The Stereotype and the Truth

In postmodern former East Berlin, after years of communism, skeptics look everywhere for the truth—but less than 1 percent look in a church. One woman searching for truth enrolled in a New Age class in Berlin that bashed Christianity. The teacher described Christians as deceptive and mean, but the woman remembered her Christian friend who was always so kind and honest. She knew the teacher was completely wrong about Christians. Throwing out all of her New Age books, she decided to go with this friend to one of our churches instead. She sensed that Christians held the answers she sought.

Changing Biases

We have partnered with a German church plant in southeast Berlin, supporting the German nationals who lead the church. Our church serves the surrounding community through English classes, discussion groups for young mothers, a youth group, and partnering with local government officials to address key social issues. By befriending and serving the people of the community, we are slowly breaking down the biases Germans have against Christianity by demonstrating the love of Christ and the truth of the gospel.

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Refugee Liaison in Southeast Berlin
Community Outreach in Southeast Berlin
Disciple New Believers
Vision Trip to Berlin
Vision Trips

Thankfulness in Full

If our friend has taught us anything, it is that “abounding in thanksgiving” swallows up all that we have lost or left behind.


My Critical Breakfast Guest

Over breakfast she criticized the meal, our home, and my hair. I didn’t want to invite her back. In that moment my heart was revealed.


A Berlin Refugee Story: Video

Watch as a refugee in Berlin tells the story of his journey to Germany and the home he's found at MTW's Gospel Haus.


The Coming Tide of Faith in Europe

Across Europe missionaries are watching the Spirit move with a rapidly accelerating pace as God opens door after door.


Tea Time with Refugees

God is opening wide the doors for us to serve refugees in Germany.


Christ Will Build His Church

Europe is the new “dark continent.” Churches are being turned into bars and museums. But does that mean the European Church is without hope?


They All Have First Names

As refugees flood into European countries where we minister, we are learning how to love them as Christ does.


Oaks of Righteousness: Church Planting in Germany

For years our team has referred to its ministry as “plowing in concrete.” But today the spiritual landscape looks quite different.


College Internship or Summer Missions? I did both!

A Virginia Tech student used his majors in public relations and German to intern at a cultural center in Berlin while serving with MTW.


Pray for missionaries seeking to minister to those who are critical and hard to love. Pray that missionaries would love their neighbor as Christ loved us. 

Pray specifically for the refugees in Berlin with whom our missionaries are building relationships. Pray that these refugees would come to faith if they do not know Christ.

Pray for MTW's ministry to refugees in Greece, Germany, Ukraine, Uganda, Panama, and the U.S.

Give thanks to God for a movement of the Spirit spreading across Europe opening doors that have been long-shut.

Praise God for opening doors in Germany for us to minister to refugees in a local refugee home. Pray for refugees to grasp the love of Christ. 

Pray for the declining Church in Europe. Many see Europe as post-Christian and without hope. But we know that Christ will build His church.

Praise God for breaking through barriers in Germany and producing long-sought-after fruit! Pray for new believers to grow in their faith and lead others to Christ. 

Pray that we would be able to accomodate and recruit interns desiring to work in their field of study and participate in global missions.