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Helping People Across the Globe Impacted by Disasters

Compassion Fund: Global Disaster Response
Project # 40043

Help Our Friends in Turkey and Syria After Deadly Earthquake

The strongest earthquake to hit Turkey and Syria in a century struck the region on February 6, leaving tens of thousands dead and many more injured. The 7.8-magnitude quake in Turkey's Gaziantep province was followed by aftershocks as strong as 7.5 and 5.6 in magnitude, causing buildings to collapse and debris to be scattered across the region. Thankfully, our contacts are safe, but Christian friends are suffering devastating loss, and one family has lost their home and a child. Hundreds of thousands of people are impacted.

Please donate to MTW’s Compassion fund to help show God’s love in tangible ways to those affected by the devastating earthquake. Your donations go toward providing food and water to those in need and support rebuilding efforts. Funds will also be used to send believers from surrounding cities to care for people’s spiritual and emotional needs after this tragedy. Your generous contribution will help ensure that those affected are able to recover and rebuild their lives. Thank you.

*Funds received by MTW as part of a disaster response appeal are used for relief and recovery, construction, travel for response teams, and related needs as well as for longer-term rebuilding and church planting. Exceptionally, when there are unspent funds, they will be used in future disaster and compassion situations.

UPDATE 5/1/23

As we know, the earthquake that took place in early February impacted a large area across both Turkey and Syria. While the needs are still immense and ongoing, providing assistance in Turkey is relatively uncomplicated. On the other side of the border, however, there are significantly greater barriers. Fortunately, some of our field workers are well-situated to provide support for some of these difficult-to-reach communities. Due to ongoing war, there are significant populations of Syrians that live outside of the country but remain very connected to their communities that loved ones that remain in the country. Through trusted church leaders, over 1,000 families have been provided with basic humanitarian aid. The leaders are continuing to follow up with these families to provide psychosocial and pastoral support. They have also been assessing and providing direct assistance for home repairs and shelter to those in affected areas.

The disaster has created many opportunities. Unfortunately, it has also allowed for acts of violence, theft, and abuse of vulnerable people. In the midst of this, however, there have been extraordinary acts of kindness. Churches have jumped into action to serve their congregations and their non-Christian neighbors. Strangers have stopped by hospitals to pray for the medical bills of strangers. The Syrian diaspora across Europe and other countries has responded to help those who were impacted by the earthquake.

As the Syrian Church responds in the name of Jesus, our field workers are seeing unprecedented opportunities to communicate the love and mercy of Jesus through these acts of compassion. In a region that has seen war, violence, and now natural disaster, please continue to pray for those who are ministering love and mercy in the midst of these very difficult circumstances where the needs are so great.


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