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Sponsorship Transforms Lives


Praying for His Mothers
You might assume that all of the children at Ang Bahay Parola "Grace Home" in the Philippines have the same story. Neglected, abused, and left behind. Unfortunately that is the case for many of them, but not all.

Recently Grace Home welcomed three new children, Raindale, Raxed, and Gerod. Their father died of heart attack three years ago. And their mother, Nanay, cannot work because she cannot walk-her legs are swollen and she is in great pain. The children were starving and were not able to enroll in school due to lack of finances. The children starting working, selling vegetables and picking up bottles and scraps to sell.

Then their mother learned about Grace Home at church. After the children were admitted to the home, the mother immediately went to the clinic and was diagnosed with bone cancer.

Nanay loves her children very much. She is neither neglectful nor abusive; she simply has no capacity to care for them at the moment. Giving them up breaks her heart. The ABP Grace Home has been the children's refuge while their mother is going through treatment. They are able to attend school, eat regular meals, and play with new friends. Most of all they experience the love and care of Jesus through our workers. Every day Raindale prays for his mother that God would heal her and they could be reunited. Would you pray along with him? Pray also for all of the other children who long to be reunited with their families.

You can make a difference in a child's life. To sponsor a child, visit MTW's ONEChild Sponsorships.