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Thank you for loving and supporting MTW missionaries! We send over 700 missionaries to 85 countries around the globe. Can't find someone? Call us at 866-373-6133.

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Download a printable PDF directory of our missionaries with pictures

Adams, Trey & Kiki

Trey and Kiki Adams serve in Chiang Mai, Thailand, spreading a passion for the growth of God’s kingdom throughout the country.

Aeschliman, Ash & Betsy

Betsy and Ash joyfully serve together, both overseas on medical trips and at missions conferences.

Akovenko, Jim & Sue

Jim and Sue are part of the Seed Company, an affiliate of Wycliffe.

Alexander, Judy

Judy Alexander serves at Christ's College in Taipei, Taiwan. She shares the gospel with the students as she teaches literature, phonetics. She spends a great deal of time on campus and in her home with the students.

Allen, Aubrie

Aubrie is following the Lord’s call by using her gifts and experiences to serve in Sofia, Bulgaria with Mission to the World.

Alms, Bethany

Bethany is excited to see how the Lord uses her as she follows Him to develop an English program, support churches, and spread His gospel of grace in Ticuantepe, Nicaragua.

Ambrose, Mark & Laura

Mark and Laura Ambrose serve in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Together with their mission team, they seek to improve Cambodian lives with active medical outreach, church planting, and discipleship.

Anderson, Joshua & Natalie

Joshua and Natalie Anderson minister to college students in Chiba City, Japan. Natalie also reaches out to mothers and the isolated elderly.

Aschmann, Richard & Betty

Rick and Betty work in church planting among the Quichua Indians in Ecuador.

Austin, Tom & Ann

Tom and Ann are now bringing their years of experience in Africa to the MTW Global Training and Development team.

Bailey, Richard & Teresa

Richard and TC Bailey serve at The Canning Vale Community Church in the MTW church-planting effort in Perth, Australia.

Bakelaar, Peter & Diane

Peter and Diane Bakelaar serve as church planters in Nagoya, Japan. Together they lead bible studies, disciple new believers and communicate the gospel in Japanese.

Barber, Bert & Cheryl

Bert and Cheryl serve with the RUF global ministry at one of the nation's most important universities in Bogota, Colombia.

Barker, Chris

Chris Barker serves with Mission to the World (MTW) in Cape Town, South Africa, as director of music for The Message Church and as part-time staff for The Student Y.

Barnett, Ellen

As a result of early contacts with missionaries, Ellen felt the only reasonable response to the Lord’s work in her life was to serve Him in missions.

Bauserman, Rachel

Rachel Bauserman works with MTW Next in Nagoya, Japan. She seeks to actively engage the emerging generation with the Gospel. She also serves missionary kids across the Asia/Pacific area.

Baxley, Andrew & Kelly

Andrew and Kelly are helping to reach the next generation in Bogotá, Colombia.

Beck, Norman & Julie

Norman and Julie Beck share the hope of Christ in Cherokee with Native American youth and young adults through their gifts of mercy and hospitality.

Bentson, Tim

Tim Bentson plans to work at Genesis International College (GIC) in Osaka, Japan, and serve as part of the church-planting effort there.

Beyongseob & Kyungsoon Han

Beyongseob and Kyungsoon Han will serve through preaching, teaching, and church planting ministries in Chiba, Japan.

Bloom, Nick & Theresa

“Then He said to His disciples, ‘The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest’” (Matthew 9:37-38). Nick and Theresa are excited that people from many nations are open to...

Bocanegra, Mark & Megumi

Mark and Megumi Bocanegra work with the Presbyterian Church of Japan (PCJ) in Chiba, Japan to train up aspiring young men in the church to be future elders.

Boling, Peter & Jenny

The Bolings have a vision to see a healthy network of biblical churches planted throughout the Baja California Peninsula.

Bolton, Rosemary

Rosemary's ministry in Indonesia is focused on Bible and story translation among the Nuaulu people.

Bonham, Nathan & Nikki

The Bonham's desire is to see Christ-centered churches planted in Arequipa, Peru.

Bowles, John & Julie

John and Julie Bowles serve through MTW in Bangkok, Thailand. They are actively engaged in a church planting movement downtown practicing discipleship, relationship building, and illuminating the gospel through the arts. John also seeks to use his graphic design ability in their possible tent-making venture through Business as mission.

Box, Rick & Pam

Rick and Pam returned to Bogota, Colombia to minister through church planting and theological training and act as MTW’s country director.

Brink, Daniel & Katy

Daniel and Katy want to see the Church extended to the "ends of the earth" that reside right in the heart of Belgium.

Brinkerhoff, Jane

Jane Brinkerhoff is involved in leading evangelistic Bible studies and discipling new believers in Nagoya, Japan.

Brock, Chris & Donnette

The Brocks serve as church planters in southern France, where only about 1 percent identify as evangelical.

Bronson, Andrew & Becky

Andrew and Becky Bronson are actively involved through MTW at a church plant in Bangkok, Thailand. They hope that their ministry will shine into the darkness that plagues the culture of Bangkok.

Brooks, David & Gwen

Dave and Gwen are a part of the Global Leadership Team of the Wycliffe Global Alliance.

Brown, Dick & Joanne

Dick and Joanne's team trains and equips future leaders of the church in Bogota.

Brown, Roberta

Roberta Brown is a MTW missionary in Chiba, Japan. She teaches in conversational English classes and leads bible studies in a grace-based church-planting movement.

Burch, John & Susan

John and Sue prepare missionaries through the “Living in Grace" spiritual foundation training.

