“I’m sorry that I can’t believe in God”

By Staff, Sep 22, 2016

"I'm sorry that I can't believe in God. It goes against everything I was always taught under Communism. I was taught to be an atheist, that there is no God. I'm sorry." This declaration to an MTW missionary couple came out of the blue from the mother of a young Bulgarian man during a casual lunch to celebrate the man’s birthday. Though they weren’t discussing spiritual things at the time, the mother knew her son had become a Christian and that the missionary sitting across the table from her was discipling him.

Despite her pronouncement, the mother showed up at church two weeks later­. She had attended a few times before, but that week she came by herself with her son out of town. The missionary to whom she’d declared her atheism preached that Sunday. His topic was “How can a person be saved?” Isn’t our God creative? Though she hasn’t yet made a decision, the missionary couple is hopeful that it’s just a matter of time before she fully embraces Christ as Savior. Will you pray for her, and for her son?

Your prayers and donations are supporting God’s work among younger and older generations alike, drawing men and women to Himself around the world. Thank you. 

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Give thanks for the many lives impacted by and among missionaries in Sofia, Bulgaria. Pray for the ministry to continue to multiply.

Pray for Bulgarians who are building friendships with missionaries to become interested in the gospel and drawn to Christ.

Pray for the Daughters of Bulgaria ministry and for women trapped in a life of sexual exploitation to discover the hope of Christ.

Pray for the women and children of Bulgaria caught in the dark world of trafficking and exploitation, and for the Daughters of Bulgaria minstry shining the light of Christ.

Pray for the MTW team in Bulgaria and for those they serve.

Pray for those in Sofia, Bulgaria, who will be exposed to the gospel through our sports ministry. Pray that many would be drawn to Christ as a result of relationships built with believers.

Pray for those coming to faith in Bulgaria. And for those who can't yet believe due to a background deeply rooted in communism and atheism.

Pray for Bulgaria, whose population is considered to be 95% "Orthodox atheist" (Orthodox in name only). Praise God for Bulgarians who are coming to faith and helping to plant churches!

Pray for college students in Sofia and Plovdiv, Bulgaria, to grasp God's deep love for them and surrender their lives to Him.

Pray for the young Bulgarian women who are introduced to Christ through small group discussions, Bible studies, and English language classes. 


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