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Global Disaster Response
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“Whatever You Need Me To Do”
It wasn’t his dental training that brought Dennis Hamilton to MTW’s Global Disaster Response (GDR) ministry, but an opportunity to serve. “I’ll carry water, dig a latrine, whatever you need me to do,” he said.

GDR trips often include engineers and medical professionals, but others are also needed to help with food and logistics. Laypeople and professionals alike volunteer their time to spring into action when disaster hits.

Global Disaster Response

Earthquake Devastates Nepal

A massive earthquake devastated Nepal on April 25, 2015, with aftershocks following daily. More than 5000 have lost their lives, and that number continues to rise. Thousands more are injured or displaced.

How were MTW partners affected? The 7.8 earthquake struck during Saturday morning church services and eighteen died in one of our partner churches. Another partner church, though damaged itself, has become a temporarily shelter for 150 in the community.

We need your help. In Nepal we partner with national pastors who oversee churches, children's homes, two schools, and a home for widows. Right now we're assessing how best to meet their needs.

Please—first and foremost—pray for our friends in Nepal. And donate now to help meet critical needs in the wake of this disaster.
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Cyclone Devastates Vanuatu

Cyclone Pam devastated Vanuatu on Friday, March 13, 2015 in what could be one of the worst disasters to hit the South Pacific. The storm struck the island with the force of a Category 5 hurricane, with wind gusts reported as high as 200mph (source: CNN). It is certain that the needs among our churches will be substantial.

We are responding and we need your help. MTW works closely with the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu, helping to train and equip leaders of the rapidly growing church. In recent years MTW and the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu have deployed more than 20 pastor-evangelists to different villages on the island, and scores people are coming to Christ, many out of the “John Frum Cargo cult.”

Please pray for our friends in Vanuatu and donate now to help meet critical needs in the wake of this disaster.  Donate now.

Hurricane Odile, the strongest storm on record to hit Mexico's southern Baja California peninsula, struck the Los Cabos area on Sept. 14, causing massive destruction. Resident MTW missionaries Peter and Jenny Boling survived the storm, but were shocked by the damage they observed and the needs they saw around them. The church where they serve, Vida Nueva, quickly became a command center for the humanitarian relief effort, distributing food, clothes, and medical care.

Even now, the relief efforts continue and have expanded. Jesus El Buen Pastor, a church in San Jose del Cabo has joined to help. These churches have an unprecedented opportunity to minister to people who are open to the gospel. Limited funds have helped to begin the efforts, but the ongoing needs are overwhelming. The Vida Nueva church needs major repairs and many homes in the community sustained heavy damage. You can help by praying and giving generously so that these churches can reach the community with the tangible love of Christ. Donate now.

Help Believers in Gaza

The conflict in Gaza has left many dead, thousands wounded, and countless more without homes, jobs, loved ones. Christians there are asking for our help.

They need your "knee time" and action. How can you act? By sending relief and medical support to believers-Palestinian and Jewish-caught in the crossfire, and others in the community that have been wounded or displaced and have tremendous needs.

Will you help? 
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Great Fire of Valparaiso, Chile

In April of this year, a massive fire swept through Valparaiso, Chile, and left 13,000 residents homeless in its destructive path. MTW's Global Response team landed a short time after with a team that built housing, bathrooms, and provided other much needed support. Many of you have contributed through prayer and much needed financial support. Thank you!!  » Give now 


Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines

Immediately following the landfall of Super Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines November 8, 2013, MTW’s Global Disaster Response Ministry began reaching out to national partners in the country with an offer to help. Since then we’ve taken several teams to the disaster areas in Bogo, Cebu, and Tacloban in partnership with Presbyterian churches in the Philippines and national pastors. The work is transitioning into a longer-term national led ministry.   Learn more »

Your help is still needed: » Give Now


Relief in Full - What's God been doing in Japan since the 2011 tsunami?

On the afternoon of March 11, 2011, the earth started moving in Ishinomaki, a coastal city of 162,000 in the Tohoku region of Japan. M-San*, a piano teacher on the north side of town, grew increasingly terrified as the Tohoku Earthquake persisted for more than six minutes.

Sign-up for our training events—your skills and experience are needed. 

Global Disaster Response Training is a week long course comprised of classroom time and in-the-field, hands-on learning. Volunteers are trained to work safely and effectively in unstable and dangerous environments and to serve those suffering from shock, pain, trauma, illness, and dislocation.

2015 Disaster Response Training Events:

October 20-25, 2015 in Tennessee

                     » View the details here.

For more information,
Call: 678-823-0004 ext. 2365


Training Photos and Videos 

What a great week! So much to learn and think about. My head and heart are still swimming! I would highly recommend this training.

Mr. Jerry Miner Water Missions International Disaster Response Vice President

View the training photo album »           View the Disaster Response Training video »

Our international faculty has extensive experience in the Disaster Response world. They work with our DRT participants to instruct them on how to safely and effectively come alongside and serve people who have been affected by a disaster.


If you are currently an MTW missionary, please contact us directly to sign up.



What are the requirements to become part of MTW's Disaster Response Team?
What is the application cost?
If I were to commit to the disaster relief teams, would I be considered an MTW employee?
Can I join the team as part-time/full-time or is it just as needed?
How are the disaster response trips paid for?
How does support raising work for disaster relief?
Would I be able to get insurance through MTW or would that have to come from elsewhere?
How many trips would I (most likely) be able to take a year? Is there a limit, minimum, maximum?
Are there different teams for different things ex: medical, counseling, construction?
What is the typical cost of a DRM trip?
What will we learn at the Disaster Response Training?
Is the training hard?
I am partially disabled/ have a medical condition. Can I participate in the training?
I am pregnant. Can I come to the training?

About GDR

MTW’s Global Disaster Response ministry responds rapidly to calls from around the world to bring medical care, counseling, and construction assistance in times of disaster. In this ministry the hardships are real, it’s sacrificial service at it’s toughest, but the investment is life changing and eternal.

We work alongside national churches, church planters, government officials, and other international NGOs to meet the needs of the victims, both physical and spiritual. By connecting with church planters already in the field, we hope to use the opportunity to strengthen church plants or establish relationships that may evolve into church planting.


Contact MTW Global Disaster Response:
or call 678-823-0004 ext. 2365

Funds received by MTW as part of a disaster response appeal are used for physical immediate relief: food, water, clothing, construction, travel for response teams, and other related needs.  In addition, funds may be also used for longer term rebuilding.  No more than 8% may be used to facilitate evangelism and church planting in the affected area.  Exceptionally, when there are unspent funds, they will be used in future disaster and compassion situations. ​