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She Just Wanted Good Tenants, But God Had Bigger Plans

Two years ago a missionary family visited a city in southern Thailand with hopes of moving there to start a church-planting work. When they drove past a house that was for sale, they called the property owner and asked if she’d be willing to rent to foreigners. She peeked at them out of her window three houses down and decided she would rent to them. Though she’d turned down other offers on the house, she felt that for some reason she needed to rent to this family.

The missionary family moved in and over time developed a relationship with the owner and her son. Recently she shared with them that she had seen a difference in her son’s life since he had started spending time with the church-planting team—so much so that she’d begun questioning her Buddhist faith. She told them she wanted to become a Christian, and on Christmas Day, she put her faith in Christ. When they prayed with her she started crying for joy, knowing God had a plan from that first phone call.

God is at work in orchestrating the details of our lives and in drawing people to Himself. Your prayers and gifts are a vital part of His work. Thank you for faithfully supporting MTW so that others may know Him. 

Staff in Southern Thailand Thailand on Mar 7, 2017

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Pray today for our newly opened ministry site in Southern Thailand. Pray for the team there as they build relationships and work toward church planting. 

As the Thai people grieve the loss of their king, pray that many would seek out the true King. Pray for MTW churches as they reach out in love to the Thai people.

Pray for those in Thailand who are resistant to the gospel because "to be Thai is to be Buddhist." Pray they'll see that they can embrace the gospel and still retain their culture.

Pray for church-planting efforts in southern Thailand as missionaries seek to serve the unreached through teaching English, children’s ministry, sports, fishing, art, Bible studies, training, and discipleship. 

Pray for those in Central Asia who are resistent to Christianity because of a fear of ancestral spirits.

Pray for new Business as Mission efforts in South Asia. A new co-working space operates as a business and provides a space for relationships with church members to form. 

Pray for the church in Ank'jeay, Cambodia, and for the Khmer pastors using business as mission efforts to sustain their pastoral work. 

Pray for Grace Church Christchurch in New Zealand, where more than 25 nationalities are represented on any given Sunday, as the leaders as church leaders seek to intergrate visitors.

Pray for discernment regarding how best to reach Christian leaders in the Pacific Islands and assist them in their understanding of the Christian faith. 

Pray for team cohesion in Perth, Australia, as the team is newly brought together and doing varied and different ministries.