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Did You Know?

The World Is Hurting

  • 7.6 million children die annually from prematurity, pneumonia, diarrheal diseases, malaria, measles, and HIV/AIDS.
  • 1,599,986 cases of malaria, a completely preventable disease, were reported in India alone in 2010.
  • 16.5% of children in Haiti will die before they reach five years of age.
Source: World Health Organization
Would Your Church Be Missed?
“If our church disappeared tomorrow, would our neighborhood notice?”

Asking themselves this question and evaluating the gifts they’d been given to steward, members of a church in South Asia started hosting monthly “commu-nity classes” for neighbors. A session on worm prevention and treatment, held on the streets outside the church, attracted such a large turnout that a neighboring Hindu priest shouted in protest. Few left, many stayed, and new relationships were planted.

How has your church impacted your community? Share your stories and help this mission grow!

 How Would Neighbors Answer This Question About Your Church?  Participate In An Open Forum With John W. At Johnandalison@Psmail.Net

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Advanced Medical Leadership Training
Advanced Medical Leadership Training (AMLT)  

Requests to MTW for medical outreach worldwide have dramatically increased every year. However, assessing and serving the healthcare needs of an international community can present many challenges, obstacles, and unique opportunities. Advanced Medical Leadership Training (AMLT) is designed to equip you to meet those challenges from the perspective of both short-term and career medical ministry.
Through a series of lectures and workshops delivered by expert faculty, AMLT seeks to prepare you to help others travel and live safely in the developing world. Topics include HIV/AIDS, malaria, clinical logistics, medical ministry and the church, effective team leadership, and many more. The course provides ample opportunity for networking among participants and hands on application of lessons learned.
Clinic Workshop
There are three dedicated days of clinical workshops and practicums held. This includes both an urban and rural clinical practicum as well as a community development practicum. Workshops include safe food preparation, water purification, and utilization of mosquito nets, among others.


For More Information:  678-823-0017 or
The watching mother lit up and with tear-filled eyes said, I feel something inside of me. I told her, It's called hope and that hope comes from Jesus Christ. He loves you and hasn't forgotten about you.

- Christina

Missionary in South Asia