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Business as Blessing in Uganda
by Zoe Erler

David Thomas describes himself as “an engineer and business manager kind of guy.” A director of manufacturing for Beltservice Corporation and an elder from Kirk of the Hills PCA in St. Louis, Thomas joined MTW’s Business As Mission (BAM) director John Tubbesing on a trip to Kampala, Uganda, last year to put his business acumen into practice in an international setting.

She Wore Blue Pajamas
by Carrie Jussely
I convinced myself that a moment like the one tonight would never happen to me. Most of the stories I’ve heard during my time of living and working with MTW in Cambodia alongside an anti-trafficking organization have been the redemptive stories. They are the stories of the women I work with at Daughters of Cambodia—stories of women who were once trafficked but who are now living new lives and working jobs with integrity.

Bahamas Break
One team's experience in the Bahamas

Reprinted by permission, Park Cities Presbyterian Church, Dallas, TX,

You're going the wrong way!” was yelled at our mission trip team while walking through the ghetto of Nassau en route to our service site. The Bahamians driving by in the car were being very helpful to whom they presumed to be silly white spring breakers heading in the wrong direction.

“No we're not!” was our loud response to them as they sped by us. The natives knew that the tourist spots were in the opposite direction we were heading, and so did we! This was not the usual spring break trip for these high school seniors.
‘Amazing Kids’ amazing summer camp
by Melissa Villeneuve
Reprinted with permission by The Lethbridge Herald.
A passion for helping under-privileged children in the Westminster community is bringing over 120 volunteers together for the Amazing Kids Sports & Activities camp, some from faraway places.

The third annual summer camp, which runs until Friday at Immanuel Christian Elementary School, is organized by the non-profit organization Amazing Kids and the Amazing Grace Community Church. They are providing a week of sports, activities and fun for free to more than 125 children, some of whom may not be able to afford it otherwise.


Rohan Crown, Amazing Kids director and pastor of Amazing Grace Community Church, says the goal is to help aid children and their families who have been through some hardships in life to get to a place where they can function in society. Crown says these events could not happen without the help of committed community sponsors and partnerships with other churches that believe in its mission.

“A lot of businesses have begun seeing what we’re doing and really came aboard to help these kids in the Westminster community,” says Crown. “Because we are not for profit and we provide camp for free, we have a number of groups that help sponsor, including two churches in the United States. They believe in what we’re doing, they provide support to us financially and the success rate has been incredible.”

Last week, a team of 13 volunteers from Chestnut Mountain Church in Flowery Branch, Georgia arrived to help prepare for the camp and increased registration by going door-to-door to advise families in the neighbourhood. In addition, 26 people, representing six families from Christ Covenant Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, are spending a week in our city assisting with the weekly camp operations, as well as the Westminster Community Fair which took place last Saturday.

Pastor Kris Decker of Christ Covenant Church says the team first travelled from North Carolina to help with the camp in 2012, and since it had great success, they wanted to do it again.

“We’ve been with Rohan [Crown] 4-5 years supporting him as a church planner and our hope is to continue to do that into the future as often as he’ll have us,” says Decker.

“It takes quite a bit to pull this off, so we’ve had to work together for three and a half years to make these two camps happen. We really do consider it a privilege to become a partner with people around the world. Our desire is to help other churches be successful and grow. When we leave, who carries on the ministry? It’s the people that live here, so if we can help them to do this into the future that’s our long-term goal.”

This year’s theme is “Pirates of the Prairie.” Since its inaugural event in 2010, the camp has grown steadily in registration. While the camp is full for this year, Crown says they intend to plan future events as long as they continue to receive funding and support from the community.

“Even though we’re faith-based, because we’re doing something to help Westminster community, people get behind it because there is a huge need here,” says Crown. “The kids are the future. We believe by investing in kids now, we’re helping [to prevent] issues that may come later in life.”

For more information on Amazing Kids and the programs it provides, visit


A Path Diverted
by Mike Pettengill
Last summer a new gang moved into the small community of Armenia Bonito in La Ceiba, Honduras. In their first few weeks here the number of murders increased. The community was frightened. Families began keeping their kids inside and avoiding the streets.

Jesús, the pastor of our new church plant, and I wanted to open a dialogue with the gang and went looking for their leader. Word got out and this spooked the gang.

Reality On the Street
by Kate deFuniak
It isn’t fair that when it rains, our kids sleep with rain fall-ing on them through the cracks in the ceiling. It isn’t fair that an 11-year-old gets to decide whether he wants to go to school or not, or that K and E’s father just left the family high and dry. It isn’t fair that K’s sister got pregnant and left her mom with her baby, so now Mom has her own baby and her daughter’s baby, both the same age. It isn’t fair that M is being severely abused at home or that C would prefer begging on the streets to coming to our project.

