Use You:
• Teaching business principles 
• Micro enterprise development
• Mentoring business owners
• Opening your own business
• Being an in-country
coordinator and overseeing BAM initiatives
• Contributing financially to an
 incubator fund
Who is Needed:  

  • Business owners
  • Business executives
  • Retired businesspeople
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Young businesspeople who desire to be mentored  

John Tubbesing Introduces MTW's Business As Mission

Evangelism Produced in HD

by Amy Robinson

Buried deep in a closed part of the world, strategically located at the crossroads of Europe, Africa, and Asia, an evolutionary ministry is bringing the gospel to countries otherwise closed to missions efforts. In an MTW Business As Mission (BAM) endeavor, a unique team introduces professionalism and Reformed theology to a field ripe for the gospel. Their business? Media production.


"There must be a God" -A Business As Mission update from South Asia

We run a business center in our city, helping equip South Asian entrepreneurs and develop businesses as a strategic way to reach the community with the gospel and aid community development. Last week, we finished our seventh cohort of entrepreneurs. We had a great week.


First, we had the final business presentations. From there, the top four presentations went on to the business presentation competition. Our finalists had put together business plans for holistic funeral services, gourmet tea/snacks, education consulting, and an online counseling platform. The winner of the competition receives a no-interest loan for starting his/her business.

We had our best competition so far. During the competition, an entrepreneur who was a non-believer spontaneously praised the business center saying, "There are almost no resources for those suffering mentally in South Asia. I've had a burning desire for helping those with mental problems. At just the right time, I found the business center. It's the only thing that has helped me make this desire into a business for others. I'm not a Christian, but there must be a God."

What exciting opportunities to introduce others to this wonderful God as well as start businesses that can transform this city. Please pray for this entrepreneur. Consider donating toward the competition winning loan. Even better, come over and help our entrepreneurs start and grow successful businesses.

Consider donating toward the competition winning loan.

Learn more about how God can use your skills to help with Business As Mission endeavors overseas. Visit

Business as Blessing in Uganda
by Zoe Erler
David Thomas describes himself as “an engineer and business manager kind of guy.” A director of manufacturing for Beltservice Corporation and an elder from Kirk of the Hills PCA in St. Louis, Thomas joined MTW’s Business As Mission (BAM) director John Tubbesing on a trip to Kampala, Uganda, last year to put his business acumen into practice in an international setting.
Business Training Offers Hope for Young Mothers

I am not a business person, never have been. That's why when the Lord asked me to start a used clothing store for the girls in my ministry, everything in me wanted to say NO! From my point of view all I could see in my future was paperwork, legal fees, rent, and more work. But God had a different plan.


I work with a home for young single moms in La Ceiba, Honduras. These girls were desperately in need of job training. They needed to learn how to be responsible workers, keep a schedule, receive a paycheck, budget their money, and get some experience. The Lord dropped all the necessary pieces into place. Suddenly people were giving us clothes to sell, without me even asking. We found a place where the owner dropped the rent way down, and we had volunteers build our clothing racks. I just didn't feel like I could tell the Lord no when He was making this decision so clear.

In September of 2012 we started working with Business as Mission (BAM) through MTW and opened the store in October. Since then our financial success has been little, some months gaining and some losing. But I cannot be more affirmed than I am by seeing how the Lord has used this store and the BAM program to show people Jesus and expand His ministry of mercy.

We hired a few outside girls to help at the store. One of them came back into a relationship with Christ when we took her to a church conference with all the store workers. Because of that she left a bad relationship and moved into our home. Another of our workers now has money saved in the bank and is following a monthly budget due to the direction she received while at the store. Another one of our workers is walking with Jesus and is now able to go to university because of her job at the store. And our girls received exactly what they needed: job training, experience to put on their resumes, budgeting strategies, and some lessons in responsibility.

The girls have moved on in various directions with work and school. I'm eager to see how the Lord continues to work in them and through them to accomplish His purposes. And through me, as I recognize the wisdom of saying "yes" to Him.

Shannon Innes Ordoñez serves with the MTW Honduras team and Puerta de Esperanza, a home for young mothers and their babies, in La Ceiba, Honduras.

Training Entrepreneurs in South Asia: An Update

Through a new Business Development Center (BDC) in South Asia, we’re helping train local entrepreneurs to develop and grow their own businesses. Three cohorts have completed the training so far. The tangible results from the center’s first year have been promising. Here’s a sampling of new businesses that have developed and what some of the BDC graduates are up to now.


A Chicken Farm
The winner of the cohort two business plan contest is starting a chicken farm in a village outside of the city. She is low caste and so is her husband. Never have any low caste people in this village had their own business. The low caste have always been oppressed and served the high caste. The first success for the woman was the purchase of land from high caste land owners. No low caste villagers had ever done that, either. After purchasing the land, she then began building her chicken farm. The town started talking and as a result the woman and her husband have been able to share about their faith and how they hope that this farm will impact the village significantly. We are in talks with one of our partner denominations to try and get a church-planting work in the area to come alongside the business and minister to the many people in this village.

