MK Explains Christianity to His Fourth-Grade Class

By Staff, May 25, 2017

To most Australians, celebrating Easter means a four-day holiday vacation, a rare opportunity for an autumn camping trip. Few go to church and few recognize the spiritual significance of the holiday.

That’s why one of our missionary kids was so surprised when his fourth-grade teacher—who is not thought to be a believer—asked the class just prior to Easter if anyone knew what a Christian was. The boy, whose parents are missionaries in Fremantle, raised his hand and told the class that a Christian is somebody who believes in the one true God who made the earth and everything in it and believes that Jesus paid for our sins. The teacher then asked him to come up front and tell the class what Christians believe about Easter and why it’s so important to them. The fourth-grader told the class about Jesus dying on the cross and how He rose from the dead. The teacher then mentioned that he’d heard an interesting story about a good Samaritan, and asked him to share that with the class as well.

It’s such an encouraging reminder the Lord is at work using His own to share the truth with those who don’t yet know Him. Thank you for your role in helping extend global missions around the world. 

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Pray for Tim Mills (Thailand), Abi Lowther & Roger Lowther (Japan), Joe Congdon (Japan), and Shannon Hinkle (Australia) as they all use their artistic gifts to support the Church in gospel outreach, mercy ministry, and community building.

Pray for team cohesion in Perth, Australia, as the team is newly brought together and doing varied and different ministries.

Pray for the next generation of students in Australia, that they would be exposed to the gospel and come to a solid faith in Christ. 

Pray for those who feel called to missions, but don't yet know what or where God is calling them to. Pray for clarity, but also a resting peace in our sovereign God.

Pray for Christian creatives around the globe seeking to create art as a way to communicate the glory of God to the culture around them.

Please pray for the development of The Village Church in Freemantle, Perth, Australia, in partnership with Westeminseter Presbyterian Church in Australia. 

Pray for churchfreo and its daughter churches reaching both a community of artists and of "streeties."

Give thanks for Harbour City Church in Sydney, Australia, and pray that God would continue to use it to reach people who come to Sydney from all over Australasia.

Pray for the people of Sydney, Australia, a city which has been described as "post-post Christian pagan." Pray that God would open eyes to the truth of the gospel.

Pray for MTW's ministries in Sydney, including Harbour City Church, City Sanctum, and Student Outreach to the World, as well as the Pacific Islands Island to Island Partnership. 


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