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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I write my sponsored child?

A: Yes! They would love to hear from you!

Q: How do I give my monthly gift?

A: You may give monthly, quarterly, or yearly, whichever is easiest for you. We also offer an automatic bank withdrawal.

Q: Can I send a gift to my sponsored child?

A: Small, inexpensive gifts that fit into a 6x9 envelope are very welcome.

Q: What benefits will my sponsored child receive?

A: Food, basic health care, educational opportunities, and the opportunity to hear about Jesus.

Q: What makes the MTW Sponsorship unique?

A: ONEChild sponsored children live within the missionary communities of MTW and are connected to church-planting efforts that facilitate both word and deed ministries.

Q: Where does MTW currently have sponsorships?

A: Ethiopia - ACTS Project in Addis, Ababa, which ministers to families/children affected with HIV/AIDS, many of whom are single parents with multiple children.
Philippines - Ministering to children who previously lived and worked on streets in Manila. The children now live in homes and are cared for by social workers.
Haiti - Community school in poverty struck area of Docine where sponsorship fees are the main support.

Q: Does sponsoring a child affect giving to a local church?

A: Our hope is that sponsorship will deepen a love for those in need and encourage a broader understanding of stewardship in both the local church and around the world.



Sponsorship Transforms Lives

Love Makes Me Stronger

By Emily Hendrix

Joseph and I sponsor two boys (brothers) in the Philippines, whom I recently got to meet face to face. Though I’ve returned home, they are still very much on my mind.

I was so excited to get letters from them shortly after my return! One read in part, “God is really good to me and to my brother, because even though we do not have parents anymore still he gave me you and your family as my new family. It makes me stronger when I think that someone cares for us”.                                View letter »

Oh my goodness, it just breaks my heart. I feel so lucky to be able to love these boys and remind them that God loves them even more. If you think that sponsoring a child is just about sending in some money so that a kid can go to school, it is so much more. Some children desperately need to know that someone cares about them.

Do you ever wonder how your sponsored child is really doing? Are they eating enough? Is someone helping them with their homework? Do they get a hug every day?

After seeing some of the ONEChild sponsored children on my trip to the Philippines, I can assure that your child is not only loved well, but also receiving the care that they need every day. They definitely eat and they eat A LOT! They could out-eat this American girl! Also, when it comes to mealtimes, it is not the staff preparing and serving all of the children … the children are also learning to serve each other.

The kids go to school regularly. Even though it is very far away, the boys attend a school that is safe and will help them succeed. I walked with the girls to their school and was told by a school official that they are all excellent students.

More important than any of this, though, is that the children consistently hear and experience the gospel through the love of the staff and in daily devotions. The girls’ home is actually right above the church.

Do you ever wonder what happens to your letters to your child? I can tell you. They are cherished and shared amongst all of the children. One of the sweet girls showed me her sponsor’s Christmas card that she received many years ago. The children love knowing that you are praying for them and that you care for them.

Thank you again for caring for these precious children. Your sponsorship makes a real difference!

Emily Hendrix is the ONEChild project administrator for MTW.

Want to make a difference in a child’s life? Sponsor a child today through MTW’s ONEChild sponsorship program