Burkemper, Jamie & Jennifer

The Burkempers are serving the local churches in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

Burklin, Kay

Kay Burklin is MTW’s refugee liaison, networking and resourcing refugee ministries and equipping the Church to love and serve those in need.

Burnham, Bob & Andrea

The Burnhams assist Ukrainian believers in organizing congregations that honor God in both word and deed.

Burrack, Pamyla

With her work in Spain completed, Pamyla accepted an invitation in 2014 to join a new church-planting team in southwest Berlin.

Cain, Adam & Michelle

While on a trip to La Ceiba, Honduras, the Cains were struck by the deep need of the transforming power of the gospel.

Cain, Brooks & Riva

Brooks and Riva Cain serve as MTW missionaries in Nagoya, Japan. They are a part of Next, equipping people to reach the next generation for Christ.

Call, Ray & Michele

Ray and Michele have a passion to see God establish confessionally Reformed churches in Latin America.

Camenisch, Glenn & Frances

The Lord closed one door and led Glenn and Frances to Portugal.

Carr, Bill & Susan

Bill and Susan Carr have accepted the challenge to help train Native American leaders at Mokahum Ministry center in northern Minnesota.

Carter, Brenda

Brenda Carter is a MTW missionary in Taipei, Taiwan. She has an active ministry that focuses on the Hakkas of the region, of which only 0.3 percent are Christian.

Carter, Michael & Cathalain

In partnership with Shiga Church, Michael and Cathalain Carter are beginning a new church plant in downtown Nagoya, Japan.

Castillo, Deena

Deena will serve with the Costa Rica team as an assistant church planter, and help with the church’s counseling and youth ministries.

Cedeno, Omar & Jen

Omar and Jen are the first MTW team working in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

Chambers, Garry & Anita

Garry and Anita serve in Belize, where he is the leadership council coordinator for the Caribbean region.

Chapin, Craig & Yumiko

Craig and Yumiko Chapin are working with Christ Bible Institute in Nagoya, Japan. Craig teaches New Testament at Christ Bible Seminary and serves as the seminary’s academic dean and librarian. He also serves on CBI’s leadership team. Yumiko’s passion is music and hospitality.

Chaplin, Carl & Becky

The Chaplins are part of the Global Projects Team, developing new ways to send missionaries and assist MTW teams.

Chase, Matt & Carly

Matt and Carly are part of a core team planting a new church in Chiba, Japan. They hope to engage and disciple young people on and off the college campus.

Cho, Dale & Sunny

Dale and Sunny work with the Madrid, Spain team, making disciples of all nations.

Choi, David

David will serve at Harbour City Church in Sydney, Australia serving as a sender by organizing, raising, training, and supporting the work of short and long-term missionaries in the region.

Christina D.

Christina is MTW’s co-director for Global Disaster Response. She oversees disaster responses around the world, working side by side with our missionaries, national partners, and teams to bring the love of Christ to hurting people during desperate times.

Chung, Grace

God led Grace to Bulgaria to use her gifts to engage special needs communities in Sofia.

Church, Ben & Kim

Ben and Kim Church work alongside local churches in Kampala, Uganda to bring the gospel to the community in word and deed. Their ministries include biblical training, church planting and discipleship.

Clarke, Terry & Francine

Terry and Francine Clarke serve through MTW as missionaries at Sunshine Coast Theological College near Brisbane, Australia.

Clow, John & Kathy

John and Kathy Clow serve in La Ceiba, Honduras where God is growing the ministry beyond planting churches.

Cobb, Donald & Claire-Lise

The Cobbs are instilling a vision for church planting in Europe.

Codington, Lewis & Elsbeth

Lewis & Elsbeth serve with MTW and CLC in Seoul, South Korea where they work and share the gospel at a Christian high school.

Congdon, Joe & Felicity

Joe and Felicity Congdon will work with the Grace Harbor Project, a church planting venture, to help establish the first church in the Toyosu area of Tokyo, Japan.

Conroy, Dennis & Rhonda

The Conroys serve in the missionary community where he prepares Scripture translations in minority languages.

Cordell, Bradley & Sara

After a trip in 2010 to L’viv, Ukraine, the Cordells were convinced of God’s calling to join the L’viv church-planting team.

Cosner, Mike & Chrissy

Mike and Chrissy both plan to disciple and mentor young people in poverty-stricken communities in Belize City.

Costas, Julie

Julie joins a team of church planters who assist national pastors with their vision to plant churches throughout the greater Athens area. She will also help with their mercy ministries.

Coulbourne, Craig & Ree

Craig and Ree Coulbourne are building relationships through outreach at Shin Urayasu Grace Church in Japan through MTW.

Cox, MJ

As part of MTW’s church-planting team in Uganda, MJ desires to continue using her experience in healthcare and community health education to connect at-risk or vulnerable people to health resources in the name of Jesus.

Craig, Scott & Kathy

The Craigs are assisting and encouraging national church planters in Ciudad Juarez and facilitating short-term teams.

Crane, Richard & Robyn

Richard works with various organizations connected to MTW developing distance education courses in pastoral psychology.

Crocker, Cheryl

Cheryl recruits and prepares medical missions teams to assist in church-planting efforts through compassionate care, prayer and evangelism.

Culbertson, Ryan & Karen

Ryan and Karen Culbertson serve in the border town of Reynosa, Mexico, in partnership with Isaiah 55 Ministries, an evangelical outreach to the deaf and disenfranchised peoples of the city.

Culmer, Dave

Dave's discipleship experiences have shaped his view of “using every tool in the toolbox” to show the Love of Christ to others, toward the end of Christ building His Church.

