Compassion Fund: Global Disaster Response
Project # 40043


Year End Giving 2020

A story of lives impacted through the funds donated through the Compassion Project.

Deep in the remote hills of a Muslim-majority country in Asia, MTW missionaries have partnered with the local Presbyterian denomination for more than a decade: planting churches and training local Christian leaders with solid, Reformed theology. The roads are rough, poverty is rampant, and some areas still lack electricity. Many live a hand to mouth existence—buying food with the money they earn each day.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the country quickly went on lockdown. With workers unable to leave their homes or transport goods to market, incomes dried up. And without income, many soon ran out of food.

“Everybody was really worried,” says Adnan Sikdar,* a local pastor and leader in the Presbyterian denomination.

What will we eat?

Worried for their churches and the surrounding communities, Adnan and his fellow pastors began to pray. Then they reached out to their MTW missionary partners, including Michael Chabon.*

“What happened to the world economy had a significant effect in Asia, and this was a poor church to begin with,” Michael explains. “This spring, Adnan reached out to ask: ‘Can MTW help out with any kind of relief?’ Through the Compassion Fund, God provided about $9,000.”

Thanks to your generous gifts, Adnan and other leaders were able to distribute one month’s supply of rice, lentils, salt, and other basic food items to 561 families in strategic locations throughout the country.

561 Families

“MTW’s response was exceptional—far beyond our expectations,” Adnan says. “Church members were so encouraged—they don’t even have the words to express their thanks to Mission to the World and to our God … Now they know that even in difficulties, even in disaster, the almighty God is with us. He is able to provide.”

While most of those who received food relief were members of local church plants, leadership also distributed packages to suffering Muslim and Hindu communities where evangelists have been ministering for years.

“Now they say: ‘Our Christian brothers and sisters are the ones taking care of us, giving during our desperate time of need,’” says local pastor Rahmat Khan.* “When they saw how Christians were taking care of them and each other, the Lord revealed His special way of grace.”

People with food

For Rahmat and other local pastors, this is just one more step in a nearly a decade of faithful ministry in a tough community that is only just recently beginning to bear fruit. For years, evangelists and church planters were met with only hostility or indifference. Now there are two churches in the area, and growing inroads of trust with Muslim and Hindu neighbors. In late September, 143 people were baptized.

“God is really at work in their hearts,” Rahmat says.

This is just one story of many in a difficult but truly remarkable year. For many MTW missionaries serving across the emerging world, the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent shutdowns have not only disrupted their ministries, they have threatened the lives and livelihoods of their most vulnerable neighbors.

17 Countries
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In 17 countries across Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America, MTW missionaries requested and received money from the Compassion Fund to feed those most severely impacted by the pandemic and lockdowns. These efforts—made possible by our generous donors—have almost certainly saved hundreds or even thousands of lives and demonstrated the love of Christ to those in need. Praise God!

And yet, vulnerable populations around the world remain at risk. As the COVID-19 crisis continues to wreak havoc, MTW missionaries and their local church partners will continue to care for their neighbors’ physical needs and to share the gospel of hope in a time of great hopelessness.

Every year the Compassion Fund gives help where help is needed most around the world. Your gifts enable our missionaries and national partners to quickly respond to urgent situations in their communities, meeting physical needs, sharing the love of Christ, and establishing a foothold for gospel ministry.

Would you give again to support our efforts to share the love of Jesus to the ends of the earth?

Compassion Fund: Global Disaster Response
Project # 40043