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Missions. It's about:

Missions. It's about:

If you were to dig a hole straight down in the town where I grew up, you would end up in the ocean west of where we live now. Talk about “the end of the earth!” But also “talk about” God’s goodness, mercy, and omniscience in His most excellent placement of us. He has brought us to an amazingly challenging and blessed place of ministry! I can’t imagine a better spot for my family’s unique mix of personality, ethnicity, gifting, and faith. —Chuck Linkston, Australia

“Simon, ‘Do you see this woman?’” (Luke 7:44)... Totally unexpectedly, our team started hearing Jesus’ question: “Do you see these women?” Honestly, I didn’t want to see them, but the Lord was doing something we couldn’t ignore—I, as a man, couldn’t ignore. He opened my eyes not to see hookers and prostitutes, but to see with His eyes: to see daughters. — Dal Stanton, Bulgaria
The joy of seeing people come to Christ here is like watching fireworks explode against a pitch black sky, but these colors don’t burn out or fade away; instead they grow even brighter and are a sign to a disbelieving generation of God’s light piercing the darkness.
—Jay E., Berlin

Types of Ministry

• Church Planting
• Art/Music/Ministry
• Business as Mission
• Education
• Mercy/Medical
• Theological Education
• Children’s Ministry
• Global Youth and Family 
• Administration/Finance

Types of Service

1-3 Week Trips

These mission projects are great for individuals, church groups, families, or college students with both a little or a lot of experience. There are many locations and ministry opportunities ranging from construction in Fairmont, WV, to teaching English in Chiba, Japan. If you have a limited amount of time but still want to serve, 1-2 week projects may be just right for you.  More ...

1-11 Month Internships

MTW internships are designed to give you a taste of missionary life and ministry experience, as well as help you confirm your calling. We have opportunities all around the world for individuals, couples, and families to assist the work of our missionaries and ministry partners. More ...

Longer-Term (1 year or more)

MTW uses a team-based approach to missions. For that reason, we actively seek missionaries from a variety of backgrounds—ordained or unordained, singles and families, men and women—with many different ministry skills and interests such as church planting, teaching, medicine, community development, and administration. More ...

ONEChild (StreetChild)

All around the globe, MTW's ONEChild connects at-risk children with the family of Christ. Sponsorships allow us to minister to the whole child so that they can become mature, self-supporting adults, committed to Jesus Christ and His Church. More ...

Medical + Health

The Medical Ministry of MTW is characterized by a heart to serve the Lord in both word and deed—carrying out the gospel through mercy ministry and augmenting church growth. We have short- and long-term opportunities for those who are interested in direct patient care or non-medical supportive roles. More...

Disaster Response

MTW's Disaster Response Ministry (DRM) is a unique area of ministry that is both physically and spiritually demanding. Our volunteers respond rapidly to calls around the world, opening up incredible opportunities to show the eternal truths of the gospel…even in closed countries. We have training and opportunities for those who can provide medical care, crisis counseling, administrative support and engineering/construction assistance after a disaster strikes. More ...

Vision Trips

Better than a brochure! MTW Vision Trips can help you form relationships with our missionaries and national partners while gaining firsthand knowledge of an MTW ministry. These opportunities are especially suited for missions leaders who want to explore how their church might serve in a cross-cultural partnership and become more personally invested in missions. More ...

Business as Mission

Are you passionate about missions? Have a gifted mind for business? Not sure how they work together? We’d love to help you find a place in missions to use your natural gifts and interests for His glory. More ...



If you are interested in a short-term opportunity please visit our 1-2 Week, Internship, and Medical pages, as these opportunities change frequently.
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South Africa, Cape Town
Uganda, Kampala
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Czech Republic
Germany, Berlin, Treptow-Kopenick
Germany, Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
Spain, Madrid
Ukraine, Kherson
Ukraine, Kiev
Ukraine, Lviv
Ukraine, Odessa
United Kingdom
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United States, NewYork
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Australia, Brisbane
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Australia, Sydney
Japan, Chiba
Japan, Nagoya
Japan, Nagoya, Christ Bible Institute
Japan, Osaka
Philippines, Manila
Taiwan, Taipei, Christ's College
Thailand, Bangkok
Vanuatu, Port-Vila
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Chile Osorno
Chile, Santiago
Chile, Vina del Mar
Costa Rica
Mexico, Acapulco
Mexico, Ciudad Juárez
Mexico, Guadalajara
Mexico, Monterrey
Mexico, Reynosa
Peru, Cusco
Peru, Lima
Puerto Rico

Let us know what you are interested in.

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MTW Global Support Ministries,, call 678-823-0029

Serve for a month or more:

 How old do I have to be?

If serving one month or longer, applicants need to be 18 years of age or a high school graduate.

 Do I need to speak a foreign language?

Generally speaking, no. For missionaries going for 1 year and longer, language school is considered part of their training. For missionaries going for less than a year, language requirements vary by location. For example, summer interns going to parts of Latin America need to have a working level of Spanish

 What are the main qualifications MTW looks for in missionary candidates?

For people seeking to serve with MTW for one month and longer, MTW examines an applicant's spiritual life, relationship with their church, their personal relationship with Christ, their personal traits and characteristics, ministry experience, conviction that God is calling them into missionary service, knowledge of the Bible, and their understanding of the Reformed faith.

 What kind of training will I receive?

The amount of training a missionary receives depends on the length of time the missionary will serve. Once approved, all missionaries serving one year and longer receive the following training: o Support raising training at Interview & Orientation (I&O) o Understanding and applying the gospel of grace to your individual life and ministry at Living in Grace, a one week grace-based discipleship conference o Practical skills on how to thrive in a new culture and relate to team members at Cross-Cultural Ministry Internship, a one-month training designed to take place near the time of the missionary's departure for the field
Missionaries serving 1-11 months receive training on support raising through the mail and over the phone. A two-day training about cross-cultural skills and team dynamics is provided for those serving in the summer internship program.

 How are MTW missionaries funded?

Missionary budgets vary widely based on field location, education for children, and the length of time a missionary is serving (those going for a few months raise much less than those going for longer than a year). Short-term and internship budgets cover the necessities of living overseas, but reflect a reduced budget for a short-term commitment. Long-term missionary budgets are larger in that they reflect items, such as annuity, intended to sustain a single/family to serve over a long period of time. Careful thought has been given to how and why we structure our budgets the way we do, and foundational to this commitment is providing our missionaries with a benefits package (health, life, and disability insurance), along with funds for continued training and other items while on the field.

 What support systems are in place for missionaries and their families?

A foundational value of MTW is to care for the whole person and family. Every missionary serving for one month and longer is assigned a representative in the office who is their go-to person for any questions they have regarding support raising, finances, policies, insurance, etc. This office representative is in contact with the missionary from the time of their approval until the missionary retires or returns to the States.

Additionally, MTW's Spiritual Life Department provides care for missionaries in the form of area retreats and by responding to any spiritual and emotional crises experienced by the missionaries on the field. MTW's Global Youth and Family Department seeks to provide care for missionary children around the globe, along with providing resources for parents as they raise their children overseas. We also have insurance protection and an internal response infrastructure in place to assist missionaries in times of medical or political crises.

 How do I start the application process?

The first step is to fill out an interest form . A staff member will be in touch with you to discuss your interests and what program is the best fit with what you're looking for.