Dr. Lloyd Kim Nominated as MTW Coordinator

Lawrenceville, Georgia, July 23, 2014 - The Committee on Mission to the World (CMTW) is pleased to announce the nomination today of Dr. Lloyd Kim of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, to serve as the next coordinator of Mission to the World (MTW), pending election by the 2015 General Assembly. Dr. Kim has served as a missionary with MTW since 2004 in the Philippines and then in Cambodia, and is currently MTW's international director of Asia-Pacific.

Mark Bates, chair of CMTW and senior pastor of Village Seven Presbyterian Church, said, "Dr. Kim is a proven missionary leader. He displays a rare blend of godliness, humility, academic rigor, and leadership acumen. Not only is Dr. Kim thoroughly committed to the Reformed faith, but he also understands the challenges of taking the gospel to other cultures."   Read more...

Dr. Paul Kooistra Has Accepted the Position of President of Erskine

Dr. Paul Kooistra, coordinator of Mission to the World (MTW) since 1994, has accepted a position as president of Erskine College and Theological Seminary. Dr. Kooistra informed our governing body, Committee on Mission to the World (CMTW), of his intent to transition out of his role here last fall.

Mission to the World is pleased that the Lord has led Dr. Kooistra to a challenging and kingdom-building ministry at Erskine, especially one that harkens to his past experience as president of Covenant Seminary. He has led MTW with grace, clarity, and a godly vision for the future and has prepared us well for the next phase of our history. We are thankful to the Lord for Dr. Kooistra’s service to the kingdom through his work at MTW.

Dr. Kooistra will continue to work with MTW until his successor is named.

"We'll Take the Baby"
by Amy Robinson
After years of ministry outside the urban sprawl of Cusco, Peru, MTW missionary Ruth Powlison was leading a women’s group and overheard conversation about an unwanted pregnancy. It became clear that this baby would have no second chances.

To the Quechua culture, adoption is understood as the acquisition of either a burden or an asset. Why would you bring an extra mouth into your home unless it could be useful? Why would you rob your own children?

More than Medical
by Susan Fikse
Recognizing the danger of his mother’s Jehovah’s Witness religion, Cesar doubted whether faith in Christ offered him anything different. A medical student in Cusco, Peru, Cesar visited a Bible study mostly to be with his girlfriend, and for the free food.

But even after the two broke up, Cesar continued to attend, and started studying the book of John with Nathan Wilson, a member of the MTW team composed of health care professionals.

Christ’s College Graduate Makes a Difference in Taiwan
by Romana White

Making a difference——it’s part of Christ’s College’s DNA. It’s a story repeated again and again through CC alumni around the world. For ’79 graduate Bai Guang-sheng the story began with the Bunan aborigines on the banks of the Luming River in southeast Taiwan. As a young man, Bai longed to help his people. But he was a self-described “nobody.” Crippled since childhood by polio, he sought to become a school teacher. After eight weeks in college, Bai was dismissed. “Why is a handicapped person allowed this training?” the dean asked. Society shows little sympathy for those who are different, he learned. Heartbroken, he returned home.

This Is Our 9/11
by: Susan Fikse

The riot police, dressed in black bulletproof vests, hard hats, and gas masks, gripped their batons and steel shields, poised to descend on protesters at the slightest misstep. Independence Square, which the world came to know as “Maidan,” in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, brimmed with the tension of power struggle and the anger of unmet demands. Into this chaos walked the young women of Big City Church.

Medical Missions in the Philippines
A few months ago, an MTW medical team traveled to Manila, Philippines to host medical clinics. Watch this slide show video to see some of the beautiful faces we encountered. Many of the children pictured are from our children's homes and are a part of MTW's ONEChild sponsorship program.
 View the video

Learn more about MTW Medical + Health projects or about ONEChild sponsorships.
Nepal Water

The house was half-finished: Steel rods reached for the empty sky, wind whipped through empty window frames, and a gaping stairwell lacked its banister. The church did what they could with what money they had.


Yet while sparse, the house echoed with laughter and kids and smiles and life. A couple from the church in Kathmandu just moved in with their own children and took in 12 others. Twelve kids who otherwise might not have a decent roof over their heads, a meal to enjoy, or an opportunity to go to school.

When asked their biggest challenge, the housemother replied, "The children get sick due to unfiltered water, plus they haven't had all of the shots that they need," MTW was able to provide funds for simple water filters as well as much-needed immunizations.

These children are now getting well. They are drinking clean water and learning, every day, about the source of living water—someone named Jesus who loves them very much. We are pleased to announce that ONEChild sponsorships will now be providing ongoing support to these children in our partnership church in Nepal.

Thank you so much for being a part of changing lives like these. We couldn't do it without you.

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