Daniel, David & Brooke

David and Brooke seek to train Peruvian healthcare students to reach Peru for Christ through medicine.

Danny & Mary Pat Mitchell

The Mitchells serve with the MTW Next team and have a passion for the next generation.

Davidson, Charles & Bonita

The Davidsons were invited to join the Northern Mexico team to serve out of Monterrey, Mexico.

Davila, Rodney & Jana

The Davilas are working alongside the Costa Rican church as Rodney leads the MTW team in Costa Rica.

Davis, David

Through MTW and Equip International David helped develop the School of Hope and Life.

DeWitt, Charles & Carol

Though Spain is known as "hard soil" for the gospel, the younger generations are more open to the gospel.

DeWitt, Jim

Jim has worked with Mission to the World since 1996 in Mexico City, and then with the Global Training and Development team, and the Missional Learning and Development team.

Diaso, David & Dawn

David and Dawn minister in the world’s largest bi-national city: the San Diego-Tijuana border.

Dillon, Scott & Meghan

The Dillons returned to Peru to continue the work of church planting and orphan-care ministries.

Dinkins, Mary Ruth

Ruth Dinkins was reared on the mission field of Brazil. Although she grew up in a strong Christian home, she did not accept Jesus as Lord of her life until 18 years of age. She earned her associate’s degree from Montreat Anderson College, her bachelor’s degree from Pembroke State...

Dishman, Peter & Lauren

The Dishmans will serve at a strategic university in Bogotá, Colombia's capital and largest city (8+ million).

Dortzbach, Karl & Debbie

Debbie assists churches in creating HIV/AIDS programs while Karl develops training and material for Peacemaking.

Doty, Greg & Leanne

Greg and Leanne Doty work to disciple believers in hopes of bringing the gospel to Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland.

Dougherty, Derek & Laura

After a two-week vision trip to Cusco, Peru, Derek and Laura felt God's call to be involved in MTW's church-planting work.

Drews, Bob & Sharon

Bob and Sharon Drews disciple, mentor, and teach ministry teams in Tokyo, Japan. By discipling, mentoring, and teaching the ministry teams, they enable the Japanese-speaking missionaries to be more focused and effective in direct leadership and evangelism among the Japanese.

Ebbers, Derek & Shannon

The Ebbers have been investing in lives and helping to build Christ’s Church.

Edging, Steven & Brooke

The Edgings have begun a new church planting initiative for MTW working with Ugandan pastors in Kampala. They are actively engaged in teaching, discipleship, and prayer.

Edwards, Jeff

Jeff Edwards is an MTW missionary in Osaka, Japan. He has a vision to reach the young generation of Japan with the love of Christ through the Genesis International College.

Edwards, Tom & Connie

Tom and Connie lead short-term medical and children’s ministry teams to work with churches in Africa and Haiti.

Eide, Jonathan & Tracy

The Eides have rejoiced to see church plants grow in numbers and faith in Ukraine.

Elizabeth Matthias

Elizabeth lives near Munich, working primarily with the Gospel Church Munich in a counseling ministry to the church.

Elliott, Gary & Tammy

The Elliotts work alongside the national pastors and church leaders in Plovdiv and Asenovgrad.

Elswick, Tony & Amber

The Elswicks’ desire is to see an indigenous church-planting movement that would transform Nicaragua.

Etienne, Esaie & Natacha

The Etiennes' ministry is comprised of church planting, leadership training, and mercy ministry.

Fitzpatrick, Joe & Beverly

Upon hearing about ministry needs in Puerto Rico, the Lord opened the way for relocation for the Fitzpatricks.

Flores, Chery

Believing the church is God’s instrument for advancing His kingdom, Chery is committed to serving with Spaniards to share the gospel and plant new churches.

Floyd, Ross & Angela

The Floyds serve with the MTW team in Bogotá, Colombia, a densely populated urban setting.

Gahagen, Craig & Heather

Craig and Heather have been serving in the Amazon region of Peru since 1989.

Galage, Tim & Therese

Tim and Thérèse are called to equip national leadership in third-world churches. They are currently serving in Cape Town South Africa leading Bible studies, discipling women in the local church, and mentoring leaders.

Gee, Jake & Anna-Claire

The Gees’ primary work in Nagoya, Japan will be creating media resources for the Japanese church, ministering to college students and young adults, and engaging Japanese artists with the gospel through the visual arts.

Gildard, James & Jacki

The Gildards are part of a church-planting team in Toulouse, France.

Goeglein, Lydia

Lydia serves with the MTW church-planting team that partners with the UECCB (Bulgarian Evangelical Union of Churches) in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Goodrich, Richey & Keli

Richey and Keli serve among Asians in Sydney, Australia, helping to raise up leaders for unreached peoples throughout Asia.

Goodwin, Sam & Elizabeth

Sam and Elizabeth plan on engaging in active lifestyle evangelism and outreach.

Graber, Ben & Anna

Ben and Anna hope to be part of nurturing a church-planting movement in Munich.

Grady, Miriam

Miriam has been led by the Lord to her next calling in Zlin, Czech Republic, help with the local Czech church plant.

Graham, Eric & Anna

Eric and Anna Graham serve in Bogota, Colombia working with MTW's local missionaries and youth in the community.

Greete, Rich & Crissy

Rich and Crissy have a heart for training national leaders in trauma therapy to help others know God’s love more deeply.

Gregoire, Dan & Rebecca

The Gregoires are passionate about spending a generation in Slovakia.

Griffin, Rebekah

Bekah will be partnering with a local church and an Italian organization to bring the hope and love of Christ to the forgotten, enslaved, and unreached in Rome.

