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MTW | Central is a connection point for regional events, training, and help if you're interested in serving one year or longer. If you are a new church starting a missions ministry or your church has an established global outreach, we can help you through planning, mobilizing, and connecting you with global PCA church-planting works.

We serve the states of Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wyoming.


Jerry Gibson


A native of Texas, Jerry graduated from Dallas Baptist University with a degree in theology and biblical studies. He has been involved in cross-cultural ministry for most of his life, going back to his earliest and most formative years serving with Native Peoples in South Dakota. Jerry has also formally served in cross-cultural missions since 2001, including ministry in three low-income urban areas of Dallas. He has traveled to more nations than he can remember to serve alongside missionaries and indigenous believers.

Most recently, Jerry served as the senior director of missions and church planting at Park Cities Presbyterian in Dallas, where he helped develop the process for preparing new missionaries called “Thrive.” Much more important than credentials, Jerry hopes his years of experience (sometimes learning things the hard way) will benefit him in this new position with MTW. Jerry has been married to Kerry for 20 years. They have two daughters.

Teresa Weber

Youth Mobilizer

Teresa Weber is the Youth Mobilizer for the Central Hub. She completed an internship with Mission to the World in Thailand in 2019 and is zealous for missions. Teresa believes that people of all ages should engage in missions and is excited to mobilize youth and watch the Lord work in their lives as well as in the lives of those they serve. 

Rev. Allen Taha

Volunteer, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Boerne, TX

Senior Pastor, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Boerne, TX

Allen Hunter

Volunteer, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, McKinney, TX

Elder and Missions Team Member, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, McKinney, TX

Andrew Caudal

Volunteer, Grace Community Presbyterian Church, Ft. Worth, TX

Ruling Elder and Missions Team Member, Grace Community Presbyterian Church, Ft. Worth, TX

Rev. Victor Martinez

Volunteer, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, San Antonio, TX

Associate Pastor, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, San Antonio, TX

Echo Green

Christ the King Presbyterian Church, Houston, TX

Missions Team Member, Children's Choir Director, and Sunday School Teacher

Becky Bronson

Candidate Specialist

Becky's love for other cultures began early, growing up in South Texas surrounded by Mexican culture and heritage. Her first missions trip in high school took her to interior Mexico, and she began to grow a love for Spanish and language learning that later took her to study in Spain in college. As a recent college graduate, she moved to East Asia to travel and teach English, and was floored by the millions who had never heard of Jesus, God, or grace! As newlyweds, Becky and her husband Andrew served in Thailand with MTW from 2006–2008 and 2012–2017 and helped plant two churches in Bangkok, Grace City Bangkok and New City Fellowship. She loves to encourage the pursuit of missions in both churches and with its people to consider how their gifts might be used to bring the nations to Himself.



MTW | Central wants to connect with you! Below, you will find some options to connect, fellowship, and grow using both technology and in-person gatherings.

Advancing in Missions Workshops

Advancing in Missions (AiM) is a six stage journey designed to help churches grow their missions vision, structure, and involvement.

Advancing in Missions (AiM) Workshops

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At MTW, we believe that sending more diverse missionaries better reflects the image of God and helps build more effective ministry as people of color bring their voices and gospel stories to those waiting to hear. If you would like more info about how the MTW Diversifi initiative and RADD (Reformed And Diverse Delegates) can help you in your mission, please contact one of our diversity mobilizers.


Missionaries whose sending church is in a Central Hub state

Buerger, John & Ellen

The Buergers are excited that God has called them to plant a new international church in Lisbon, Portugal.

Cain, Adam & Michelle

The Cains strive to strengthen the local church in Tegucigalpa, Honduras so that it can better reach the needs of the community.

Canales, John & Mary Jo

John and Mary Jo will be serving in the South Pacific to train and mentor pastors and church leaders.

Crusey, Todd and Liz

Todd and Liz have joined a church-planting team in West London. Their work will include evangelism, outreach, and church planting support.

Davidson, Charles & Bonita

The Davidsons serve out of Monterrey, Mexico, teaching and mentoring Mexican church planters.

DeBoer, Shannon

In Nagoya, Japan, Shannon will be teaching English literature, ESL, participating in Heart and Soul community outreach, and working with mercy ministry.

Dishman, Peter & Lauren

The Dishmans serve college students in Bogota, Colombia, through a strategic partnership between MTW and RUF.

Graber, Ben & Anna

Ben and Anna take part in nurturing a church-planting movement in Munich.

Kelly, Eric & Megan

Eric and Megan are preparing to assist the MTW Panama team by training and discipling under-resourced pastors and church planters in rural Panama.

Krieger, Karis

Karis serves at CBI using her gifts for evangelism to help missionary interns, short-term teams, and CBI students engage in evangelism to the community, and partners with a local Japanese church in worship ministry.

McReynolds, Bryan & Rebe

Bryan and Rebe McReynolds work with our MTW Africa partner churches in southern Africa to encourage indigenous missionary development.

Olivares, Oscar & Nancy

Oscar and Nancy are looking forward to church planting, discipleship, teaching elementary school to missionaries’ children, and assisting in the opening of a new Christian school in Nagoya, Japan.

Rayl, Brett & Taylor

Nagoya is one of the biggest cities in Japan, and CBI is located in the heart of the city.

Rudd, Marcus & Heather

Marcus and Heather Rudd’s calling is to serve with MTW and Isaiah 55 Deaf Ministries in Reynosa, Mexico.

Russell, Julian & Christiana

The Russells are church planting in the Bahamas, their place of birth.

Rutherford, Ginny

Ginny will serve with the team in Kampala, Uganda supporting the church planting ministry through women's and children's ministry and working with refugees.

Shepherd, Doug & Masha

Doug and Masha are helping plant new churches in the western region of Ukraine beginning with Lviv.

Smith, Luke & Sokha

Luke and Sokha Smith work in the countryside of Cambodia with a focus on village church planting and student outreach.

Stovall, Lauren

Lauren serves the people of Odessa through teaching at a school for missionary kids, ministering to university students, and mentoring Ukrainian women.

Velez, Angel & Wally

Angel & Wally's vision is to teach the hope of the gospel to the Japanese through profound relationship and the arts.

Young, Dan & Becky

Dan and Becky Young serve on the border, working with the Center for Church Planting in Monterrey.

Ziehr, Matt & Jaime

Matt and Jaime will serve in Munich, Germany, where they will spend time learning the language, culture, and serve at a local evangelical church in central Munich.

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