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The Netherlands is one of the most secular societies in the Western world. Roughly 80% of the population never or seldom attends a religious service. A social effort to "pillarize" society (to separate groups by religion and associated political beliefs, allowing each to have their own institutions) has led to a drastic secularization of most of the country while a few pockets remain quite Christian. However, these churches tend to have strong rules about dress and behavior and have a hard time connecting to people outside of the church. Secular Dutch people and religious Dutch people are more separated than in other Western countries.

Our team is currently focused on theological education. Students come to the Netherlands from all over the world, particularly Asia and Africa, for seminary training. Through educating these global Christian leaders, we help to shape future pastors and missionaries by teaching them sound doctrine. And for our European students, the international environment is where they are learning to reach across cultural barriers to better engage their secular neighbors for Christ.


Tafferner, Mario & Elsbeth

Mario & Elsbeth live in The Netherlands to serve the Church through theological education at Tyndale Theological Seminary.

Mario & Elsbeth live in The Netherlands to serve the Church through theological education at Tyndale Theological...

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From the Coordinator: Join the Story

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They All Have First Names

As refugees flood into European countries where we minister, we are learning how to love them as Christ does.


Pray for the missionaries and national leadership serving in The Netherlands, a newly opened site for MTW. 

Pray for the multi-cultural community we're serving in Rotterdam. Pray for many to come to faith and for the Church to grow.

Pray for the new believers in a nearby refugee camp in Rotterdam to be discipled and come into the fold of the local church. 

Europe Scholarship & Assistance

Enabling spiritual refreshment for missionaries and national partners