MTW Center for Estate & Gift Planning


“The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.”
– Psalm 24:1

Put simply, estate planning is figuring out what you’re going to do with what you’ve got.

During your lifetime, estate planning concerns the creation, conservation, and use of resources in order to secure the maximum benefit for you and your family now, during disability, and at retirement. Then, at death, this careful planning will also ensure that those resources are transferred to your loved ones with minimum depletion and delay due to taxes and probate.

A Christian might define estate planning another way: asking God what He wants you to do with what He’s given you, both now and after death. It’s recognizing that God is the owner of all and that each of us is also called by God to play a part in the advancement of His kingdom. Some of us will be called to go to the field; all of us are called to give to support the work of ministry. By giving to gospel-centered charities and ministries, we are being faithful to God’s call and serve as powerful testimonies to our children, our churches, and those around us.

This faithful stewardship of resources doesn’t stop when life ends. In fact, the single largest act of financial stewardship most believers will make is deciding what we will do with our assets upon our death, and arranging for the transfer of those assets in a manner that continues to reflect our Christian commitments.

We can assist in developing a plan that will help you use your assets wisely, whether for personal, family, business, or charitable interests. 

If you are interested in learning more, contact us at: 678-823-0028 or [email protected]

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We Offer Two Free Services

Charitable Estate & Gift Planning Tools


Giving beyond your lifetime.


Give cash, stocks, real estate, gifts in kind. Receive a tax deduction.


Maximize tax benefits from giving.


Tax benefits. Income for life. A legacy for the kingdom.


Tax efficient, flexible, convenient giving.


Distributions to charity, not subject to income tax.


Immediate tax advantages. Income for life. Global gospel impact.


Our team has the professional experience to offer personal, confidential, and expert counsel, using terminology and explanations that are easy to understand.

Bruce Owens

Director of Center for Estate & Gift Planning

Bruce Owens currently serves as director of Partner Relations at Mission to the World.

Bruce has been speaking for over 25 years on the subject of biblical stewardship and estate planning. He has spoken to numerous churches, boards of various Christian ministries, colleges and universities, and at national conferences such as Christian Leadership Alliance, Evangelical Development Ministry Institute and The Mission Exchange.

Timm Sasser

MTW Director of Partner Relations & Ambassadors Program

Timm has had a heart for leading the church in biblical stewardship for more than 20 years. His roots go back to raising his own ministry support when he was on Young Life staff. While the concept was new and disorienting to him at the time, it birthed in him a heart to engage the body of Christ through biblical stewardship.

In the years since, Timm has worked extensively in the for-profit and non-profit sectors, and he feels very grateful to work alongside MTW to advance the gospel around the world. He feels called to encourage the church in America to engage their resources toward the high calling they have received in Christ Jesus.

Timm is a graduate of Baylor University, and has his master's degree in biblical studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. A (mostly) lifelong Texan, Timm and his wife, Katherine, live in Ft. Worth, Texas, with their four children, Annie, Jake, Norah, and Lillian. Timm and his family are members of Trinity Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Ft. Worth.

Beth Billingsley

Partner Relations Manager

Beth Billingsley has served as the MTW Partner Relations manager for more than 15 years. She assists MTW partners and churches as they utilize the Center for Estate and Gift Design’s services, administers the MTW Donor Advised Fund program, and serves as a liaison between MTW and partners' advisors and financial institutions. Before joining MTW, Beth worked for an insurance brokerage firm as a marketing associate. Beth graduated from Georgia Southwestern State University with a degree in marketing.

Emily Pocoroba

Administrative Assistant

Emily Pocoroba has served as the administrative assistant for the Partner Relations Department since 2013. She brings more than 11 years of experience to MTW, specifically working with donations and building partner relationships.

John Tubbesing


John Tubbesing is the director of the Ambassadors Program and Business as Mission ministry for Mission to the World. He joined MTW in 2004 after spending 30 years as a business executive in the technology and consulting industries. John considers it a blessing to be able to help MTW's missionaries have the financial resources they need to implement strategic initiatives. He also enjoys helping businesspeople in the U.S. steward their gifts and experiences for the benefit of ministry here and around the world.

Jim Miller

Senior Partner Relations Officer

Jim Miller started with MTW in 2015 where he works with the Ambassadors Program as well as the Business as Mission ministry. He is a recently retired business executive from Ecolab, where he spent 35 years.

Jim is a native of New Jersey, but resides in Orlando, Florida, with his wife of 35 years, Elizabeth. They have two married adult children and one grandson. The Millers are longtime members of Orangewood PCA, in Maitland, Florida.

Archie Moore

Senior Partner Relations Officer

Archie Moore has worked with MTW’s Partner Relations Department since 2018, communicating and praying with the mission’s partners across the country.

After military duty and graduation from Columbia International University (Columbia, SC) and Reformed Theological Seminary (Jackson, MS), Archie Moore and his wife Glenda served as MTW missionaries to South Korea from 1977–1979. He has been a PCA pastor 40 years, currently at Greenwood Presbyterian Church in Greenwood, SC. He has also served as committee member and advisor to Committee on Mission to the World, and has volunteered pastoral care to missionaries in Germany since 1996. 



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