Kay Burklin

Haitian Children Entrenched in Voodoo Encounter Christ

Five children—siblings—attended Dociné Christian Academy in Haiti. Their grandfather, father, and uncle were all Voodoo priests—leading obscene ceremonies for the community and singing songs in praise of Satan. The children, imitating their parents, staged Voodoo ceremonies of their own, and sang the same songs of blasphemy. But then, slowly, God began to work on their hearts.

Every day at school they heard the truth of the gospel spoken in love by their teachers. Every day they received their free meal, and a small nagging voice in their hearts asked, “Why? Why would they give these things to us and ask nothing in return?” Eventually, all five kids came to faith, professing Christ as Lord and Savior in their lives. Today, they no longer sing Voodoo songs in praise of the devil. Instead, they sing songs that worship Jesus.

Transformation like this is made possible by your generosity. All over the world people are hearing about Christ and coming to faith. Thank you for being such a valuable partner in MTW’s efforts to spread the gospel among the nations.

If you would like to support Dociné Christian Academy’s life-changing work, please give to give to Haiti LoveOne and sponsor a child’s education for just $35 per month.

Andrew Shaughnessy, Gonaives Haiti Mar 10, 2020
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Please pray for Haitians, particularly those in southern Haiti, whose communities were devastated by the recent 7.2 magnitude earthquake.

Pray for God's work in Haiti as people are struggling under political turmoil and COVID-19.

Pray for our rebuilding efforts in Haiti and the Bahamas that is a response to Hurricane Matthew. That God will muliply the funds and strengthen the church.

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