Engaging Muslims With the Gospel (VIDEO)

By Tom Mills, Jun 27, 2023

Many in the Muslim world have never met a Christian or had the chance hear the gospel explained clearly. We work with Muslims across the globe from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, encompassing various levels of education and degrees of devotion to Islam.

While the media often focuses on the radicalized minority, the majority of Muslims exhibit warmth, hospitality, generosity, and kindness, coupled with respectfulness, and curiosity. They inquire genuinely about our purpose and beliefs, often in casual encounters like taxi rides. It’s crucial for us to foster an understanding of this culture.

We are looking for people who can help with theological education, discipleship, college ministry, teaching English as a foreign language, assisting families with special needs, and engaging in small business development. We need individuals who are willing to learn and have a creative and adaptable mindset. Above all, we need followers of Jesus Christ who are dedicated to making disciples of all nations, individuals who are willing to immerse themselves in local communities, learn their languages, and share the truth of the gospel.

Tom Mills
Tom Mills is a content creator for Mission to the World. He is a graduate of Wheaton College. Tom loves meeting and interviewing believers all over the world, capturing stories of God's global church.
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Give thanks for all the God is doing in the Muslim World to draw people to Christ. Pray that He would raise up more laborers for this harvest field.

Pray today for the unreached living in Central Asia, as well as for the local believers and missionaries hoping to reach them. Pray for relationships and conversations of faith. 

Pray for the "Timothys" in Muslim-majority West Africa who are growing in their Christian faith and teaching others. 

Pray for a small group Bible study of Genesis in which Muslim men are encountering their need for Christ.

Pray for a small group men's study in the Middle East as men seek to learn truth Scripture while wrestling with the realities of what ISIS has taken from them.

Pray for South Asian communities in New York City who have been hard hit by the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, and for God to use missionaries serving among them. 

Pray today for MTW's ministry to refugees in a large American city.

Pray for the missionary families who are getting kicked out of sensitive countries because of their Christian faith. 

Pray for Muslims around the world who are hungry for truth and looking to the church for answers. 

Pray for a group of Syrian refugees in the Middle East who are fairly new believers, and are leading churches. They are hungry for theological training. 


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