Gildard, James & Jacki

Serving in France | Acct # 12703


France lies in the heart of spiritually barren Western Europe. Centuries of persecution and ridicule have left the 67 million people with an evangelical Christian witness of less than 2%. Yet God will call His people from every nation (Rev. 5:9). There is searching among the French and a void in their hearts that only Christ can fill.


The Gildards are part of a church-planting team in the growing aerospace technology corridor west of Toulouse, France. They are building relationships, sharing the good news of Christ, and encouraging evangelism and leadership among French Christians.


Jamie was drawn to Christ through the Navigators ministry while attending the University of Maryland. After attending law school in Maine, he returned to Maryland to practice law. Jacki was raised in central New York. While attending Long Island University, she became a Christian through the outreach of InterVarsity. Jacki worked as a paralegal in Washington, D.C., and met Jamie at a Bible study. Married in 1989, the Gildards were members of Christ's Community (now Providence) PCA in Salisbury, Md., where Jamie was a ruling elder. The Gildards served on a church-planting team in Marseille, France, from 2001 until the team’s transfer to west of Toulouse.

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