Nestled in the mountains of northern Thailand, the city of Chiang Mai is fast-developing and open to change, a center for art and culture, and home to many educational institutions. While most ministries in Northern Thailand work among the hill tribes or the poor and marginalized groups of society, reaching middle and upper class Thais with the hope of the gospel is often overlooked. That is the aim of this team.

With that goal in mind, we have partnered with Thai national leaders to start Grace Point Church, a gospel-centered ministry seeking to form an influential, Bible teaching, gospel community—one that does life together and impacts people’s everyday lives through work, relationships, and corporate worship. In this way, we believe that the gospel can transform the lives of Thais in Chiang Mai.


Adams, Trey & Kiki

Trey and Kiki Adams serve in Chiang Mai, Thailand, spreading a passion for the growth of God’s kingdom throughout the country.


Stephens, Noah & Karleigh

Noah and Karleigh are excited to serve with the team in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where they will be assisting a new church plant in that community.

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Thailand Vision Trip
Vision Trips

Thai Church Provides Community for the Outcast

When a Thai mother and her daughters found themselves alone and rejected, the church community was ready and eager to embrace them.


“To Be Thai is to Be Buddhist”

To become a Christian in Thailand requires a fundamental shift in identity. But it is a shift many are making.


Why Missions Is a Big Deal

Did Abraham orchestrate the events that led to the Messiah's entrance into history? Not a chance. God called Abraham to do one thing: Move.


Rhianna: One Day in the Life of an MTW Missionary - A Video

Join Rhianna Mills on her morning jog to experience the sights and people of Thailand.


As the Thai people grieve the loss of their king, pray that many would seek out the true King. Pray for MTW churches as they reach out in love to the Thai people.

Pray for those in Thailand who are resistant to the gospel because "to be Thai is to be Buddhist." Pray they'll see that they can embrace the gospel and still retain their culture.

Pray for a widower and pastor in Thailand trying to raise his young daughter, manage his air conditioning business, and pastor a church. Pray also for other national pastors who often struggle financially.