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Global Disaster Response


MTW Global Disaster Response - ChileGreat Fire of Valparaiso, Chile

Join us! We need your help responding to the devastating fire in Valparaiso, Chile, which left thousands homeless. GDR Training is not required to participate, but missions experience is helpful. If you are a carpenter, plumber, or just plain handy we can use you. 

    16 August to 23 August
Costs:    approximately $300 for meals and ground transportation
Airfare: <$1600.00 (cost depending on your location)

For more information, please contact David Campbell at or 678-823-0004 x2314.

The fire began on 12 April 2014 in the hills of Valparaiso, Chile. It destroyed over 2500 homes and has left 13,000 homeless. The news coverage was minimal because of the problems currently happening in the Ukraine. John Rug, our local missionary, has made an appeal for assistance. John has served as a church planter in Chile since 1986. He has two families in his church who lost everything and government services are slow to respond to the affected area. A team is responding. For updates from the team, click on the “Fire in Chile” tab below.  

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Sign-up for our training events—your skills and experience are needed. 

Disaster Response Training is a week long course comprised of classroom time and in-the-field, hands-on learning.  Volunteers are trained to work safely and effectively in unstable and dangerous environments and to serve those suffering from shock, pain, trauma, illness, and dislocation.

Disaster Response Training Event:

      Fall 2014 - October 21-26 in Chattanooga, TN
        Cost: $595 early registration before Sept 5th.
        Training is limited to 25 participants.
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Training Photos and Videos 

What a great week! So much to learn and think about. My head and heart are still swimming! I would highly recommend this training.

Mr. Jerry Miner Water Missions International Disaster Response Vice President

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Our international faculty has extensive experience in the Disaster Response world. They work with our DRT participants to instruct them on how to safely and effectively come alongside and serve people who have been affected by a disaster.

Great Fire of Valparaiso, Chile


 In April of this year, a massive fire swept through Valparaiso, Chile, and left 13,000 residents homeless in its destructive path. MTW's Global Response team landed a short time after with a team that built housing, bathrooms, and provided other much needed support. Many of you have contributed through prayer and much needed financial support. Thank you!! 

The work, however, is far from over. We are organizing a second construction team to visit Valparaiso in an effort to continue the work of rebuilding. While many of the victims have received some aid in the form of housing from the local government, these houses called mediaguas are nothing more that particle board shacks with no heat, toilets, or running water. This next team will continue the work by providing running water, install toilet facilities, and electrical service. This is meaningful work and the opportunities to share the gospel are great.  

Dates:    16 August to 23 August
Costs:    approximately $300 for meals and ground transportation
Airfare: <$1600.00 (cost depending on your location)  

For more information, please contact David Campbell at or 678-823-0004 x2314.

GDR Training is not required to participate, but missions experience is helpful.


Latest Update: May 23, 2014

Team leader Dan Jenny arrived in Chile Monday May 19 in advance of the response team. He reports the following:

On Monday, after arrival we went to Valparaiso to visit the families we hope to help immediately. There are 10 families. I was reluctant to take pictures of the their respective shacks, but they are very humble. The government has given most of them a 10x20 particle board structure with a sheet metal roof. It is not air tight and very drafty. No insulation. None of the shacks have water or toilets. They must walk to a port-a-john in a central location. A few have electricity and most have bottled gas for cooking. While this is not the complete devastation we saw in Haiti, it is still pretty grim. By the way, it has really rained yesterday and last night which will make thing messy up on the fire hills. It's cold too, about 40 deg. F.

The people are in pretty good spirits considering but they are frustrated. They were obviously very glad to see us particularly because we represent hope. The older folks seemed more desperate and were very emotional upon our leaving. That was tough! The local government has helped to a degree. It is obvious Chile is not a third world country but there is a lot we can do. Yesterday, we prioritized the projects. We are helping the older folks first, then the ones who are still living in tents. Keep in mind all the shacks are built on the sides of steep hills. Getting to their mediagua [pre-fab house] is not always easy or safe. We will need to build steps to some of them, particularly for the older folks. Our next project is getting them toilets, running water in a close proximity to their mediagua. The team is coming up from Southern Chile and arriving in Vina on Monday morning. With me there will be nine total. Couldn't ask for a better team.

Donate: Click here to donate to this project (#93996).

Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines

Immediately following the landfall of Super Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines November 8, 2013, MTW’s Global Disaster Response Ministry began reaching out to national partners in the country with an offer to help. Since then we’ve taken several teams to the disaster areas in Bogo, Cebu, and Tacloban in partnership with Presbyterian churches in the Philippines and national pastors. The work is transitioning into a longer-term national led ministry.
MTW is partnering with Pastor Zuriel and Heroes Church
to respond to needs in Tacloban.

Your help is still needed

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If you are currently an MTW missionary, please contact us directly to sign up.



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Contact MTW Global Disaster Response:
or call 678-823-0004 ext. 2365