Rubble from a bombed building in Ukraine


As the war in Ukraine continues, our missionaries and partners in the region face danger and disruption.

Update 5/16/22

Update from MTW Ukraine Country Director Jon Eide:

It’s hard to know what’s harder in this crisis, hearing the individual stories of suffering or seeing the scale that the suffering encompasses. Individual stories like the one our Ukrainian pastor in Mikolaev tells about water. Because of the war, the city of Mikolaev (population 500,000) has been cut off from water for over a month. The pastor’s wife and children evacuated to Romania, and he has been taking in displaced Ukrainians from the now-Russian-controlled areas and has been feeding and housing them on their way west. The last group he took into his home used almost all of his saved-up water, and as he told the story he said, “But it’s ok. God provided rain the next day and I filled up all my containers.” It’s an amazing story, but the hard part is that the scale of the war produces thousands of such stories, and hundreds of thousands of recounted instances of suffering.

By God’s grace, and through your gifts we’re able to provide water, to Mikolaev, along with food, medical supplies, shelter, fuel, and other greatly needed material goods that are saving lives all across the country of Ukraine.

Thank you for not forgetting the widows and children of Ukraine and for allowing us to empower our churches in Ukraine to respond with life-giving assistance within their communities, to their people in great crisis that this war is producing.

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Live Zoom Call With MTW Ukraine Missionaries

Occasionally our missionaries will host Zoom call updates on the war in Ukraine and the refugee crisis. When the next call takes place, we will post the information below. 

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