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Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability

Pray with us for 37 new missionaries by the end of 2015!
Please pray…
• The Lord would continue lift up new workers.
• The Lord would provide clear connections to supporters as our missionaries are faithful to share their ministry needs with others.
• God would prepare our missionaries in ways only He knows they need to be prepared before heading overseas.
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The Heart of MTW

Featured Work

Medical + Health
How does medical missions support church planting? Villages around the world have poor access to health care. MTW medical clinics provide missionaries and local church members a way to meet a tangible need in the community as well as build relationships and introduce others to Christ. Because we are always connected with a national church, there's opportunity for long-term spiritual connections and follow up. Learn more at

Fully Armored

How do you discern simply having a bad week from being spiritually attacked? Right before some very important meetings, I caught a cold—the kind of cold that has you in bed for a couple of days with fever and chills. It was also during a time when we were wrestling with some escalating situations on different fields. I had also found out from my wife that our youngest child, who is 9, was crying again because she missed her life in Cambodia. Was it all just a coincidence?

During that week we were welcoming about 25 new missionaries to MTW. Several of our CMTW (Committee on Mission to the World) members were there and our chairman gave a charge to these new missionaries. He began his charge by telling them that they now have a target on their backs and will be the subject of spiritual attack. The passage he read was from Ephesians 6:10–20 describing the need to put on the full armor of God. Two things struck me from his message: (1) the reality of the enemy and his desire to distract, discourage, and destroy God’s people; and (2) the hope we have in the gospel as the foundation of the armor of God.

The reminder was timely, not only for the new missionaries, but for me as well. As the apostle Paul writes, “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places” (Ephesians 6:12, ESV).

Interestingly enough, I had a restless night soon after because of a bad dream. In the dream these strange people were attacking me and my family. We all had guns and were shooting back at these enemies. When I awoke, my heart was still pounding. I couldn’t help but make a connection with the dream and being attacked by the evil one, so I prayed for God’s protection over our family. When I shared this with my wife in the morning, she laughed and reminded me that I had a Nerf battle with my kids the night before and that maybe I carried that battle into my dreams … hmmm?

Would you pray for God’s protection over these new missionaries and our MTW family as we engage in God’s kingdom work?

Lloyd Kim, Coordinator


Vision: the gospel of the kingdom advancing throughout the world ∼
    We want the gospel to spread throughout the world, the Church to grow, Satan's kingdom destroyed, and Christ's reign extended to the ends of the earth.
Mission: making disciples among all nations ∼
    We are called to be obedient to the Great Commission by teaching people to follow Jesus as Lord and Savior, to be baptized, and to obey all that Jesus commands.

Vision, mission, and values statements: do they matter?

Our experience is a resounding, Yes, they do! They tell the world who you are; they set the direction for a whole organization; and what you say about them helps others understand what makes an organization unique. Our missionaries care passionately about these statements.

In the seven months that I have been serving as coordinator-elect of Mission to the World, I have spent a lot of time with our missionaries listening, learning, and asking questions. A top priority for me is unity:  moving forward together.

As a result of these conversations, as well as dialogues with churches and PCA presbyteries, it became clear that we needed to look again at our vision, mission, and values statements to ensure they are communicating well what we want to see (vision), what God is calling us to do (mission), and who we are/or what makes us unique (values).

After much prayer, our leadership has written new vision, mission, and values statements for MTW, which were approved last week by CMTW (similar to a board of directors). I encourage you to explore them on the orange tabs on this page.

How about you? Do you have a life vision that sets the course for what you do every day? I encourage you to prayerfully consider where God is leading you, and what He is calling you to do.

Lloyd Kim, Coordinator


A Synopsis of the Beliefs of the Presbyterian Church in America

As an agency of the Presbyterian Church in America, we hold to our denominational tenets. Following is a synopsis of the beliefs of the PCA:

  • The Bible is the inspired and inerrant Word of God, the only infallible rule of faith and practice.
    There is one God, eternal and self-existing in three persons (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) who are to be equally loved, honored, and adored.
  • All mankind participated in Adam's fall from his original sinless state and is thus lost in sin and totally helpless.
  • The Sovereign God, for no other reason than His own unfathomable love and mercy, has chosen lost sinners from every nation to be redeemed by the quickening power of the Holy Spirit and through the atoning death and resurrection of His son, Jesus Christ.
  • Those sinners whom the Spirit quickens, come to believe in Christ as Savior by the Word of God, are born again, become sons of God, and will persevere to the end.
  • Justification is by faith and through it the undeserving sinner is clothed with the righteousness of Christ.
  • The goal of God's salvation in the life of the Christian is holiness, good works, and service for the glory of God.
  • At death the Christian's soul passes immediately into the presence of God and the unbeliever's soul is eternally separated from God unto condemnation.
  • Baptism is a sign of God's covenant and is properly administered to children of believers in their infancy as well as to those who come as adults to trust in Christ.
  • Jesus Christ will return to earth, visibly and bodily, at a time when He is not expected, to consummate history and the eternal plan of God.
  • The gospel of God's salvation in Jesus Christ must be published to all the world as a witness before Jesus Christ returns.


Church ∼
            The establishment, growth, and maturity of the Church in all our ministry efforts.

Grace-based ∼
            Community life and ministry shaped by God’s grace for us in His Son, Jesus Christ.

Reformed and Covenantal ∼
            A ministry that is guided, inspired, and shaped by our theology.

Mercy, Justice, and the Love of God ∼
            A love for God that is demonstrated through acts of mercy and justice.