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Pray with us for 37 new missionaries by the end of 2015!
Please pray…
• The Lord would continue lift up new workers.
• The Lord would provide clear connections to supporters as our missionaries are faithful to share their ministry needs with others.
• God would prepare our missionaries in ways only He knows they need to be prepared before heading overseas.
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Church Resourcing

The Church Resourcing Department of Mission to the World exists to assist and equip churches in their missions ministry. Mission to the World is the mission-sending agency of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), helping to fulfill the Great Commission by advancing Reformed and covenantal church-planting movements through word and deed in strategic areas worldwide.


The Church Resourcing Department is led by Rev. Jack Beall. Each state in the U.S. and province in Canada, is represented by a Church Resourcing Representative. Your representative is available to your church to assist you in whatever need you may have. Whether you are a new church which desires to start a missions ministry or your church has an established global outreach ministry, we can help you through planning, mobilizing, and connecting you with global PCA church planting works.

To contact our office by email:

You may also contact your representative by email ( or reach us by phone at (678) 823-0004 and then the respective extension below

Rev. Jack Beall, ext. 2335
Sue Harris, ext. 2143

Church Resourcing Map

About Us

The primary focus of Church Resourcing is that of service, asking churches, “How can MTW serve your church’s missions ministry?” This looks different in every church, but has included some of the following:

1. Explaining MTW’s purpose and efforts in a very general way (e.g. speaking at missions conferences)
2. Listening to leaders describe their missions ministry (to allow MTW to know how better to serve them)
3. Consulting with missions committees* to develop a strategy and vision for their missions ministry, as well as develop sound philosophy, including:
     a. Grace-based ministry
     b. Centrality of Church in missions
     c. Importance of national church planting
     d. Necessity of missionary serving as facilitators
4. Encouraging churches to grow in missions mobilization, including:
     a. Praying for the kingdom in multiple venues
     b. Wisely giving to missionaries, national leaders, projects and partnership shares
     c. Sending members in strategic short and long term opportunities
     d. Educating members through events and materials
     e. Partnering with fields for missions emphasis
5. Explaining inner-workings of MTW:
     a. Most common of which is financial
     b. Explaining the SQW (the missionary budget)
     c. Partnership Shares 
     d. Road to the Field (why all the training?)
     e. Missionary Support Services (the importance of each person in the home office)

The outcome that the Church Resourcing Department expects is that there will be greater participation of PCA churches in the global PCA church planting efforts, a smoother path for PCA missionaries who are raising support with MTW, a better informed MTW as the Church Resourcing Department brings back “grassroots” feedback to the office, and true partnership between MTW, PCA churches, and our missionaries.

*Your Church Resourcing Representative is available to come, as a service to your church, and meet with your missions leaders, and work through issues including vision, strategy, mobilization, etc… These consultations have been helpful to both new churches with no missions ministry as well as large churches with a well-developed missions ministry.

List of Resources

For Churches Getting Started – Window to the World (the following materials are available through consultation with your Church Resourcing Representative)
Laying the Foundation - understanding the Biblical basis for missions and establishing vision
Setting Your Sights - focusing your vision and moving your people
Setting the Pace - developing momentum in mobilization
Reaching the Summit - integration of all the components 

Missions Committee 
Missionary Search with additional listings of those on Home Ministry Assignment (HMA) and those who are approved for service and itinerating to raise needed support to get to the field
MTW Statistics - answers to the question of “how many?” 
Worldwide Statistics/Fact Sheets: Operation World  (a tool to learn how to pray more effectively for countries and people groups around the world)
Praying for Missionaries - a helpful article to pray more specifically for missionaries
Window to the World  - an assessment tool for your missions ministry
Partner Relations – Financial Planning Seminars - MTW can assist you with financial planning and special giving

Small Group/SS Class
Praying for Missionaries  - a helpful article to pray more specifically for missionaries
The Gracious Commission - a four-week, small group Bible study on missions
Creative Ways to Care for Missionaries

Go on a Vision Trip see what God is doing, and learn more about particular ministries around the world (click on the tab above).
Praying for Missionaries  - a helpful article to pray more specifically for missionaries
Establishing a Missions Committee  - how to start a missions ministry

For Individuals
Becoming a Missionary - is God leading you toward missions? Find out what is next.
Praying for Missionaries - a helpful article about praying more specifically for missionaries
Financial Planning - MTW can assist you with financial planning and special giving

Vision Trips

See and experience Mission to the World's ministry in different areas of the world.

MTW vision trips come in all shapes and sizes, but they are designed with you in mind. Some trips target one ministry or geographic area; others are wide-ranging. Although a few trips provide limited opportunity for hands-on ministry, the focus is on vision rather than participation. All, however, offer personal challenge and spiritual growth.  

Vision trip participants sometimes come from churches that are exploring new sites or ministry opportunities based on the strategies and objectives of their own church. Others are already committed to particular ministries, but are exploring ways in which they and their church might deepen their involvement. Still others are seeking to develop their own church’s missions focus and strategy, so are interested in a broader ministry overview
Some who visit the field are interested in seeing personally the ministries in which they are investing, or they may be seeking where God might have them invest resources in the future. Just getting a bigger vision for missions, or even seeking direction regarding a possible call to the field, sometimes provide motivation to join a trip.

Contact for details.