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MTW’s vision is to see the kingdom of God advance throughout the world—a big vision that will require many more workers. We know you’ve been praying along with us for a dramatic increase in our missions force. And now we’re preparing in faith to train this next generation of missionaries through MTW regional hubs in strategic locations across the U.S.

Our first two hubs are now up and running on the West Coast and in the Midwest. These hubs are partnering with PCA churches for mobilization, discipleship, mentoring in cross-cultural ministry, and training events.

Please pray with us that this expansion will mobilize an army of men and women engaging in kingdom advancement, making disciples, growing His Church, and testifying to His mighty works throughout the world.

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Mike Pettengill, Director
Mike Pettengill has lived most of his life in California. Before his call to full-time missions, he worked in the California State Senate and was a ruling elder at Soaring Oaks Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Sacramento. Mike graduated from Reformed Theological Seminary and is pursuing a doctorate from Fuller Theological Seminary. He and his wife Erin launched MTW’s team in La Ceiba, Honduras, before moving to Central Africa to launch MTW’s ministry in Equatorial Guinea.


Owen Tarantino, Director
Owen Tarantino first worked as a computer programmer before pursuing ministry. He served with Cru at the University of Vermont and later received an M.Div. and a D.Min. from Covenant Seminary. Since 1995, he has served as associate pastor at Chesterfield PCA in St. Louis, helping to revitalize the church, lead small groups ministry, and build, train, and lead the staff team. He has also helped the church connect with ongoing mission relationships, both in the U.S. and globally. 

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Gospel Transformation - Lloyd Kim, GMC 2017

How does real change happen? Whether in individuals or communities, it doesn't come through worldly solutions, but through meeting Jesus.


The Unexpected Church

These days, Harbor City Church in Sydney, Australia is a model example of a successful church plant. But it wasn't always this way.


When Church Planting Is Perilous: South Asia

In part two of our two-part series, we look at the danger and opportunity of church planting in South Asia.


When Church Planting Is Perilous: East Asia

In part one of our two-part series, we look at the danger and opportunity of church planting in East Asia.


From the Coordinator: Creating a Healthy Church-Planting Ecosystem

For healthy church planting we need to cultivate the whole ecosystem—break up hard soil, establish deep roots, and provide nourishment.


A Common Vision: The Birth and Growth of a Church Plant in Ethiopia

It started as a ministry for people affected by HIV/AIDS, but a vital piece of the team's holistic vision was always to plant a church.


"I heard that Christians sometimes pray."

When her sister received a frightening diagnosis, a Taiwanese girl studying in Japan reached out to the only Christian she knew.


Reclaiming Hope: Community and Church Planting in Juarez, Mexico

Juarez was once ruled by fear and violence. Today it's home to a vibrant, growing, church-planting ministry built on love and compassion.


What MTW Values Look Like on the Mission Field: A Video

MTW's values inform everything we do. Walk with the team in Cusco, Peru, as they show us how MTW's values are reflected in their ministry.


MTW Announces Midwest Hub Director Owen Tarantino

Since 1995 Owen Tarantino has served as associate pastor of Chesterfield Presbyterian Church in Chesterfield, Missouri.


MTW Year in Review: A Video

Last year 716 missionaries served full time with MTW along with 733 national partners around the world. See what else God has been up to.


Aram’s Exodus: One Refugee’s Story of Escape and Redemption

Aram made the horrific journey to Greece on an inflatable raft meant for 25 people. The God of peace met him there.


The Starting Line: How the Global Missions Conference Changed One Woman’s Life

Molly Waldren was unsure about the next chapter of her life. Then a friend encouraged her to go to the Global Missions Conference.


MTW to Launch Midwest and West Coast Regional Hubs

The hubs will serve as missions mobilization resource bases, promoting opportunities to serve and awareness of the need for global missions.


The Dangerous Myth of the Invincible Missionary

Here’s the uncomfortable truth—missionaries are ordinary Christians following extraordinary calls.


Growing the Church in Peru: A Video

God is using our team in Cusco to impact change through local churches and a medical clinic where students learn to provide holistic care.


The Seismic Shift of Berlin's Spiritual Landscape: A Video

After years of spiritual darkness, the Holy Spirit is moving in the city of Berlin and the MTW team is seeing a new openness to gospel.


Spontaneous Love: Ukrainian Church Plant Reaches Out to Refugees

When disabled and elderly refugees from eastern Ukraine were forced to flee, a local Presbyterian church embraced them like family.


The Heart Language of the Quichua

Teaching the Bible to the Quichua in their own unique language penetrates hearts and awakens a new understanding of truth.


Panama Embraces Their Venezuelan Refugee Neighbors

A church plant in Panama City found itself surrounded by refugees, and saw an opportunity to embrace a gospel imperative.


Japanese Pastor Plants Church in Least-Reached State

A young Japanese seminary student just four years ago, Nozomu is now a respected pastor planting a church in Japan's least-reached state.


