Vasyl and Viktoria: Twice Displaced by War (VIDEO)

This was not her first evacuation. Viktoria was displaced from Crimea to Kharkiv in 2014, so even before the current war in Ukraine broke out, she was concerned. Viktoria and Vasyl's church, led by Vasyl's brother Sergei, had an evacuation plan already in place should war break out. When it did, Vasyl and Viktoria fled west to Lviv. The church in Lviv had quickly formed a crisis team to welcome and serve the influx of people coming to Lviv and across the border to Poland. But Vasyl and Viktoria, sojourners themselves, couldn't just sit by and receive aid, they had to step in and help. They quickly jumped in and helped the Lviv church in caring emotionally, spiritually, and physically for others.

Vasyl and Viktoria are national partners working with MTW and MTW Team Lviv. Please consider supporting their ministry.  
Tom Mills, Lviv Ukraine Video Sep 20, 2022
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Church Planting Opportunities in Ukraine
RUF Campus Ministry in Lviv
Teacher for MK School

The Ukraine Crisis Has Been an Opportunity for the Church to Act as One (VIDEO)

"Brothers and sisters, it was incredible. This is one of the strongest testimonies throughout this time. I have seen the Church act as one."


Thank You for Helping Ukraine! (VIDEO)

The church has been so generous to come alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ in Ukraine. Thank you for all you've made possible.


Dasha: A Life Transformed and Faith Renewed in Ukraine (VIDEO)

After two months sheltering in a school, Dasha yearned to hear silence, to see friends, to walk—not run—on the street, to read the Bible.


Pray against rape, murder, and capture of men, women, and children in Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine. Pray for protection for the vulnerable.

Give thanks for and pray for the Krakow crisis team, the distribution of aid, and the shelter ministry as the team cares for displaced Ukrainians.

Pray for courage for Christ’s followers in and around Ukraine.

Pray for families who have evacuated, leaving behind the only place they have ever known. Pray for transition and provision. 

Pray for pastors who have stayed behind in Ukraine as they minister to their congregations and the surrounding communities in a time of war.

Pray for the health, rest, and ability to continue for those who are working with and making arrangements for refugees. It can feel like the future of each one of them is in your hands.

Pray that our brothers and sisters who have lost everything will cling to the community of believers and ultimate hope in Christ, and for the massive movement of people and the refugee work our teams are involved in focusing on Lviv and Krakow.

Pray for our Ukraine team's preparations to care for refugees. We have a full response in the city of Lviv, and as the refugee crisis expands, so will our response.

Pray for Ukraine to trust what is not changeable and to hope in what cannot be lost. May the Church in Ukraine be strengthened through this war.

Pray for the church-planting team in L'viv, Ukraine, and the Ukrainians they serve. 


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