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Did You Know?

The World Is Hurting

  • 7.6 million children die annually from prematurity, pneumonia, diarrheal diseases, malaria, measles, and HIV/AIDS.
  • 1,599,986 cases of malaria, a completely preventable disease, were reported in India alone in 2010.
  • 16.5% of children in Haiti will die before they reach five years of age.
Source: World Health Organization
Healing God's World
They came in wheelchairs, hunched over, pain etched on their faces. Deformed bodies, damaged souls, shunned and rejected by society and often by their families—yet lovingly cared for and ministered to by dedicated MTW medical teams on a recent trip to Eastern Europe.


Parents’ guilt was assuaged as they heard for the first time that their children were not a bad talisman, a result of sin in their lives, but rather that their children were gifts from God, loved and seen as precious in His sight. One mother, when saying goodbye to the team, said, “I don’t know your God, but I have seen him work.” Pastor Kalvachev shared that a number of people began coming to church as a result of these encounters, and four have become believers.

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AMLT training: 
2014 Registration is CLOSED
Requests to MTW for medical outreach worldwide have dramatically increased every year. However, assessing and serving the healthcare needs of an international community can present many challenges, obstacles, and unique opportunities. Advanced Medical Leadership Training (AMLT) is designed to equip you to meet those challenges from the perspective of both short-term and career medical ministry.
Through a series of lectures and workshops delivered by expert faculty, AMLT seeks to prepare you to help others travel and live safely in the developing world. Topics include HIV/AIDS, malaria, clinical logistics, medical ministry and the church, effective team leadership, and many more. The course provides ample opportunity for networking among participants and hands on application of lessons learned.
Clinic Workshop
There are three dedicated days of clinical workshops and practicums held. This includes both an urban and rural clinical practicum as well as a community development practicum. Workshops include safe food preparation, water purification, and utilization of mosquito nets, among others.
Effective Health Teaching Course June 15-21, 2014 Cherokee, NC

One of the best ways that you make a greater impact on the health of a person and community is by doing more health teaching, helping the people decrease the problems making them sick. The diversity of cultures, beliefs, languages, literacy, priorities, diets, and learning styles makes this all the more difficult.

The Effective Health Teaching Course will be interactive using both classroom teaching and hands-on training among the Cherokee people of North Carolina. The results can be applied to other cultures around the world. We hope to explore and experience teaching in homes, groups (Spanish), and children’s groups.

Topics of training will include:

  • Assessing communities, their needs and the roles of health workers o Using a variety of teaching resources and appropriate terminology based on literacy levels
  • Setting goals for training
  • Developing and using different teaching tools
  • How health teaching relates to ministry

John and Elizabeth Sexton will be the primary instructors. They have been serving with MTW for over 19 years and have trained national health workers around the world. They also train missionaries through MTW and Equip International in health, medicine and health teaching. John is a family nurse practitioner with a Masters Degree in community health in assessment and intervention, and Elizabeth is a registered nurse with a Masters in Nursing Education.

For More Information:  678-823-0017 or
The watching mother lit up and with tear-filled eyes said, I feel something inside of me. I told her, It's called hope and that hope comes from Jesus Christ. He loves you and hasn't forgotten about you.

- Christina

Missionary in South Asia