When the Darkness of Sin Seems to Overcome

How do you love the people you’re serving even when they disappoint you?


When God Called a Wandering Backpacker

“I've been on a seven-month journey trying to find myself, but I'm more lost than ever.” His journey then led him smack-dab into Jesus.


From Homestay Visitors to Christ Followers

One missionary family shares how their experience hosting homestays in the U.S. is helping to further the Church in Japan.


HIV/AIDS and the Responsibility of the African Church

I recently taught a seminary class on HIV/AIDS in central Africa. Why? Because myths about this leading cause of death still run rampant.


Registration Now Open for PCA Global Missions Conference

Registration is now open for the 2017 PCA Global Missions Conference to be held Nov. 10–12 in Dallas, Texas.


I Stared at the Face of Death on My Patient, and Cried

"It became evident that both the young mother and her baby were HIV positive. So I had to ask the next question, 'Are you taking your meds?'


To 7-Year-Old MKs, Evangelism Is Just Life

They knew her name was Eden, so it seemed perfectly natural to mention the Eden of the Bible.


“God Broke Open the 10/40 Window”

Just outside of Atlanta, MTW missionaries are reaching the Muslim world as they serve a community of refugees.


How Black Gospel Music Is Changing Hearts in Japan

“I thought: ‘Japanese people singing black gospel music? This will never work.’”


Pledge 1% of Your Church to Missions: A Video

What could happen if every PCA church pledged 1 percent of their members to missions? How many global communities could be transformed?


The Coming Tide of Faith in Europe

Across Europe missionaries are watching the Spirit move with a rapidly accelerating pace as God opens door after door.


Native American and First Nations: A Video

Ministry to native peoples is cross-cultural missions in our own backyard. See how MTW is at work among our native brothers and sisters.


Vlado: A Life Transformed in Bulgaria - Video

Vlado, a former "Orthodox atheist" with a drug addition, is now a follower of Christ who is helping to plant churches.


God Answers the Native Cry

Native Americans studying at Mokahum Ministry Center are catching a vision for reaching their own.


Oaks of Righteousness: Church Planting in Germany

For years our team has referred to its ministry as “plowing in concrete.” But today the spiritual landscape looks quite different.


Ministering Among the Lummi Nation: A Video

Missionaries assimilate into the tribe's culture to show the Lummi that they need not lose their culture to embrace Christ.


How Artists are Shaping Culture in Cuba

Ariadna and Frank are established artists and budding theologians in Holguín, Cuba, with a vision for shaping their culture for Christ.


Making Disciples Among All Nations: MTW Overview Video

Catch a glimpse of MTW's work globally as we interview missionaries and learn about their current ministry and vision for the future.


Sokha: One Day in the Life of an MTW Missionary - Video

Experience one day in the life of long term missionary Sokha Smith with her husband Luke in Cambodia.


From Fear to Faith: Overcoming Cultural Challenges in Spain

87-year-old Zoilo’s faith echoed the experience of many of his generation who were required to attend church—it was based in fear.


Finding Jesus in Ukraine: My Journey from Atheist to Missionary

I grew up in a typical Soviet atheist family, not thinking about God and faith. Then one summer I met real Christians for the first time.


Church Planting in Bulgaria with Petko: A Video

Petko, a young, growing leader in the Bulgarian church, shares his role in MTW's church-planting efforts.


Rhianna: One Day in the Life of an MTW Missionary - A Video

Join Rhianna Mills on her morning jog to experience the sights and people of Thailand.


Forced to Flee: Refugees in Ukraine

More than a million people have been displaced by the fighting, mostly from east Ukraine, and many of them have come to the Odessa region.


God Saw No Need to Wait

Tuesday night's music practice for a few believers in Arequipa, Peru, turned into a divine appointment when a passerby knocked on the door.


More than Medical

Planting churches in Cusco, Peru, with the aid of a stethoscope.


The Mexican Pipeline

Four men from RTS-Charlotte are helping to reshape theological education in northern Mexico.


Churchfreo: Grace in the Margins

Churchfreo is arguably quirky, which makes for both an endearing community of diverse people, and a challenge for leaders and members alike.


Remembering Sketch: Beloved Australian "Streetie"

After about a month of worshipping in churchfreo Sketch asked Del and me if we wanted to see his "squat," the place he lived.


Why Are the Japanese So Resistant to the Gospel?

We hear of the explosive growth of the church in China, India, Africa, and even in the Arab world. Why not Japan?


China: The Church on the Move

It started with small gestures by local church members wanting to share Christ—sweeping dingy sidewalks and paying for electricity.


"Mom, there's something I need to tell you."

He had been a Christian for about a year, but hadn't told his parents. He was struggling with questions like: "why go to church anyway?"


