Saunders, Jeff & Katie

Serving in Japan | Acct # 17254


While relatively small, Japan is a country with a tremendous influence on the world. From the cuisine and culture to the cars and electronics, much of the world has benefited from Japan. There is so much beauty here but what people often don’t see is the brokenness and need. Visibly there is strong community among the Japanese, yet there is a thick but invisible thread of isolation woven into the relational tapestry. And so it is that many Japanese struggle with depression, feelings of worthlessness, and suicidal ideations as an almost daily reality. 

It was at Covenant Seminary (Jeff, M.Div., ’15) that God began revealing this fact to Jeff and Katie and used it to ultimately call them to advance His kingdom in Tokyo, Japan. The Japanese desperately need to hear they are loved, have dignity, and are given ultimate affirmation through the incarnation. The message of Jesus Christ’s life, death, and resurrection has immense power to move people to experience true humanity the way God intended. Please pray for a great movement of the Holy Spirit so that many Japanese would experience that power as they taste and see the risen Christ. Pray for Jeff and Katie as they serve in the largest city in the world through church-planting and university ministry.

Help start a new university ministry and church plant in Tokyo, Japan! Click to learn more.

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