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Hurricane Otis Damage in Acapulco


Our missionaries and partners in Acapulco, Mexico were devastated by Hurricane Otis.


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Mentorship and Mission: Insights From Summer Interns


DAY 30: Pray for MTW Thailand as they plant a new church in southern Bangkok.
DAY 29: Pray that those laboring for the sake of the gospel across the Arab world would find spiritual joy and rest.
DAY 28: Pray for the ongoing growth of Iglesia Presbyteriana Gracia Soberana in Tegucigalpa and formation of the national Presbyterian denomination in Honduras.
DAY 27: For the gospel of grace to outshine teaching on works and human efforts as the source of growth in Christ. Pray that it shine brightly across the Muslim world.
DAY 26: France: Pray for church planting efforts in both Paris and Toulouse. May these churches grow in number and exalt Jesus.
DAY 25: Pray for Muslims who are investigating the truths of Christ in the Bible to come to the conclusion that He is God.
DAY 24: Australasia: Pray for the vast region covering Australia, New Zealand, and many South Pacific Island nations, for gospel power and purity.
DAY 23: Ethiopia: Pray for Ethiopia ACT’s family advocates, who care for the physical and spiritual needs of families affected by HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and other communicable diseases.
DAY 22: Europe and North America: Pray for new team leaders, refugee/immigrant ministry workers, ESL teachers, and more to reach out to Muslim people in Europe and North America.
DAY 21: For discipleship and development of young leaders in the Middle East and North Africa, that they would become pastors of small groups of believers.
DAY 20: Our MKs often endure unseen grief and painful transition. Pray that they may also experience the gospel's comfort and calling.
DAY 19: Pray for the church planting activity among the unreached Wolof people.
DAY 18: Jean Calvin seminary in France is facing challenges; pray for new students and that courses would not have to be canceled due to low enrollment.
DAY 17: Pray for Muslims coming to faith in Christ across Europe. Pray that they would be discipled and find a church home.
DAY 16: Pray as we seek to begin an international school for the children of migrant workers and refugees residing in South Korea.
DAY 15: Give thanks for all that God is doing in the Muslim World to draw people to Christ. Pray that He would continue to call new workers to this work.
DAY 14: Pray for bi-vocational opportunities, for pastors in rural churches in Southern Africa who minister in dire economic conditions.
DAY 13: Pray for new missionaries preparing to serve in restricted-access countries around the world that the Lord would use them mightily.
DAY 12: Pray for the current work of the Casa Josefina in Cusco, Peru, as they care for 20 abandoned babies in the orphanage.
DAY 11: Pray that the Lord would call 25–30 year olds interested in learning multiple languages to work among unreached people groups.
DAY 10: Pray for the continuing ministry of the 10 Presbyterian churches in Ukraine and that the war with Russia would end.
DAY 9: Pray that new people from Muslim backgrounds would join existing small groups of believers and that these would grow into churches.
DAY 8: Pray for Christ Bible Institute (Nagoya, Japan) as they develop resources to support weary, overworked pastors, weighed down by exhaustion and burnout. Pray for refreshment and gospel rest.
DAY 7: Pray for pastors who are fleeing jihadist areas and connecting with MTW's Timothy House ministry in West Africa.
DAY 6: Pray for RUF Global campus ministry to thrive at Makrere University in Kampala, Uganda.
DAY 5: International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. Pray for believers around the world who are persecuted for their faith. Ask God to give them perseverance protection and boldness.
DAY 4: Pray for the new church planting effort in El Salvador.
DAY 3: Pray the Lord would raise up new workers for Central Asia, including team leaders for three capital cities, for English teachers, and for mentors for young pastors.
DAY 2: Pray for revival in Germany—for the Spirit to inflame hearts and light up the darkness, that people would walk closely with God.
DAY 1: Pray for the Lord to change the hearts of unbelievers in the Arab region who are studying the Scriptures for the first time.


Leaving My Life of "Anything Goes"

I thought good was good enough. This was the type of Christianity I grew up with. What did it mean for me to be Christian? I didn’t know.

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The Single Missionary Experience

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Bless Us That We May Bless Others

As we pray, we can boldly ask for God’s blessing so that we can be a blessing to the nations.

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