West Africa, a diverse region of 18 nations and around 350 million people, stretches from the arid Sahel in the north to the forests and coastlands in the south to the Lake Chad basin in the east. Historically, West Africa has been a point of cultural convergence: sub-Saharan African people groups, a thousand years of interactions with Muslim Arab merchants from the north, and hundreds of years of trade and imperial expansion by Portuguese, Dutch, English, French, and Americans. All told, West Africa today presents a complex mosaic of remarkable ethnic, cultural, religious, and linguistic diversity.

Though Islam and animism are the predominant religions in West Africa, God is on the move. MTW has several teams throughout the region—reaching unreached tribal groups, training and equipping local believers, planting sustainable churches, and advancing mercy ministries with children, the vulnerable, and the poor. In a region long dominated by Islam, MTW is committed to pursuing gospel-centered ministry and kingdom transformation. 

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Internship Coordinators
Seasoned Leadership Needed in Sub-Saharan Africa
Hospital Administrator
Church Planting in West Africa
Medical Ministry Facilitator

Missionaries in West Africa Use Sustainable Farming Techniques to Love Their Neighbors and Further the Gospel

An agriculture development program is helping African Christians become food self-sufficient and have extra resources for kingdom work.


6 Ways God Used the Pandemic to Open Doors for Gospel Ministry in Senegal

Jim was concerned about what would happen to the community of believers when the lockdowns hit. But God had bigger plans.


MTW Compassion Funds Feed the Starving During Global Pandemic

As quarantines continue, people are beginning to starve. MTW missionaries, acting as the hands and feet of Christ, are responding.


Reaching Muslims With the Gospel (VIDEO)

We’re coming alongside believers in the Muslim world to plant churches where there are none and strengthen existing ones. Will you join us?


West Africa Is at Risk: A Video

West Africa is at risk. Extreme poverty is rampant and the class divide is vast. But there's much to be celebrated. The gospel is at work.


One Day on an MTW Medical Trip: A Video

Dr. Barrett Jones recently led MTW medical trip to West Africa where they hosted clinics for with those limited access to medical care.


The Question

From a children’s home in West Africa came the earnest question: “May we be baptized please?”


Do You See It? Learning to See Across Cultures

It is one thing to look at a situation, but it is quite another to see with understanding. This is the missionary’s dilemma.


Addressing the Problem of Dependency

Local believers said they hadn’t felt listened to, they'd just been told what to do. When we saw them in a new light, everything changed.


Five Ways to Mobilize Your Church Members for Unreached People Groups

If you want your church to grow in passion for unreached people groups, immerse them in the Bible, and show them God’s grand story.


"Can We Say that Jesus Is God?"

As a young Muslim man studies the Bible for himself, he encounters the unmistakable divinity of Christ.


Meeting a Muslim Family

To our 2-year-old daughter, they were just another family in the park.


Ebola and Unexpected Blessings

Muslims welcome prayers in Jesus' name.


Restoring Health, Giving Hope

A West African church reaches out to the community through medical clinics.


Pray for the "Timothys" in Muslim-majority West Africa who are growing in their Christian faith and teaching others. 

Pray for the missionary families who are getting kicked out of sensitive countries because of their Christian faith. 

Pray for West Africa where extreme poverty is rampant and the class divide is vast. But where the gospel is also at work.

Pray for the girls living at the Presbyterian girls home in West Africa. Many of them are coming to faith and asking to be baptized!

Pray for missionaries and national believers to overcome the problem of dependency. Pray that God would raise up local believers to lead the church.

Pray for churches to grow in passion for unreached people groups and to mobilze members to give and serve.

Pray for Muslims who are investigating the truths of Christ in the Bible to come to the conclusion that He is God.

Pray for Muslims to see the reality of Jesus and to surrender their lives to Him regardless of the cost.

Pray for Muslims in West Africa who have been impacted by the Ebola virus to find hope in Jesus Christ.

International Discipleship Coalition—Africa

Support a ministry seeking to collaborate with and connect Africa-based organizations and missionaries to broaden the biblical and Reformed influence throughout the region.

Sierra Leone Theological Training

Support the theological education efforts in a West African country.

Agricultural Development & Training - West Africa

Our West Africa team is developing an agricultural development program where pairs of local and international trainers will be deployed across the region, teaching more profitable farming methods.

The Journey Biblical Training

"The Journey" is a chronological film-based tool to equip local believers across sub-Saharan Africa.

West Africa University Student House

West African university students will comprise a church plant in a large strategic city.

West Africa Girls’ Home Facility

A new facility to care for girls at risk of sexual exploitation or trafficking.

Unreached People Groups

Partner with us to reach five strategic unreached people groups in Africa, Central Asia, and the Middle East.

Theological Education for a West African Country

Equipping pastors to deeply apply the gospel as they lead the Church.