Grotton, David & Danielle

David and Danielle serve at CEMIPRE (the ministry center to the differently enabled) and in a local congregation.

Grubb, Glenn & Sharlene

Glenn and Sharlene support Bible translation by serving in the International Aviation Safety Department with JAARS.

Guillen, Roger

Roger is Honduran and serves as the medical director for MTW La Ceiba.

Gullett, Foster & Laura

Foster and Laura minister among university students in Bologna, Italy, alongside the local church.

Gutierrez, Nathaniel & Alicia

Nathaniel and Alicia are helping to start a new church-planting work in Arequipa, Peru.

Hacquebord, Heero & Anya

The Hacquebords are helping plant and grow a vibrant church in western Ukraine.

Halbert, Aaron & Rachel

The Halberts are starting a new team in the capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa.

Hale, Robert & Deborah

The Hales help coordinate translation efforts throughout Francophone Africa.

Hall, Jarett & Mary-Carole

The Halls are extending the Lord's kingdom in Monterrey through prayer, discipleship and theological education.

Hane, Andrew

Andrew will be serving in Honduras to teach at the new MTW seminary in La Ceiba where his role is to equip national leaders and personally invest with them in planting and transforming local churches by sound gospel teaching.

Hardison, Thomas

Thomas Hardison is an MTW missionary serving in Nagoya, Japan in university ministry teaching ESL classes.

Harrell, Frank

Frank Harrell will serve by teaching courses at GIC and will also be part of a church-planting movement in Osaka, Japan.

Harrell, Joe & Becky

The Harrells are working with the growing reformed Presbyterian church in Colombia, South America.

Hatch, Alice

Alice considers it her privilege to be a “missionary” to the MTW missionaries!

Haynes, Matt & Sarah

The Haynes are ministering in Cape Town, South Africa. Matt teaches at the Bible Institute of South Africa and in the surrounding townships. Sarah is active in discipleship and hospitality. Their goal is to work alongside national Christian leaders to help meet the great need for well-trained leadership in the African church.

Henry, Paul & Crystal

Paul and Crystal Henry with their four children are church planting with MTW in southern Thailand to the unreached among the Buddhist and Thai Muslims.

Henson, Nathan & Kristen

Kristen and Nathan serve the Quechua in Cusco, Peru, as a part of Medical Campus Outreach International.

Hill, Scott & Ruth

Scott and Ruth Hill minister in outreach and discipleship to the people of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in Cherokee, North Carolina.

Hinkle, Lee & Shannon

Lee and Shannon Hinkle and their family are part of a team planting a church in Perth, Australia. They boldly proclaim the gospel in the very artistic urban atmosphere of Perth.

Holliday, Tim & Kristy

The Holliday family serves with MTW and Isaiah 55 Ministries at the U.S./Mexico border where they work to spread the gospel through evangelism, church planting, and community development ministries.

Holton, Ike & Joanne

The Lord has called the Holtons to pioneer a student ministry on an international medical campus in Peru.

Honea, Ellie

Ellie Honea is serving in Japan as a long-term missionary with Community Arts Tokyo, supporting church planting through music and arts ministry.

Hotta, Masakuni

Kuni serves as an MTW national partner at Christ Bible Seminary (CBI) in Nagoya, Japan.

Hurrie, Shaun & Becky

Shaun and Becky join the MTW South Africa team in Cape Town. Shaun’s role is to teach at the Bible Institute of South Africa and serve in a local church plant.

Hutchinson, Claire

Claire is a videographer and photographer for MTW. Claire serves with MTW teams, using media to tell stories of God’s work throughout the world and to encourage others to pray, to give, and to go. Claire received a bachelor’s degree in photography from Louisiana State University in...

Ilderton, Rob & Jenny

The Ildertons' help national pastors plant gospel-driven churches in England.

Iverson, Dan & Carol

The Iversons' vision is to have a church-planting movement throughout Japan.

Jacobs, Joshua

Joshua’s calling is to assist local churches in France through evangelism, discipleship, preaching, and teaching to build up the Church of Jesus Christ, knowing the gates of hell will not prevail against it.

Jean-Rejouis, Davidson & Katie

Davidson and Katie were burdened for Christ to be known in France. They join a church-planting team in Toulouse.

Jensen, Ben & Julie

The Jensens' ministry unites their love for East Asia with their desire to see Jesus Christ worshiped among the unreached.

Jesch, Matt & Esta

The Jesch family serves in Guadalajara, assisting in church planting and other ministries.

Johnson, Ben & Rebecca

The Johnsons serve in Thailand, a place of bright and vibrant culture, and yet a place of oppressive spiritual darkness.

Johnson, Darlene

God gave Darlene a heart for Japan, where less than 1 percent of the nation’s 127 million people are Christians.

Johnson, Johnny & Annette

God prepared Johnny and Annette for His call to the Czech Republic.

Johnson, Melanie

Melanie felt strongly that God had called her to be in Japan at that exact moment and there was still work to be done.

Jung, Jim & Claudia

The Jungs believe the gospel lived out and proclaimed in grace is the best hope for Australia.

Karner, Linda

In Japan, English language classes are used very effectively to meet and mingle with Japanese people.

Kim, Mark & Rachel

Mark and Rachel met in seminary, where Mark received master of divinity degree and Rachel a master of arts in counseling. They married in 2009. As a half-Japanese missionary kid in Mexico, Rachel understood from a distance Japan’s deep need for Jesus, but never thought she would end up...

