A Japanese Harpist Finds Her True Identity

A Japanese woman and her husband recently moved back from England, where they’d moved for work. While there she’d become a Christian through the kindness of a local church. She is a gifted player of the koto (Japanese harp), which has always been her status symbol and identity. When she became a Christian, she instead found identity in Christ and considered giving up music completely. A Tokyo church plant hired her to play for the Good Friday service, and she discovered that her skill could be used in praise of God instead of a substitute for God.

Over the following months, MTW’s Community Arts Tokyo team involved her many events that brought her deeper into Christian community. This year she played for the Good Friday service again. She no longer wants to give up music, but is instead beginning to write Japanese worship songs and become more deeply involved in serving the church through worship.

Thank you for your prayers and your support of MTW. Your prayers and donations help enable our missionaries to disciple young believers, deepen their faith, and help them live out their true identity in Christ. 

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Staff, Tokyo Japan Apr 10, 2018
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Pray for MTW Japan as they grow and expand, transitioning some churches to new leadership and planting in new areas. 

Pray for children in Japan who are attending Christian school and influencing their families for Jesus. 

Pray for the U.S. church to send workers to Japan where less than 0.5% of people are Christians.

Pray that God would use our Japan teams to open the hearts of the Japanese to God’s presence and love for them.

Pray for Tim Mills (Thailand), Abi Lowther & Roger Lowther (Japan), Joe Congdon (Japan), and Shannon Hinkle (Australia) as they all use their artistic gifts to support the Church in gospel outreach, mercy ministry, and community building.

Pray for the Japanese to realize that money, health, education, and material possessions do not satisfy the human heart.

Pray for those who are coming to faith in Japan. Pray that they would find their identity in Christ and grow strong in Him. 

Pray today for those serving in the arts. Pray that God would use their unique gifts and talents to build His kingdom!

Pray for those in MTW's Tokyo Gospel Choir, comprised of both believers and non-believers. Pray that many would come to faith through the music.

Pray for youth around the world to come to faith, and pray for missionaries who minister to the next generation. Young people often impact their whole familes for Christ.


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