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ONEChild Vision Trip to Haiti, June 6-13, 2015

MTW is hosting its first-ever vision trip specially designed to highlight MTW’s ONEChild sponsorship ministry.
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678.823.0004 Ext. 2365

Sponsorship Transforms Lives


Then They Were Orphans
By Mandy Marcone

Mandy: Tito, I'm really sorry that you don't have a Dad.

Tito: Thanks. I've just had to get used to life without one.

This was a conversation Tito and I had just a few days before Tito's Mom died in the hospital during a blood transfusion. Lidia had been sick for several months, but once she was diagnosed with anemia, doctors were able to begin treating her. The family was very thankful that she was getting better, but she needed blood. The Peter Project helped the family pay for the three liters of blood she needed, but as the blood went in, a clot formed that went to her heart, and she passed away.

Roberto, Jacob, and I were able to go with Tito, his little brother, older sister, and other family members to the funeral. This was one of the hardest experiences we have dealt with. Watching Tito and Chelito try to process the fact that they are now orphans and watching as their 21-year-old sister beat the casket holding their mother's body screaming, "Don't leave me alone to take care of them! Come back! You can't do this to us!" was heartbreaking.

The boys are unsure of what their future holds, but we plan to remain committed to them whatever that looks like. Please remember this family in your prayers. They desperately need to know the hope of Jesus. Mandy Marcone is an MTW missionary with The Peter Project in Honduras.

You can make a difference in a child's life. To sponsor a child, visit MTW's ONEChild Sponsorships.