The Rescue Mission

In 1 Samuel 30, we have the account of a daring rescue mission. Just before David is exalted to the throne, he must face his darkest hour of trial. When David and his men return to their camp from battle, they find it leveled to the ground and burned. The Amalekites, the fiercest enemies of God's people, had made a raid while the warriors were gone. The warriors of Israel hadn't just lost their homes, but their wives and children were also nowhere to be found.

The ensuing account describes the rescue mission. David and his men pursue the Amalekites, and in the end they rescue all. You can imagine the tears that were shed when boys and girls spotted their daddies from a distance in the midst of the Judean warriors; when husbands once again embraced wives they thought they might never see again. It is a beautiful story. And it is meant to point us to the rescue mission of Christ, the true Son of David. Our Savior came as the warrior prince of heaven to regain what had been lost to the enemy. Jesus shed His blood to redeem a people from every tribe and tongue and nation.

We as the Church need to understand that this rescue mission is not yet over. Do you know that? We are deceiving ourselves if we tell the story of Christ freeing the captives in the past tense only. Christ's atoning work on the cross is finished, absolutely. But His present work of freeing captives is not. There are still sheep being held captive in the den of Satan. And Christ has said, “I must bring them also” (John 10:16).

Can you hear the longing in His voice when He says that? Just like David and his men, our Savior is talking about His very bride that has been taken captive by the enemy. There are still empty seats at the marriage supper of the Lamb.

On April 24, 2013, there was a tragic accident in Bangladesh. An eight-story building full of garment factory workers came crashing down. Thousands were buried in the rubble. Massive cracks in the building’s foundation were seen days earlier, but the owner still demanded that the laborers go to work.

In the midst of this horrific tragedy, there was redemption. Bangladeshi rescue workers flooded the scene. Although many factory workers died in that building, over 2,400 were rescued.

The truth is there are massive cracks throughout the unreached world. And the collapse that is impending is much, much more horrific. Whole countries are dying in their sins. But there is a rescue mission under way. Adam’s sons and daughters are being rescued, and you can be part of it. But will you? Will you be part of it? Will you go? If not, will you hold the ropes for those who do?

*Jon (last name withheld) serves in South Asia with MTW. This was originally published in The Journey devotional. 

Jon*, Reflection Apr 19, 2018
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