The Birmingham Missions Cohort (B-MC)

Disciples of Christ gathering in community and growing deeper roots in Christ to produce fruitful lives in God’s mission.

Fall Dates
September 13November 15, 2022 (Tuesday nights)

Spring 2023 Dates
January 23–March 27, 2023 (Monday nights)

The B-MC is an intentional community seeking to train and mentor young professionals (ages 21–35) who seek to use their gifts in God's local & global mission. A call or desire to serve on a cross-cultural mission field is not a prerequisite (though people with that desire are a great fit for B-MC). B-MC helps participants explore ways to engage in God’s global mission from wherever God calls them to live and serve.

Through interactive discussions each participant is trained and mentored in Gospel foundations, Biblical missions, evangelism, prayer and local international ministry. The goal of B-MC is to ignite and equip participants toward Kingdom mission and ministry by helping them understand who they are in Christ. The overflow of this understanding is the root of fruitful ministry and mission. Our hope is that B-MC will encourage participants to live all of life more engaged with God’s global mission. 

The 10-week cohort includes community discussions, mentoring, meals together, time with veteran missionaries and strategic connection points with international ministries in the city of Birmingham. B-MC is a ministry of Mission to The World (MTW) and is led by veteran MTW missionaries and local PCA ministry leaders.


“What I loved about B-MC was that it was beneficial across the spectrum from someone who knows very little about missions to the person who is planning to go overseas! From talking about God’s heart for missions to hearing from missionaries themselves, I walked away encouraged and with an increased desire to share the gospel both here and overseas.” - Sara

"B-MC gave me a heart attitude change more than additional head knowledge. I now care more about global missions than I ever have.”- Caleb

"B-MC impacted me with many practical and inspiring stories of what it looks like to individually take part in the Great Commission of the Church."- Jane

“B-MC is a faithful group that will open your eyes in fresh and new ways to God's global plan.”- Jon

Birmingham Missions Cohort (B-MC)



Disciples of Christ gathering in community and growing deeper roots in Christ to produce fruitful lives in God’s mission.


Gospel of the Kingdom: Our identity in Christ is the root of fruitful kingdom mission and ministry. We want to be grounded in gospel truth.

Discipleship & Evangelism: Jesus commanded the Church to make disciples. We want to disciple, to mentor, and to encourage disciple making and multiplication.

The Nations: Jesus commanded His disciples to go to all nations. We want to help people discover their role in God’s Great Commission to the nations of the world as prayers, goers, senders, mobilizers and welcomers.

The Church: God uses His Church to accomplish His Great Commission. We want to partner with the local church in Great Commission discipleship.
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What are the dates of the program?

B-MC is a 10 week cohort.
Fall dates: September 13–November 15, 2022  (Tuesday nights)
Spring dates: January 23–March 27, 2023 (Monday nights)
Fill out our general interest form to be notified about future cohorts.

Is there a fee for the program?

The program fee is $100. Scholarships are available.

What is the time commitment for the program?

B-MC will gather on Tuesday evenings from 6:30–8:30 pm (Mondays in spring 2023).

There will be some additional opportunities throughout the cohort to learn about other religions (for example, visiting a Hindu temple or a Mosque). We will connect with various local international ministries in Birmingham and engage with internationals living in our city. There will be some supplemental readings and assignments throughout the cohort designed to help participants better engage the various weekly discussion topics (assignments will be 30–60 mins per week).

Who can participate and what qualifications are necessary?

B-MC is looking for teachable, servant-hearted young professionals who have an interest in learning and engaging in God’s global mission (locally and globally). You need to be a follower of Christ with a humble heart and a learner mentality. A desire or call to be a cross-cultural missionary is good but is not a requirement to join B-MC. The content and discussions apply to all disciples of Christ. You must be a young professional or a senior in college to participate (age 21–35). This learning community is more than a 10-week Bible study. We are looking for participants who are willing to commit their time and schedule to the 10-week cohort.

What if I don’t feel called to serve overseas as a missionary?

No problem at all and we gladly welcome you to join B-MC! See comments above for the type of people we want in this community. The content of B-MC is for all followers of Christ. The key is to be a humble learner with a servant heart. All Christians can and should engage with God’s global mission from wherever they live and in whatever vocation God calls them. B-MC will help you explore many ways to engage with global missions. Not everyone is called to go overseas as a missionary.

What if I can't come to all the meetings?

Much of the value of B-MC is found in the commitment of the gathered community and participation in the associated discussions. We expect participants to attend all the scheduled meetings. You will only reap from the discussions what you are willing to sow into them.

What is the size of B-MC?

We expect a community of 12 participants and 2–3 veteran missionaries and ministry leaders.

Where will the meetings be held?

Meetings will be in the homes of the B-MC leadership team and/or at a local PCA church.

What does "B-MC" stand for?

B-MC is short for The Birmingham Missions Cohort. We pronounce it and call it “B-Mac” for short.

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

Bradley Cordell - [email protected] or 205.999.7363 (Bradley is the B-MC Coordinator.)
Betsy Morris - [email protected] or 334.665.2228