Kim, Roger & Joy

In the early 1990s, Roger and Joy moved to Siberia where they founded a Bible institute to raise leaders for nascent Russian evangelical churches and also planted a church in Novosibirsk. In this period of their life in the wilderness of Siberia, as God shattered their confidence in man, they...

King, Julia

Julia is excited God led her to Cusco. She looks forward to practicing a Christ-centered approach to healthcare and contributing to other areas of the team’s mission: medical students, the Josephine House (children’s home), and campus ministry.

Kirkland, Philip & Joy

Philip and Joy and their three kids have been serving with MTW in Athens, Greece, since 2012.

Knutson, Dale & Nancy

Sensing the physical and spiritual needs of the people, the Knutsons are called to serve in Cambodia.

Kooi, Brent

GIC aspires to share the hope of the gospel and infuse the rapidly aging Japanese Church with young leaders for the continued growth of the Church in Japan.

Kreider, Derek & Catalina

The Kreiders believe this generation of Romanians can play a pivotal role in awakening their country to the gospel.

Lancaster, Bo & Brynne

Bo and Brynne Lancaster are excited to join a team of Dutch church planters in the thriving city of Rotterdam, Holland.

Larsen, Eric & Rebecca

Eric and Rebecca work with Next among today’s largest unreached people group: the 10/30 window (10 to 30 year-olds).

Lathrop, Robbie & Murray

The Lathrops backgrounds have helped them to develop a multi-faceted ministry in Nicaragua.

Lee, John

In Phnom Penh, Cambodia, John will be serving with the church’s dorm ministry through discipleship, evangelism, and fellowship with university students.

Lee, Michael & Tricia

The Lees serve in member care for Latin America and are a part of the Panama City team in Panama.

Lee, Paul & Susan

The Lees desire to be used by God to help build up His kingdom through the planting of churches in Cambodia.

Lennox, Patrick & Regina

Patrick and Regina Lennox will work alongside Native American brothers and sisters with Mission to the World to disciple and raise up leaders.

Lesondak, John & Kathy

John and Kathy are currently serving in the second-largest city in Slovakia: Košice.

Letchworth, Bill & Mae Lee

During a providential trip to the Moose Cree Native Reserve in Moose Factory, Ontario, Canada, Bill and Mae Lee Letchworth felt the need for the healing power of the gospel. They currently reach out to the First Nations people there with Mission to the World.

Lim, Tim & Moon Sook

With 50 percent of Cambodians under 21, workers are needed to teach, train, and mentor them to become Christian leaders.

Linkston, Chuck & Jimmie

"Living” the gospel is the only hope for the transformation of Aussie people.

Long, Katherine

After a vision trip to Sofia, Bulgaria, Katherine saw the work there and felt she had found her missions family.

Lowther, Roger & Abi

Music is especially powerful at communicating the gospel in Japan, where only 0.3 percent are Christian.

Lundgaard, Kris & Paula

Since 2007, the Lundgaards have served with MTW in Slovakia.

Lupton, Andrew & Laura Kate

The Luptons are establishing a strategic hub for ministry to the Third Culture Community in Latin America.

Luther, Phillip & Kay

The Luthers' hearts resonated with the vision of the national pastors and the need for more laborers in Greece.

Lyle, Joe & Ann

Joe and Ann have seen many students come to Christ and go on to impact others with the gospel.

Mailloux, Marc & Aline

Marc and Aline minister to the thousands of spiritually receptive French-speaking Haitians.

Makhalira, Confex & Mwai

In Malawi, Confex and Mwai desire to plant churches that will reach out to families as well as students.

Marlowe, Alex and Olivia

Alex and Olivia Marlowe serve with MTW's Global Training and Development. They also serve as the intern, youth, and childcare coordinators for GTD’s Cross Cultural Ministry Internship (CCMI).

Marlowe, Jeff & Mischa

Jeff directs Global Training and Development (GTD), the global learning function of MTW that makes training accessible to all regions where MTW ministers.

Marshall, Verne & Alina

The Marshalls are active in evangelism, discipleship, teaching, preaching, and counseling all in the context of planting churches in Santiago, Chile.

Martin, David & Jill

David and Jill operate the MTW Anchor School where they strive to meet the unique educational needs of the children of missionaries.

Martin, Jeremy & Angel

Jeremy and Angel Martin work to connect people, ministry, and resources to the MTW Uganda team.

Matlack, Ken & Tammie

Ken and Tammie are leading an MTW global initiative to mobilize intercessory prayer.

McAlpin, Brett & Valerie

The McAlpins serve the Lord through discipleship and hospitality in Sofia, Bulgaria.

McCall, John & Lorena

Who are the leaders of the future? Today’s students. The students in the colleges of Arequipa, Peru, are eager and hardworking. They are also searching for truth, purpose, and answers to life’s big questions. John and Lorena McCall will build relationships with these young adults...

McClure, Steve & Karen

Karen, a nurse practitioner and educator, and Steve, a theologian and course-writer, serve the Church in Cambodia.

McGinty, Coby & Pamela

Coby and Pamela minister with the Student Y, a Reformed student ministry at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. They are deeply involved in student ministry and their goal is to serve God by ministering to each student’s spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical needs.

McLaughlin, Seth & Renee

Seth and Renee McLaughlin are called to La Ceiba, Honduras, to serve the Lord through medicine and education.

McMahan, Mike & Robin

Mike and Robin have been invited to work with the Presbytery of Bulawayo in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. They will team up alongside the national church in discipleship, mercy initiatives, and church planting.

McNeill, Don & Fran

Don and Fran McNeill's goal in ministry is to train Christian leaders for expositional preaching and teaching across Africa.

