Rebe McReynolds


On the tiny island of Nosy Be, they meet together on grass mats under a mango tree. They sing songs from recently translated Scripture, sung with traditional harmonies and set to music by a local band of musicians. It has not always been this way. The Sakalava people customarily combine traditional African spirituality (where ancestors play an important part) with elements of folk Islam and Christianity. But in the villages here, a missionary team has been living for several years, committed to simple living, learning the language, translating Scripture, and reaching out to the community. And the Lord has blessed with a few new believers and the beginnings of a church plant.

Building on this foundation, we continue to help plant churches that are Christ-centered and biblical in their worship and distinctly Sakalava in their culture. "The Gatherings" under the mango trees continue, and together with "The Band," we are experiencing the joy of scattering gospel seeds.


McReynolds, Bryan & Rebe

Bryan and Rebe McReynolds work with MTW in Nosy Be, Madagascar ministering to the Sakalava, a native unreached people group.

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Church Plant on the Island of Nosy Be
Disciple New Believers
Musician/Audio Producer

Sharing Lyrics of the Heart

Our first week in Nosy Be, Madagascar, we met “The Band,” a group of local musicians (and fishermen) whom God had placed in our lives.


"The Band" of Madagascar: A Video

The breakthrough came when a group local musicians began putting the newly-translated Scriptures into song. Watch "The Band" in action.


Ministering to Oral Cultures in the 21st Century

An estimated 5 billion people are oral learners. As a result, an orality movement is emerging globally in Christian missions.


Do You Have Any Absolute Non-Negotiables?

What if God asks you to give up the things you've decided are non-negotiable?


A Peek Behind the Photos: On Being a Missionary and a Mom

I’m a missionary in Africa, but I’m also a mother. My everyday life may sound more familiar than you’d expect.


Pray for the Sakalava people of Nosy Be, Madagascar. This beautiful tribe of people is hearing the gospel for the first time. Pray that they will understand and receive the message of Christ.

Give thanks for new believers among the Sakalava people in Nosy Be, Madagascar. Pray for them, that they would be faithful and bold witnesses among their people and would grow in the gract and knowledge of the Lord.

Pray that we would become more proficient at ministering to oral learners—those in cultures that learn best through the spoken word and storytelling.

Pray for missionaries adjusting to new cultures and new norms, forcing them to surrender the comforts they once considered non-negotiable.