Throughout its history, Central Asia has been a crossroads of civilizations. For centuries, the Silk Road carried people, trade goods, and ideas through Central Asia from Europe to East Asia and back again. Later conquests by the Mongol Khans, China, and the Soviet Union each left their mark on these lands of high deserts, rugged mountains, and nomadic peoples. Today, extending from the Caspian Sea in the west to the border of China in the East, Central Asia is a vast tapestry of culture and language, bearing a history rife with conflict, and a religious culture dominated by Islam.

This part of the world is not particularly friendly to Christianity. Many believers here are persecuted for their faith; still, our God is at work in and through His Church in Central Asia. Whether doing university ministry through teaching English, or mentoring local pastors for the vital work of church planting, MTW Central Asia is dedicated to the advancement of the kingdom of God in the Muslim world.   

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Art, Music, Media: Calling All Creatives!
Central Asia Vision Trip | October 4-13
Vision Trips
Small Business Consultant
Church Planting Team Leader
University Ministry Through Teaching English
Theological Teacher/Mentor
Internship Coordinators
Train for Leadership Positions in Global Muslim Ministry
English Teachers Needed: Global Muslim Ministries
Student Ministry Outreach Among Muslims
Mentored Internship in Central Asia
Summer Internships
Central Asia Handicraft Business Internship
1–11 Months
Next Generation Missionaries to the Muslim World
1–11 Months

Compassion Funds for Earthquake Relief Lead to Gospel Growth in Turkey

When believers Adem and Samira* gave people things they'd say "It is not from us. It is from the Lord. Jesus has provided these for you."


Reaching Muslims With the Gospel (VIDEO)

We’re coming alongside believers in the Muslim world to plant churches where there are none and strengthen existing ones. Will you join us?


A Dream, A Poem, and a Personal Encounter

A young Central Asian woman from a secular, nominally Muslim family, had a dream. It was the first step on a path that lead her to Christ.


The Smell of Smoke: The Aroma of Christ

The small group of Central Asian students wrote their sins on a small slip of paper, crumpled it up, and put it in a bowl on the table.


Entering the Cathedral Amid a Fear of Ancestral Spirits

Many Muslims live in fear of evil spirits and the harm they can bring. For one woman, the fear surfaced as she approached a cathedral.


How Business as Mission Is Shaping the Church in Central Asia

Business can be a powerful platform for reaching and impacting communities in the Muslim-majority world.


Does It Matter How We Communicate the Gospel?

The disciples “spoke in such a way” that many believed. But if God alone draws people to Himself, does it even matter how we communicate?


Five Ways to Mobilize Your Church Members for Unreached People Groups

If you want your church to grow in passion for unreached people groups, immerse them in the Bible, and show them God’s grand story.


"Can We Say that Jesus Is God?"

As a young Muslim man studies the Bible for himself, he encounters the unmistakable divinity of Christ.


Meeting a Muslim Family

To our 2-year-old daughter, they were just another family in the park.


Pray for the missionary families who are getting kicked out of sensitive countries because of their Christian faith. 

Pray for those in Central Asia who are resistent to Christianity because of a fear of ancestral spirits.

Pray for our Central Asia missionaries building the church through business as mission efforts.

Pray for churches to grow in passion for unreached people groups and to mobilze members to give and serve.

Pray for Muslims who are investigating the truths of Christ in the Bible to come to the conclusion that He is God.

Pray for Muslims to see the reality of Jesus and to surrender their lives to Him regardless of the cost.

Unreached People Groups

Partner with us to reach multiple unreached people groups across the world.

Central Asia Theological Education

This very strategic project seeks to train those who will eventually become the foundation of the Reformed Church witness in Central Asia—an area where people are daily under pressure for their faith.

Afghanistan Refugee Engagement

Help support the ministry to Afghans who have fled their country.