McReynolds, Bryan & Rebe

Bryan and Rebe McReynolds work with MTW in Nosy Be, Madagascar ministering to the Sakalava, a native unreached people group.

Meiners, Paul & Liz

Paul and Liz care for missionaries who face many challenges in cross-cultural ministry.

Meyers, Brent & Elitsa (Ellie)

Brent is casting a wide relational net to befriend and make Christ known to many. He hopes to serve the indigenous church by partnering with a Catalan church planter in Barcelona.

Miller, Jennifer

Jennifer Miller is one of MTW's home office support for Asia missions. She focuses on trips that work with refugees and those who have been sexually trafficked and she helps facilitate conferences and retreats for missionaries

Miller, Mike & Caroline

The Millers bring God’s message of hope and love to Greece where the vast majority still walk in a deep darkness.

Mills, Tim & Rhianna

The MTW team in Bangkok seeks the transformation of that great city, working with Thai leaders to plant city churches.

Mirabella, Tom & Karen

Pastor Tom and Karen Mirabella are part of a team that is working to bring hope in Japan, planting and strengthening gospel-centered churches in the Toyko/Chiba area.

Mitchell, Pete & Ruth

Working in France, Pete and Ruth desire that future generations discover a living faith in the risen Christ.

Moore, Brian & Megan

Brian and Megan serve with the team that works alongside Gospel Haus, a uniquely situated church in Berlin, Germany.

Morze, Alex

Alex serves at Sofia Christian Academy and helps Bulgarians with conversational English while showing them the love of Christ

Nakah, Victor & Nosizo

Victor is MTW international director for Sub-Saharan Africa. He supervises master’s and Ph.D. students attending South Africa Theological Seminary, teaches at the Africa Reformation Theological Seminary (Uganda), and is Extraordinary Researcher for North-West University.

Nantz, Quentin & Karen

Quentin and Karen are working to fulfill the mission of Christ’s College in Taipei, Taiwan.

Nelly Vos

Nelly is a native of France, currently serving in Marseille.

Newkirk, Matt and Caroline

The Newkirks feel a great burden to see God’s glorious kingship recognized and adored by the Japanese.

Newkirk, Susan

Susan Newkirk serves with MTW in Cape Town, South Africa at Tokai Community Church. She coordinates children's Bible clubs, a boys soccer ministry, and serves in local outreach.

Newsome, Wayne & Amy

By God’s grace they hope to see the kingdom expand throughout Nagoya, central Japan, and even the world.

Norris, Kirk & Anna

Kirk and Anna serve the people of L'viv, Ukraine, with the only truth that can heal their brokenness.

Norton, Clarke & Khrystya

Clarke and Khrystya are involved in young adult ministry in L'viv, Ukraine.

Oh, Michael & Pearl

Through the Lausanne Movement many of today’s key global mission strategies were introduced to the global Church.

Page, Audrey

Audrey is serving in Plovdiv, Bulgaria as an intern teaching English and helping the MTW church planting team.

Parks, Michael & Amy

MTW’s church-planting movement in Australia pours out love and grace in the name of Christ.

Patterson, Jim & Mary Alice

The Pattersons have been privileged to record Scripture in six languages while with Wycliffe’s Vernacular Media team.

Pawlowski, Stan & Jennifer

Stan and Jennifer serve with Grace Presbyterian Church in Christchurch. They also partner with a foster care organization through hands-on ministry to get the church more involved in these children's lives.

Pervis, David & Erin

In Kiev, David and Erin use English language instruction to build relationships and share the gospel.

Pettengill, Mike & Erin

The Pettengills are helping to launch another ministry site, with Mike as the MTW West Coast regional hub director.

Pfeil, Jon & Sarah

Grace Harbor Church Tokyo is the second in a growing Tokyo city center church-planting network.

Phillips, Carolyn

Carolyn Philips serves with MTW in Kampala, Uganda. She coaches women in discipleship and the gospel and also serves in Business as Mission. She also serves with MTW Africa in training and development.

Pike, Mel & Martha

Mel and Martha serve in Kiev, Ukraine, helping to plant a church reaching internationals and English-speaking Ukrainians.

Pohl, Craig & Stacy

The Pohls help mentor church planters in Chile and equip a new generation of church leaders.

Polk, Jason & Liz

Jason and Liz Polk serve with Ethiopia ACT, a team who is committed to bringing gospel reconciliation in all areas of life to people living in urban poverty. They serve the physical, spiritual and social needs of those living with HIV/AIDS, while also engaging in public health interventions.

Powell, Jonathan & Olya

Together, they have a passion for seeing young people in L’viv come to know and love Jesus.

Powlison, Keith & Ruth

The Powlisons realized they could create a safe place for children in danger through the Josephine House.

Price, Robin

Robin’s growing love for the members of Covenant of Grace Church in Odessa led her to pursue living and ministering there full time.

Purcell, Graham & Sarah

Graham and Sarah Purcell desire to help solidify and expand the church-planting network and seminary already present in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Quarterman, Clay & Darlene

The Quartermans have served with MTW for 39 years and now serve MTW-Ukraine.

Radke, Sean & Lisa

Sean and Lisa are a part of MTW’s Next Asia-Pacific team, based in Japan.

Ramsay, Richard & Angelica

The Ramsays travel to teach and develop courses, most recently with Third Millennium Ministries.

Rarig, Steve & Berenice

The Rarigs are leaders in church planting, national leadership training, theology, and arts and culture-making.

Rayl, Brett & Taylor

Nagoya is one of the biggest cities in Japan, and CBI is located in the heart of the city.

Rebecca Giles

Rebecca serves with Next helping students in transition.

