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Bahamas Reconstruction

Bahamas Nassau Mission Trips Americas - Caribbean

Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas in the fall of 2019. MTW sent teams to start the work in the Bahamas, mostly on the island of Abaco. Then COVID-19 struck and all travel to the Bahamas ceased until recently. Once again, MTW is undertaking the task of sending teams. Although many homeowners in the Bahamas have already started to rebuild, less fortunate homeowners have not. Read the story about Mrs. Jones, a local homeowner who needs help. 

Goal: To show the love of our Lord through action. Our primary focus will be the island of the Grand Bahama, near Freeport. Interestingly, the Grand Bahamas have been hit with seven hurricanes in just five years. It has been hard to recover from all that devastation. We will be initially working with those who have the most need.

Need: We are looking for individuals and teams who are interested in helping with recovery efforts. It will be hard work with warm temperatures, but rewarding. We need individuals and/or teams who can repair damaged roofs, finish drywall, replace windows and doors, repair electrical and plumbing, etc.

Cost: The budget for this trip is still somewhat fluid. We estimate costs, not including airfare, would be in the neighborhood of $1000 to $1200 per person.

Travel Advisories: COVID-19 is always a concern, especially for international travel. Currently, travel to Bahamas is possible even without a vaccine. Please refer to the official website for the Bahamas for information on the latest advisories.

To sign up or to discuss in more detail, please email: [email protected].

For an in-depth discussion of the current situation and needs in the Bahamas, we have a recorded Zoom meeting for you between missionaries, pastors and nationals in the region. The sections of the video are outlined below:

1:00:00 Jim Wilkerson introduces Julian Russell & opens meeting with prayer
6:17:00 Julian Russell describes impact of Hurricane Dorian and COVID-19 on the Bahamas and introduces Pastor Greg Bowe
9:15:00 Pastor Greg Bowe describes current situation/needs and the homes that Dan Jenny's team will work on
15:30:00 Pastor Gabe Swing speaks about the current challenges in getting materials, homes with mold, dome homes provided by government & food shortage
26:05:00 Julian speaks about the effects of COVID-19 on tourism which has led to rampant homelessness & poverty and describes his church's feeding program
32:15:00 Question & Answer
35:15:00 Discussion of need for counsellors to help the many victims suffering from trauma, depression & PTSD
40:40:00 Kevin Cooper (Bohemian national) describes NGO/Red Cross response and importance of including nationals in the work
52:15:00 Dan Jenny speaks about his volunteer teams that will be going to the Bahamas in Jan/Feb/March
53:37:00 Julian talks about extended school closure due to COVID-19 and needs of children/education
1:04:00 Jim Wilkerson closes the meeting in prayer


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