A Goat Farm
Meanwhile, the contest winner from the first cohort is successfully implementing her goat-farming business in another village north of the city. Though she hasn't sold any goats yet, she is building an incredible infrastructure. The village has also been shocked that she has done everything—from obtaining permits to registration to hiring labor—without the typical method of paying bribes. This is a powerful testimony.

A Coconut Oil Company
A graduate of cohort two, has launched his coconut oil company. The company manufactures and bottles coconut oil in a factory in another city, and he is selling it throughout South Asia. A month or two ago he got his first major order from a distributor of about $15,000. Since then he has made a lot more deals. He hired a fellow BDC graduate to work for him (who wasn't ready to start her business yet).

A School
A woman from cohort two, launched her school this year with 30 students. She is getting ready to add 11 more. Her school is targeting the poor and she relies on donations and small fees to keep the school running. She has a wonderful vision and is eager to use this to impact the poor communities of the city for Christ.

Window Washing
A local entrepreneur from cohort one continues to grow his window washing business. He cleans the windows of five-star hotels around the city. He now has around 12 employees and is slowly adding more. Most of his employees are evangelists in the villages. The job not only enables them to support their families, but also to do ministry in the villages. The business owner is able to support his family and his ministry as well.

Leather Making
Out of cohort three came a man from another part of the country who is incredibly gifted in leather making. He is starting a business that will employ underprivileged women, train them to create leather goods, and sell to Western audiences. His business is still in the pipeline, but we can expect big things.

We’re always looking for businessmen and women willing to use their business skills on the field by serving as mentors for local entrepreneurs. For more information on MTW’s Business as Mission ministry email

Kingdom Opportunity
When Barry Moorehead embarked on a career in banking, he never envisioned he’d one day sit in a classroom on the other side of the world, helping a South Asian woman refine her stall-fed goat farm business. Or that it would be one of the best experiences of his life.

Napada Handicrafts - Bangkok, Thailand

Napada Handicrafts employs women from low-income communities enabling them to improve the lives of their families while forming community with Christians and learning the truths of God. 

Business As Mission Resources

We want to share with you those resources that we are aware of. We don’t endorse all of these, or necessarily agree with every viewpoint expressed, but they represent a range of thinking on Business As Mission.  Let us know what you have found helpful so we can share it with others.
• Work Matters: Connecting Sunday Worship to Monday Work by Tom Nelson
God Is at Work by Ken Eldred
Kingdom Calling: Vocational Stewardship for the Common Good by Amy Sherman
• Great Commission Companies by Steve Rundle and Tom Steffen (IVP)
My Business My Mission by Doug Seebek and Timothy Stoner (Faith Alive)
Business For the Glory of God by Wayne Grudem (Crossway)
On Kingdom Business by Tetsunao Yamamori and Kenneth Eldred (Crossway)
Business As Mission by C. Neal Johnson (IVP)
Changing the Mind of Missions by James Engel and William Dyrness (IVP) NOTE: This is not on business in missions specifically, but helps us to think about missions in our time in a healthy way.
Business as Mission: The Power of Business in the Kingdom of God  by Michael R. Baer
• African Friends and Money Matters by David Maranz (SIL International) 
Every Good Endeavor by Tim Keller
Business as Mission, Occasional Paper No. 59, Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization, 2004
Business as Mission, Principals and Strategies for Building Profitable Kingdom Ventures with Non-profit Resources, Thomas Sudyk, 2006
Business As Mission Network

Get Involved

Here are some examples of ministry "models" for business as mission activity:
Teach business to nationals to help our missionaries with pre-evangelism contacts or discipleship

• Partner with a missionary to determine how overtly Christian your teaching should be depending on the context and the goal.
• You will need to have some preliminary training in the culture into which you will be teaching and sharing, which MTW will arrange and provide.
• You will be expected to have prepared so that you provide a very professional and valuable session(s). Students in some cases will be paying for this teaching. Your time in country for this will likely be from 3-7 days.

Help nationals start businesses and see them operated successfully

• You are most likely someone who has broad business experience, and possibly experience starting a business or who has operated a small business.
• You will most likely teach/consult/mentor several nationals who want to start businesses. They will have been “pre-qualified” for this training only somewhat. You will most likely be part of a 3-4 person team who follows a program that is a series of 3-4 one–week sessions over a several month period.

Live “in-country” and use your business skills to help MTW impact the kingdom

• This is not for everyone. It can involve much in terms of learning and adapting to a new culture. It may require learning a new language.
• It is also many times more difficult to be in business in another country. • However, it can be done successfully!
• You may want to become an employee or consultant for a company with a presence in the country you desire to live, work and minister in. Every culture needs kingdom-minded businesspeople. • You may want to consider being a MTW BAM Regional Coordinator and help nationals start and operate businesses and work to bring businesspeople from the U.S. or other countries to the country or region you would live in.
• If you want to start a business yourself, MTW is prepared and excited to help you however we can. This will vary from one place to another but may include: (a) learning the new culture and language and customs; (b) introducing you to a pastor and church in the area; (c) possibly assisting you with finding employees, suppliers, customers, financial and legal advisors in country; (d) praying for and with you.