Reiter, Ryan & Joy

The Reiters desire to connect to the community through technology, literacy, sports, and community development.

Richards, Debbie

The Tokyo/Chiba team is encouraged by every person who turns to Christ and by the spiritual growth among believers.

Rieger, Joshua & Gina

The Riegers will work with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, helping to plant churches in Northeast England.

Ringsmuth, Jessica

Jessica Ringsmuth serves with MTW in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She is a member of the Ethiopia ACT project which has helped over 700 families in extreme poverty, most of whom are HIV-positive. Jessica works right alongside the Ethiopian people dealing with issues such as anxiety, depression, poverty, and trauma.

Robertson, Steve & Amy

The Robertsons support church planting in Viña del Mar, Chile. Steve also helps lead MTW's efforts in South America.

Rockwell, Larry & Sandra

God called the Rockwells to serve among the indigenous people group called the Quechua in the Andes Mountains of Peru.

Roman, Pete & Renee

The Romans are part of a church-planting team in Bulgaria and desire to see the church grow and the lost come to Christ.

Rudd, Marcus & Heather

Marcus and Heather Rudd’s calling is to serve with MTW and Isaiah 55 Deaf Ministries in Reynosa, Mexico.

Rug, John & Cathy

The Rugs are working to bring the gospel to some of Chile's "disposable" peoples, including the blind.

Russell, Julian & Christiana

The Russells are church planting in the Bahamas, their place of birth.

Rutledge, Kevin & Jan

Kevin and Jan Rutledge are serving in Frankfurt, Germany, with a vision to plant a new church in a lower-income neighborhood.

Sabin, Mike & Eli

From Guam, shortwave radio station KTWR broadcasts biblical programs to the Asia/Pacific region.

Saunders, Jeff & Katie

Japan is a country in desperate need of hearing the message of Jesus Christ’s life, death, and resurrection.

Scarborough, Charles & Rikki

The Scarboroughs seek to train a new generation of healthcare providers. They will also provide quality medical care to the Quechua, a largely unreached, impoverished people group in the Andes.

Schafer, Jason & Mandy

The Schafers have a vision for sharing the gospel and helping to establish communities of faith in Tokyo.

Schleper, Scott & Helen

Scott and Helen Schleper, with more than 10 years of experience in education plan to share the gospel with the youth they encounter in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Schweitzer, Bill & Pam

The Schweitzers’ vision is to see GPC built up and actively helping to plant churches in the Gateshead metro area.

Sexton, John & Elizabeth

The Sextons serve around the world with MTW's medical ministry.

Shadburne, Andy & Missy

In Perth Australia, Andy and Missy Shadburne use and share their gifts in music and education at a church planting team to point others to the ultimate Creator.

Shelden, Howard & Deidre

The Sheldens serve a cluster of seven languages in the Indo-Pacific region, consulting in the fields of linguistics, Bible translation, and literacy.

Shepherd, Doug & Masha

Doug and Masha are helping plant new churches in the western region of Ukraine beginning with L’viv.

Shohei & Sawako Ueki

Shohei is a fourth-generation Japanese Christian with interests in global missions, theological education, preaching, and church planting. He graduated from the University of Tsukuba (2002), Christ Bible Seminary, Nagoya, Japan, with an M.Div. (2011), and Gordon-Conwell Theological...

Sinclair, Bruce & Pam

Bruce and Pam Sinclair serve in Kampala, Uganda where Bruce serves as MTW's country director and Kampala team leader. Their focus in ministry is church planting, leadership training and theological education.

Sinclair, Gary & Petula

God has provided an opportunity for the Sinclairs to return to Pretoria to be involved in the training and preparing of local pastors for faithful preaching and pastoral ministry, not only in South Africa but into the African continent as well.

Sink, Jeremy & Gina

Jeremy & Gina Sink saw the need for ordained pastors and new church plants in Nagoya, Japan. Together with Mission to the World, they intend to plant a network of churches throughout the city.

Sloan, Rachael

Rachael’s desire is to introduce Bulgarians to a loving God who desires personal relationships with each of them.

Smith, Luke & Sokha

Luke and Sokha Smith work in the countryside of Cambodia with a focus on village church planting and student outreach.

Smith, Robert & Jeanne

God confirmed His calling in their lives to foreign missions, and post-communist Europe tugged at their hearts.

Sproull, Todd & Cindy

Todd and Cindy Sproull will build relationships among the Lummi Nation and other Native tribes in the Pacific Northwest.

Stanton, Dal & Beth

Dal and Beth lead the church planting team and help facilitate Daughters of Bulgaria.

Stephens, Noah & Karleigh

Noah and Karleigh are excited to serve with the team in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where they will be assisting a new church plant in that community.

Stevens, Carla

Carla's ministry, PS78TEACHERS, takes its name from Psalm 78, “We will not hide … but tell to the coming generation the glorious deeds of our Lord.”

Stewart, Robert & Lisa

Robert and Lisa Stewart serve with Mission to the World in Shin-Urayasu City, Japan. They focus on community outreach through Bible studies, programs for children, and participation in community events.

Stockert, Corey & Kassi

Corey & Kassi join a team focusing on both medical missions and student ministry in Cusco, Peru.

Stoddard, David & Eowyn

David serves as the international director for Europe. Eowyn assists David in his role and supports church-planting through evangelism, teaching, and outreach to refugees.

Stodghill, John & Karen

The Stodghills have accepted the call to a pioneering work in the Bahamas.

Summers, Marc & Sam

The Summers are involved in urban church planting in the country of Panama.

