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“You are helping me to understand!”

"I tried to read the Bible before, but I never understood it. You are helping me to understand it!"

These words deeply encouraged the young missionary serving with MTW in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Last month, she and a Bulgarian friend began a Bible study on Saturday afternoons. Each week the small group of five women read a parable together in both English and Bulgarian and talk about it. Afterward they eat lunch together, play games, and hang out.

A Bulgarian woman in the group shared that she’s tried to read the Bible before, but it was quite difficult for her. Yet as the group reads and discusses it, she is finally beginning to understand it. She later sent a message thanking the missionary for the group, adding that she'd been looking for a long time for a group in which to "discuss serious themes that make me better and fulfill my soul."

Your gifts to MTW are helping men and women around the world understand the Bible for the first time and “fulfill their souls” in Christ. Thank you for your generosity! 

Staff in Plovdiv Bulgaria Church planting on Nov 9, 2017

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Pray for the young Bulgarian women who are introduced to Christ through small group discussions, Bible studies, and English language classes. 

Pray for the women and children of Bulgaria caught in the dark world of trafficking and exploitation, and for the Daughters of Bulgaria minstry shining the light of Christ.

Pray for the MTW team in Bulgaria and for those they serve.

Pray for those in Sofia, Bulgaria, who will be exposed to the gospel through our sports ministry. Pray that many would be drawn to Christ as a result of relationships built with believers.

Pray for those coming to faith in Bulgaria. And for those who can't yet believe due to a background deeply rooted in communism and atheism. 

Pray for Bulgaria, whose population is considered to be 95% "Orthodox atheist" (Orthodox in name only). Praise God for Bulgarians who are coming to faith and helping to plant churches! 

Pray for Europeans who have heard the gospel but are hesitant to fully commit to Christ. Pray that God would draw them to Himself.

Marseille, France: Pray for the church’s vision: one church for 10,000; the need is 4,000 additional churches. Lord send workers into the harvest fields. 

Pray for the growing Business as Mission work through the Glyfada Church Plant in Athens, Greece.

Pray for effective discipleship and evangelism in the church plants in Athens, Greece.