Traub, Will & Judi

Serving in Scotland | Acct # 17415


The Traubs met in 1975 on a blind date during Will’s last year of studies at Westminster Theological Seminary and were married in 1976. Both Will and Judi were raised in Christian homes where foreign missions was promoted, and missionaries were often guests. Will was the pastor of Peace Reformed Church in Loveland, Colo., and Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church in Blacksburg, Va., prior to leaving for Germany, where they served from 1988-2000. Since that time, Will has been serving as coordinator of theological education for MTW Europe.

In 2012 the Traubs relocated to Dundee, Scotland, to work with our sister Presbyterian denomination, the Free Church of Scotland. Will is also one of the Elders on the Kirk Session of St. Peter's Free Church in Dundee where David Robertson is the Minister and where Robert Murray McCheyne had been Minister (1836–1843). While Will continues to be involved with theological education in various locations in Europe, his primary focus now is teaching the third year OT courses at Edinburgh Theological Seminary, the denominational seminary of the Free Church of Scotland.

Both Judi and Will also help with the Aspire Project (the children’s outreach ministry of St. Peter's Free Church). Will helps to recruit and provide support for teams to come to Dundee from the U.S. in the summer to help with the different camps and activities. Judi is involved with the Wee Rascals toddler group of the Aspire Project as well as the Crèche (Nursery) of St. Peter's Free Church.

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