Five Loaves and Two Fish

Most children in Costa de Pajaros, Costa Rica, go to school hungry. The community felt hopeless. But that’s all beginning to change.


The Loudest Athiest in Madrid

Bogomil enjoyed the meetings with missionary Bob Tanzie, largely because he took pleasure in making sport of the sins of the church.


Featured Video: Athens, Greece

In downtown Athens, at the foothill of the Acropolis, God is actively building His Church.


Cambodia: Our First Two Years

This month marks two years of ministry for Sokha and me as a married couple in Angkjeay village. God has been gracious in sustaining us.


Video: Why Japan?

What does Japan need more than more people willing to go? Churches willing to send them.


What Can One Man Do?

Church planting transforms a village in South Asia.


Hope Rises From the Ashes

The Church is growing in the face of persecution in South Asia.


Spiritual Multiplication: Slovak Style

Hana and Marek came to faith through MTW's ministry. Now they're reaching their peers with the gospel.


Pray for Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, and our church-planting work there. Pray for God to grow, expand, and deepen the churches and draw many to Himself.

Pray for our ministry in Cusco, Peru, as they put MTW values into action among the Quechua through the church, a medical clinic, discipling medical students, an orphanage, and community outreach.

Pray for the MTW team in Bulgaria and for those they serve.

Pray for the South Sudanese church that has formed in Uganda from refugees who have fled their homeland.

Pray for the upcoming Global Missions Conference this November in Dallas. Pray that God would bring men and women who He would call to full-time missions.

Pray for refugees who have flooded into Greece and Germany and are encountering believers from MTW church plants. Pray that they would find community among believers and come to faith in Christ.

Pray today for refugees around the world to be welcomed by the Church and to come to know Christ!

Pray for the church plant and medical clinic in Cusco, Peru. Pray that believers would grow in Christ and catch a vision for reaching their city.

Pray for our missionaries to lead well, following Jesus' model more than the world's.

Pray for the MTW church plant in Panama City, Panama, and the local Venezuelan refugees who play a significant role in the church. 

Pray for the Japanese men and women impacted by the gospel during recent homestays in the U.S. to continue in faith as they return to Japan.

Pray for the church-planting efforts of the Nagoya, Japan, team to be effective and that God would grow the Church in Japan.

Pray for MTW medical missionaries who serve longer-term in one location. Pray for those they serve and for a strong partnership with the local church.

Pray for missionary kids as they develop friendships with local children to have an impact for Christ.

Please pray for the refugees in Metro Atlanta we are seeking to serve. Pray they would know the love of Christ.

Give thanks to God for a movement of the Spirit spreading across Europe opening doors that have been long-shut.

Pray for Bulgaria, whose population is considered to be 95% "Orthodox atheist" (Orthodox in name only). Praise God for Bulgarians who are coming to faith and helping to plant churches! 

Praise God for breaking through barriers in Germany and producing long-sought-after fruit! Pray for new believers to grow in their faith and lead others to Christ. 

Pray for Europeans who have heard the gospel but are hesitant to fully commit to Christ. Pray that God would draw them to Himself.

Please pray for the new church plant in the urban slum community of Suki, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Pray for the group of believers, that their fellowship in the gospel will continue to grow.

Pray for the MTW Spain teams as they face cultural challenges of ministering to the older generation with a faith built on fear, and a younger generation disinterested in God.

Thank God for bringing Ukrainians to faith in Him and giving them the vision to reach their own country for Christ. Pray for many more to be transformed.

Pray for Ukraine refugees who have had to abandon their homes due to the fighting. Pray for God to use their displacement to draw them to Himself.

Pray for the the Medical Campus Outreach team in Cusco, Peru, and for the medical and students at the clinic who are learning to practice medicine and hearing the gospel.

Pray for the Center for Church Planting, headquartered in Monterrey, Mexico, to raise up Mexican church planters to serve across northern Mexico.

Pray for churchfreo and its daughter churches reaching both a community of artists and of "streeties."

Pray for God to break through cultural barriers to draw Japanese men and women to Himself. And for God to call more missionaries to serve in Japan.

Praise God for the growth of the Church in China. And pray for believers, particularly new church leaders, for their safety and influence.

Pray for Japanese college students wrestling with new faith. Pray that they would have the courage to give their lives to Christ and not fear their family's reaction.

Pray for the fishing village of Costa de Pajaros, Costa Rica. God is changing the community by equipping its residents to embrace their gifts and strengths and see themselves through God's eyes.

Pray for Bogomil, who came to faith in Christ out of antagonistic atheism, and for others like him who have yet to embrace Jesus.

Pray for national pastor Giotis Kantartzis and missionaries Philip and Kay Luther serving in Athens, Greece, as they work toward a vision of expansive church-planting in a region that is hungry for truth.

Pray for “an exponential multiplication of biblical churches sound in doctrine and kindled in Spirit,” throughout South Asia.