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InVOLve yourself in what God is doing around the world.

 Summer Internship Opportunities by Region

NW SW Afrioa Asia


Year Round

We have many other internships that are available from 1-11 months in ministry sites all over the world. Here are just a few examples of how you can get involved:

Work with local entrepreneurs in Uganda or South Asia as they start new businesses, training them in God-centered business practices. Or minister to local young adults in partnership with a local church.

Work alongside national church partners as you minister to youth and work in community development in Costa Rica.

Help a team be more effective on the field by teaching missionary children in Cusco, Peru.

Serve at a church plant in Lethbridge, Canada, ministering to youth from the Blackfoot Reservation and also to local university students.

We have lots of other opportunities! Let’s start a conversation: email us at 

Or go ahead and take the next step: fill out our online interest form.

Internship Application Forms

Right click to download:
 Application Instructions »  
 MTW Application - Part 1
 MTW Application- Part 2
If you prefer to have us email you the documents, please contact us:

Summer Application Deadlines/Fees

Applications submitted
  • before Dec. 31, only $25
  • between Jan. 1- Mar. 15: $50
  • after Mar. 15 are considered late and will incur a $100 application and processing fee.

 Frequently Asked Questions 

General Questions
What are the summer program dates?

Summer internship dates vary by ministry site. In 2015, our standard internship runs from May 26th to July 30th and includes both a required pre-field training and debriefing. However, we do have other summer options of varying lengths between May 1st and August 31st.  

What do you mean by "year-round" opportunities?

Many of our ministry sites are looking for interns to serve a few months both during and outside of summer months. These sites options can take place at anytime during the year, thus the term "year round." If you desire to serve outside of the traditional summer months, we would love to help you! Please note your dates of availability when you apply.

Can I choose where I serve?

You are given a first and second choice for placement on your application. We encourage interns to be open and prayerful about serving in a different location in the event their preferences aren’t available. If at all possible we try to place you in your first choice. Our approval process is on a first-come first-serve basis, so if there is a site where your really want to serve, be sure to apply earlier rather than later. During the interview process, an internship coach will share with you alternatives to your choices if they feel you might have a better experience in a different location.

What will I be doing?

Flexibility and an openness to serve are essential. An intern’s daily activities are determined by field leadership and vary with each location. Typically interns help out in ministries in which the team is involved, such as teaching English, working with children, and leading short-term teams.

Where will I live?

Housing varies by location but may include sharing an apartment with other interns, living with missionary families, or occasionally living with national families. This is something determined by each team leader and varies according to each field.

Can I get internship credit at my school through this program?

In many cases yes. However, it is your responsibility to share with your MTW mobilizer and team leader your need to meet certain criteria and to get this info in writing from your school. You will need to assume responsibility for driving this process of meeting all requirements in order to get school credit.

What is the dress code?

Modesty should always be your guide.
Leggings, flip-flops, spaghetti strap t-shirts or short, shorts above the knee are not recommended on most of our sites.

Internship Requirements 

Is there a minimum age requirement?

Interns must be 18 or older to serve with Mission to the World as a volunteer intern. Parental consent is required for any applicant under the age of 18.

Are there language requirements?

Most internship locations do not require language proficiency, with the exception of Latin America placements where some level of Spanish is required.

What are the vaccination requirements?

Current tetanus shot is required, and we assume all childhood immunizations have been completed. Beyond that, we recommend what the CDC recommends.

Fund Raising and Expenses

How much will I need to raise to serve as an intern?

Our traditional summer dates run from late May - late July or early August. These ministry sites on average a total budget ranges from $2,000 - $5,000 to cover "on field" food, transportation, lodging and ministry. Please refer to the region you are interested in on the map for more details about a particular site.

For our year round projects, the budget varies and is typically higher than a summer budget. Talk to a member of our team for additional details: | 678-823-0029.

What on-field expenses are typically included in an internship?

Intern housing, meals and transportation needs are included on your ministry budget as part of your internship. Lodging, meal and transportation costs are carefully determined by our missionary partners on each site. Once you are approved and invited to serve on your assigned ministry site, we will go over these details with you.

When do I have to have the funds raised?

Once you are approved to serve and invited to serve on a ministry site a budget will be provided. We encourage interns to raise 80% of their budget sixty days prior to their assigned departure date. This will allow us to make the necessary travel and training arrangements. 100% of your budged support is required before you will be allowed to depart for the field.

What if I don't raise 100% of the funds?

If you are unable to raise 100% of the support in time for your set departure date, we will either revisit your departure date, look at other site options or prayerfully decide the best next steps.


What are your training dates?

Training is an important aspect of any internship. Our pre-field training (PFT) takes place late May and debrief training (DBT) takes place in late July or early August. The travel, cost, and arrangements are managed by the MTW office staff and will automatically be included in your budget.

Click below for additional information about both trainings:
Pre-field Training (PFT)
Debrief Training (DBT)

NOTE: In some cases, your assigned ministry site will provide on-field training for their program.