Compassion Fund: Global Disaster Response
Project # 40043
Ethiopia ACT

COVID-19: Help People in Need

Give now to help missionaries respond to the COVID-19 outbreak in their communities around the world. 

The Need Is Urgent, the Privilege Great

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We need your help! In countries where the majority of the population already lives a hand-to-mouth existence, lockdowns mean no income. And no income means no food. As weeks of quarantine stretch to months, people are in desperate need. MTW missionaries, acting as the hands and feet of Christ, are responding. Your gifts to the Compassion Fund are providing real-time relief where it is most needed.

For South Sudanese refugees at a camp in Uganda, the situation is dire. Many are starving, wholly dependent on refugee agencies for food and soap. Compassion funds are enabling an MTW national partner and pastor to feed 1,500 of the neediest congregants from the four Presbyterian churches in the area, many of whom are widows, orphans, or differently-abled refugees.

When Haiti's first confirmed case of COVID-19 surfaced in late March, the government completely closed the borders—barring entry even to Haitians traveling abroad. Here too, the poor starve. MTW's ministries have had to hit pause, including several church plants, a small seminary, and a school that provides a good Christian education, basic medical care, and free meals to more than 500 children. Compassion funds have helped provide basic food staples to over 900 people involved in the ministry, as well as neighbors who have asked us for help. More help is needed.

In Belize, the virus continues to spread rampantly, and social services have been stretched to capacity. Here too, the church is stepping into this gap.

These are just a few examples.

You can help in these increasingly dire situations by giving to our Compassion Fund. Your gift will be used to help missionaries all over the world respond to all kinds of disasters, including the COVID-19 pandemic that is ravaging so many countries right now.

Thank you. Your gift will make a difference in the lives of many.

* * *

”We thank you so much Mission to the World and friends, and we believe that it will bear more fruit of souls among unreached area where church planting movement is going on in different area here in South Asia."

—Presbyterian denomination in South Asia

“So thankful to you and MTW and God’s provision for our brothers and sisters in South Asia. Praise God!”

Pastor in South Asian country where 561 families have been helped

"You can’t understand how appreciative the executive committee of the presbytery [in Belize] is for Mission to the World and the funds that they are sharing with the people. They realize that the U.S. is suffering too. They realize that the U.S. isn’t collecting offerings, same as they are, but we’re still able to help, and so it’s very much appreciated."

—MTW missionary John Stodghill, Belize

"I’m quite confident that the help that MTW gave saved a number of lives."

—MTW missionary Bruce Sinclair, Uganda

Compassion Fund: Global Disaster Response
Project # 40043

MTW Compassion Funds Feed the Starving During Global Pandemic

As quarantines continue, people are beginning to starve. MTW missionaries, acting as the hands and feet of Christ, are responding.


Don’t worry! All MTW employees are actively working and still here to serve you. Please continue to contact us by email and phone, 1-678-823-0004. However, the physical office is temporarily closed so we are working remotely.

Please stay tuned for updates, and check out our FAQs for more information.

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Travel Recommendation for MTW Workers and Volunteers


How does the CARES Act impact charitable giving?

The recently-passed coronavirus response bill, known as the “CARES Act,” includes changes to tax law that may impact and encourage charitable giving in 2020. Now, taxpayers can claim up to a $300 deduction for cash contributions to charities like MTW during the 2020 tax year, even if they don’t itemize their deductions. Contributions to donor advised funds are excluded.

The bill also temporarily raises the adjusted gross income (AGI) percentage limitation on income tax charitable deduction for individuals from 60% to 100%—meaning that donors intending to make large cash contributions to charity during 2020 now are able to deduct up to 100% of their income. Contributions to donor advised funds are excluded here as well.

* Please consult your personal advisers on all legal, tax, or financial issues.

Are MTW missionaries still at work in the field?
Yes, while a few people left for HMA early and some departures were delayed, most of our missionaries are still ministering in one of the 97 countries in which MTW works. They are continuing to follow the ordinances of their local governments to avoid the spread of the virus.
Atlanta Office
Is the Atlanta Office Closed?
Yes, the Atlanta office is temporarily closed, but don't worry, employees are working remotely and are still available to serve you. Please continue to contact us by email and phone, 1-678-823-0004.
Are Trips Canceled?
All foreign MTW trips and internships scheduled to depart in 2020 have been canceled. Domestic trips and internships are still open but are being evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 
Phone Contact
Can I Reach MTW via Phone?
Yes, you may still dial 678.823.0004 and input your desired party's extension.