The ecotourism capital of Honduras, La Ceiba is known for its beauty and nightlife. It is also a city beset by intense poverty and crime. Here, an MTW team labors to advance the gospel through both spiritual and physical restoration.

The vast majority of church leaders in northern Honduras have little to no formal training. MTW La Ceiba offers biblical and practical training for church leaders, provides resources, and creates connections between U.S. and Honduran churches. Additionally, the team works to address physical and emotional brokenness through mercy ministries such as Puerta de Esperanza (Door of Hope), a safe home for at-risk teenage mothers; the Peter Project, a day drop-in center for street boys; and medical clinics that treat sickness and educate the community about healthy lifestyles. In this city of gang violence and spiritual darkness, God is moving through the Church to restore communities to Himself.


Cain, Adam & Michelle

The Cains strive to strengthen the local church in La Ceiba, Honduras so that it can better reach the needs of the community.

The Cains strive to strengthen the local church in La Ceiba, Honduras so that it can better reach the needs of the...

Clow, John & Kathy

John and Kathy Clow serve in La Ceiba, Honduras where God is growing the ministry beyond planting churches.

John and Kathy Clow serve in La Ceiba, Honduras where God is growing the ministry beyond planting churches.

Troxell, Mike & Ashley

Mike and Ashley minister in Honduras through discipleship, English classes, and children’s events.

Mike and Ashley minister in Honduras through discipleship, English classes, and children’s events.

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Changing the Atmosphere in Honduras


Share Your Heart for the Lost
Summer Internships

First a Lockdown, Then Two Hurricanes: Impact and Response in Honduras (VIDEO)

COVID lockdowns meant residents could not leave their homes for days at a time. Then two hurricanes devastated the already struggling area.


The Accidental Relief Program: COVID-19 in Honduras

In Honduras, the lockdown was total and immediate. MTW missionaries immediately thought of their neighbors who would need groceries—fast.


Begging for a Single Tortilla: Claudia’s Story of Refuge and Redemption

Claudia’s life had never been easy. She lost her father at 8 and her mother turned to alcohol. By age 15, Claudia was pregnant and alone.


Foreigners in a Familiar Land

Years of living in a foreign country gives you a perspective that is hard to articulate. You sometimes feel uncomfortable being Stateside.


Why Serve on a Mission Trip? (Video)

Develop a heart for missions. Support the missionaries. Change a life. Inspire a church. There are so many reasons to serve on an MTW trip.


(Not) Just a Nurse

When a pregnant woman in critical condition stormed out of her clinic, Erin worried she might never make a difference on the mission field.


9 Ways to Raise Money for Short-Term Mission Trips

The fear of raising finances is a major reason why many Christians do not participate in missions. But we are called to reject fear.


The Prodigal Brother

Their hearts broke when he left, but his return proved the Spirit's hold on him.


A "Door of Hope" for Unwed Mothers: Video

Watch a testimony of the ministry of Puerta de Esperanza in La Ceiba, Honduras, a ministry reaching out to at-risk unwed mothers.


Changing the Atmosphere in Honduras: A Video

Missionaries to Honduras are changing the atmosphere and doing God's work to bring the dark country back into the light.


One Day on a Mission Trip to Honduras: A Video

Follow Janelle Honeycutt during one day of her mission trip to Honduras.


How Could God Use A Missionary Like Me?

Daily I look at my life and find nothing that points to the fact that I can be a good missionary. Yet I have seen lives transformed.


Then They Were Orphans

"Tito, I'm really sorry that you don't have a Dad." Tito: "Thanks. I've just had to get used to life without one."


Reality On the Street

The hard truth about street kids in La Ceiba, Honduras.


"Funraising" for Missions

Short-term mission yields hometown impact.


Puerta de Esperanza Offers Hope to Young Mothers

She searched for small jobs to provide food for herself and her infant daughter. Y was 15 years old, alone, and angry. She felt abandoned.


Business Training Offers Hope for Young Mothers

I am not a business person. So when the Lord asked me to start a used clothing store business ministry, everything in me wanted to say NO!


New MTW Medical Clinic Opens in Honduras

Located in the small community of Armenia Bonito, this clinic will help meet the spiritual and physical needs of the people of Honduras.


Send Me Your Short-Term Missionaries

“Wouldn’t it be better if all those people sent you money instead of wasting their resources and your time?” Our answer is an emphatic NO.


Pray that God would call pastors to serve at a Bible institute in Honduras, and elsewhere around the world. 

Pray for our ministries in Honduras, impacted by severe lockdowns followed by two hurricanes.

Please pray for those in Honduras whose livelihoods have been devastated by the COVID-19 lockdown and for missionaries stepping up to meet their community's needs.

Pray today for Puerta de Esperanza (Door of Hope), which ministers to the needs of impoverished and vulnerable single mothers in La Ceiba, Honduras.

Pray for first-year missionaries who can feel incompetent and overwhelmed as they begin ministry on the field.

Pray for the street boys involved in the Peter Project ministry and drop-in center in Honduras. Pray that the boys will develop a relationship with Christ, grow spiritually, and heal from the impact life's hardships.

Pray for current missionaries, future missionaries, sending churches, and donors to be willing to ask the question, "How could God use me?"

Pray for the orphaned and street children at The Peter Project. Pray for these beautiful boys to know the love of Christ and find refuge from the effects of poverty.

Pray for Brady and Umberto and other former gang members in La Ceiba, Honduras, to continue to walk with Christ and to stay away from gang life.

Pray for the street children in La Ceiba, Honduras, to find love, permanence, and a solid faith in Christ.

Pray for the used clothing store business ministry that helps young single moms in La Ceiba, Honduras receive job training.

Puerta de Esperanza

A place of respite, hope, and healing for vulnerable young mothers.

Honduras Team

The MTW team in Honduras trains church planters and addresses brokenness through several mercy ministries.

The Peter Project

The Peter Project is making disciples of Christ among boys living on the streets of La Ceiba, Honduras.