When God Places the Pieces

I enjoy putting puzzles together, and I think God does too. He consistently pulls together bits and pieces to create a cohesive whole for the sake of His kingdom.

When Dennis and I came back to the U.S. from North Africa where we worked among Muslims for 21 years, we began to pray— at first alone, and then with others gathered in our living room— for Muslims to be rescued out of darkness. More than four years ago we prayed that we would find Muslims here at home. That proved easier than we thought, as God placed us in a northeastern city where thousands of Muslims had begun immigrating.

Building Connections Through Prayer
Dennis’ long experience in the Muslim culture and with teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) fits well with our local church program where most of the students are Muslims. Scripture and prayer are prominently featured during every class. Sometimes a student will linger after class to share a problem and will accept prayer by the teacher. “Susan” is suffering from cancer and is no longer able to attend class, but has warmed to the news that her class is praying for her.

After knowing Susan for a year and praying for her salvation, we were surprised and saddened when she was diagnosed with cancer. However, it seems to be a severe mercy for her as she has welcomed help, prayer, and precious time spent with Christians. Would we have ever heard her recurring dream about Jesus had we not spent this intensive time with her? We hope and pray for her salvation yet.

We also prayed for a woman named “Freedom.” Just as she began attending our small Arabic worship group, her panic attacks began. Again, what looks like the work of the evil one has proved a blessing. She’s come to love being prayed over, is understanding the root of the attacks, and is experiencing healing. She and another student seem to be counting the cost of possibly believing. The threat of marital abandonment because of their faith in Jesus, for instance, is a real fear.

Meetings for Better Understanding Our prayer team continues to minister at the local mosque together, mostly at meetings for better understanding. Each of us has been asked probing, hungry questions about our beliefs. Two of our team members prayed with the leader’s wife recently when she asked to know how we pray.

The most surprising piece from the Lord, though, was having the imam of the mosque bring his family to us for prayer as they face immigration difficulties. Afterward he said, “I have never felt so loved and will never forget these verses you prayed from Psalms 5 and 6.” One more beautiful piece of the puzzle God is assembling in our midst.

*last name withheld

Judy* Aug 20, 2013
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