(South/East/SE Asia)

This area, which our team refers to as the Asian Crescent, is a region that we identify both by geography and by calling. Geographically, it stretches from the Middle East in the west to the Pacific in the east, and extends south into a number of island nations in the region’s maritime zone. With numerous countries, varied geographies, countless islands, and more than 1,000 languages represented across the span of the Asian Crescent, this is one of the most diverse regions in the world. Numerous religions co-exist here, including Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism, but in much of this area, Islam is the dominant religion. In fact, most of the world's Muslims live here. 

The calling of MTW Asian Crescent is to the Muslim peoples of this region. In partnership with Asian churches, MTW teams are planting churches, serving families with special needs children, and discipling new believers. They are leading worship, training pastors and leaders, translating Scripture, teaching refugees, and spearheading health and mercy ministries among marginalized people groups. Each work is strategically aimed toward planting and strengthening Presbyterian churches. The scope of both the needs and the possibilities for faithful ministry in this part of the world is wide, and MTW Asian Crescent is pursuing the advancement of the kingdom of God across that spectrum, confident in the power of our Lord to draw people from every nation to Himself and build His Church. 

Engaging Muslims with the Gospel

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Help Lay the Groundwork for Expanding Ministry
Summer Internships
Ministry Expanding in Asian Crescent—New Team Forming
Ministry Internships in Southeast Asia
1–11 Months
Mentor Interns at Refugee Community Center
Train for Leadership Positions in Global Muslim Ministry
English Teachers Needed: Global Muslim Ministries
Student Ministry Outreach Among Muslims
Student Ministry in the Asian Crescent
Pastor Training
Ethnographic Study of Muslim People Groups
Early Intervention Therapist
Teachers: Coordinate Programs for Rohingya Refugee Center

Five Ways to Mobilize Your Church Members for Unreached People Groups

If you want your church to grow in passion for unreached people groups, immerse them in the Bible, and show them God’s grand story.


"Can We Say that Jesus Is God?"

As a young Muslim man studies the Bible for himself, he encounters the unmistakable divinity of Christ.


Meeting a Muslim Family

To our 2-year-old daughter, they were just another family in the park.


Pray for the missionary families who are getting kicked out of sensitive countries because of their Christian faith. 

Pray for three Rohingya refugee boys, taught by an MTW missionary in Southeast Asia, who have now immigrated to the U.S. Pray they will come to know Christ!

Pray for churches to grow in passion for unreached people groups and to mobilze members to give and serve.

Pray for Muslims who are investigating the truths of Christ in the Bible to come to the conclusion that He is God.

Pray for Muslims to see the reality of Jesus and to surrender their lives to Him regardless of the cost.

South Asia Charity Home

Help provide food, shelter, Christian education, and discipleship for orphaned children in one of the poorest countries in South Asia.

The Hilltop School

Give to a children's school supporting over 60 children from remote South Asia hill tribes.

South Asia Ministry to Unreached Tribes

Help the light of the gospel to go forth into remote tribes in one of the most unreached countries in the world.