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Did You Know?

The World Is Hurting

  • 7.6 million children die annually from prematurity, pneumonia, diarrheal diseases, malaria, measles, and HIV/AIDS.
  • 1,599,986 cases of malaria, a completely preventable disease, were reported in India alone in 2010.
  • 16.5% of children in Haiti will die before they reach five years of age.
Source: World Health Organization
Mercy Matters: Heartbreak And Hope In The Philippines
Occupational therapist Cornelia Benson is a veteran of MTW medical trips, but a recent experience with an 8-year-old Filipino girl both broke her heart and offered a tangible example of how God works through the church. 

How did you meet Angelica?
I served on a team that cared for her after her leg was amputated. Both she and her mother came to Christ through the local church after her tumor was discovered through an MTW medical team..

How does her story illustrate missions at its best?
As she was dying the local pastor and elders came to pray. We literally encircled her as medical professionals and pastors. It was such a beautiful picture of the way we work in missions -- so many are toiling, watering, and caring.


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The Need

How Does Medical Missions Help Plant Churches?
Villages around the world have poor access to health care. MTW medical clinics provide missionaries and local church members a way to meet a tangible need in the community as well as build relationships and introduce others to Christ. Because we are always connected with a national church, there's opportunity for long-term spiritual connections and follow up. Medical clinics is a great way for doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals to use their expertise for God's kingdom.

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You Can Bring Hope & Healing
View the list of open opportunities below and give us a call: or 678-823-0017. Download the calendar of medical opportunities here.


North AfricaNovember 6-16, 2015
1 OBGYN, 1 Pharmacist, and 1 Neurologist still needed
CambodiaSeptember 12-19, 2015
team is full; prayers appreciated
Dominican RepublicSeptember 11-18, 2015
1 dentist still needed
TrinidadSeptember 12-19, 2015
1 PT/OT needed
BulgariaNovember 27 - December 5 2015
all personnel needed
BulgariaSeptember 15 - 27, 2015
Special Needs Teaching Conference; team is full; prayers appreciated
Guadalajara, MexicoAugust 8-16, 2015
team is full; prayers appreciated
The watching mother lit up and with tear-filled eyes said, I feel something inside of me. I told her, It's called hope and that hope comes from Jesus Christ. He loves you and hasn't forgotten about you.

- Christina

Missionary in South Asia