A seminary student in Equatorial Guinea confided to a teacher that he was HIV-positive. The teacher directed him to Christian counseling and Western medicine for treatment, but he never went for fear of the shame and stigma. Instead, he is destined to die a slow and painful death.

The needs here are great and there is fertile soil for the gospel. The country has one of the highest rates of HIV in the world, one of the lowest life expectancies, and is saturated with practitioners of witchcraft. The legalism of the few existing churches prevents them from spreading a gospel of grace and mercy. We have come alongside a local evangelical seminary, teaching classes and mentoring students who are local pastors and church leaders. We also work with churches to start HIV/AIDS counseling and host medical clinics as outreach. Through theological education and medical/mercy ministries, we’re reaching out to people like this seminary student with the hope and compassion found only in Christ.

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Pray for those going on mission trips this spring and summer as they raise finanical support and prepare for their trip.

Pray for first-year missionaries who can feel incompetent and overwhelmed as they begin ministry on the field.

Pray for missionaries who feel insufficient to the task, that they would rest in the truth that God will do the work in the midst of their sins and insufficiency. 

Pray for our ministries in Africa, where many have come to expect broken systems and corruption. Pray that God would intervene and change hearts that would change communities.

Pray for MTW medical missionaries who serve longer-term in one location. Pray for those they serve and for a strong partnership with the local church.

Pray for HIV/AIDS education in the Church throughout Africa, particularly in regions where there is still so much mis-information. Pray that the Church will become educated and lead a culture change!