Sundeen, Susan

Susan serves in Durango, Mexico, through women's Bible studies, training teachers, hospitality, and leading short-term teams.

Swanson, Joel & Stephanie

Stephanie and Joel’s creativity and gifts help them serve the church in France.

Sweet, Robbie & Lydia

The Lord called the Sweets to serve in St. Andrews, Scotland, as a part of MTW Next.

Talley, Jeff & Esther

The Talleys are praying and working to see new churches planted in eastern Slovakia.

Tanzie, Bob & Joanne

The need of the church in Spain impressed itself upon the Tanzies until God’s call could no longer be set aside.

Thompson, Mark & Kelly

Mark uses his passion for short-term missions to help mobilize, equip, and send teams throughout the world.

Thornton, Jamie & Julia

The Thorntons serve in Ukraine and are a part of the Odessa church-planting team.

Traub, Will & Judi

In 2012 the Traubs relocated to Scotland, where Will coordinates theological training for MTW Europe.

Troxell, Mike & Ashley

Mike and Ashley minister in Honduras through discipleship, English classes, and children’s events.

Van Der Westhuizen, Johan & Stephanie

Extending the kingdom of God through grace-based church-planting in Chile.

Vaughn, Jeff & Heather

The Vaughns are facilitating an emerging Presbyterian denomination and church-planting movement in Costa Rica.

Wadhams, Michael & Lindie

Michael and Lindie Wadhams minister to the Lummi Nation in Washington State. They labor among the tribes through developing relations, evangelism, and mentoring/discipleship.

Walker, Alison

Alison is eager to join the team in Athens, Greece serving in communication support and coordinating short-term teams.

Wannemacher, Bruce & Barbara

Bruce and Barbara Wannemacher serve by providing spiritual care, training, and leadership for all MTW sub-Saharan African missionaries serving in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Ethiopia, and Uganda.

Warren, Andy & Bev

Andy and Bev Warren serve with MTW in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. They actively work to plant churches, minister to the poor and needy of the city, and care for children.

Warren, Randy & Debra

The Warrens will be assisting MTW in sharing the gospel of Christ with the people of Ukraine.

Watanabe, Gary & Lois

Gary and Lois Watanabe will be based in Nagoya, Japan and serve the City to City Asia Pacific networks.

Wessel, Hugh & Martine

The Wessels have served with Mission to The World since 1979, ministering in France.

White, Becky

Becky White Serves with Mission to the World in Taipei Taiwan teaching English at Christ's College. This has given Becky opportunities both to educate from a Christian perspective and to build relationships for deeper ministry with students

White, David & Robin

David began to develop a burden, then a vision for the care and encouragement of missionaries.

Whitley, Emily

Emily Whitley ministers through Mission to the World to university students and serves with a Precious Women, a locally run organization helping sexually exploited women in Cambodia.

Wiggs, Kelsey

Uganda is known as the “pearl of Africa,” but also has many needs. Kelsey Wiggs plans to utilize her unique background in both discipleship and business to serve Ugandans in Kampala spiritually and physically through MTW.

Wilcox, Ruth

Ruth, an emergency room nurse, now serves as an MTW intern in Sofia, Bulgaria, where she is using her education and her culinary passion to love on the women with Daughters of Bulgaria, a ministry to sexually exploited women.

Wiley, Caleb & Whitney

Caleb and Whitney Wiley are excited to serve in Nosy Be, Madagascar with the Sakalava Music Project, working alongside local musicians to record Sakalava worship music and story songs straight from newly translated Scripture.

Wilkes, Larry & Mandy

The Wilkes desire to come alongside the British Church, helping to plant gospel-driven, Reformed churches.

Williams, Bert & Nancy

Bert and Nancy Williams work in Kampala, Uganda partnering with churches in Christian Community Development and Reconciliation Ministries

Williams, Steve & Rita

Steve and Rita Williams serve on a church-planting lead team in Auckland, New Zealand. Together they have been active in the support and care of Christian leaders and their families.

Wilson, Nathan & Audrey

God has authored an opportunity combining the Wilson's two passions: student ministry and medical missions.

Wilson, Tom & Teresa

Tom and Teresa Wilson direct gospel, classical, and church choirs in Nagoya, Japan through Mission to the World.

Winfree, Ambrose & Becky

While in seminary the Lord gave the Winfrees a strong burden for the church in Latin America.

Wixon, Linda

Linda Wixon serves with Mission to the World's church planting team in Nagoya, Japan.

Wood, Kenton & Adriana

Kenton, along with his national team, is planting more churches in Guadalajara.

Woolard, Gordon & Marilyn

Gordon serves as the regional director for Native American and First Nations ministries.

Wright, Barbara H.

Barbara will serve in England as a ministry worker in this growing local church plant in three key areas: women’s shepherding/care, event planning, and administrative and operational support.

Wright, Tom & Lucy

Tom is part of the Global Theological Training team doing pastoral/leadership training in the francophone world.

Wroughton, Jim

Jim continues the ministry of Bible translation for the North Conchucos Quechua of the Peruvian Andes.

Young, Bruce & Susan

Bruce and Susan have the privilege of pouring their lives into missionaries through spiritual mentoring and training.

Young, Dan & Becky

Dan and Becky Young serve on the border, working with the Center for Church Planting in Monterrey.

Young, Steve & Sarah

Steve and Sarah Young are ministering to the Japanese people of Nashville, Tennessee through a multi-cultural PCA church. .

Zobrosky, Chris & Catherine

Chris and Catherine Zobrosky have been called to minister and proclaim hope through teaching and discipleship through MTW in the city of Sydney, Australia.