Situated off the northwest coast of Madagascar, the island of Nosy Be is known for its amazing beaches, wildlife, and groves of sweet-smelling ylang-ylang trees. The Sakalava people, who consider Nosy Be their cultural capital, make their living by fishing, raising cattle, and growing rice. It can seem like a laid-back, idyllic paradise, but beneath the surface there is darkness. Tourism contributes to underage prostitution, exploitation of women, and sex trafficking. And the culture itself has many Sakalava living in bondage to taboos and rituals, given to them by their deceased ancestors through spiritual mediums.

Our team has partnered with Africa Inland Mission to bring the good news of Jesus to the Sakalava people, a community that has had no way of hearing the gospel in their own language. Through Bible translation, storytelling, music creation, evangelistic outreach, and discipleship, God has called new Sakalava believers to Himself and established the beginnings of a Sakalava-speaking church. We are seeking church planters to join the team as this ministry continues to expand to new areas of Nosy Be and beyond.


McReynolds, Bryan & Rebe

Bryan and Rebe McReynolds work with MTW in Nosy Be, Madagascar ministering to the Sakalava, a native unreached people group.

Bryan and Rebe McReynolds work with MTW in Nosy Be, Madagascar ministering to the Sakalava, a native unreached people...

Mama Vao Vao: Creating Something New in Madagascar

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The Sakalava Church Matured Before My Eyes

Not long ago the Sakalava were steeped in ancestor worship and spirit possession. Now believers are leading a church grounded in God's Word.


Praying for Lemurs

In the jungles of Nosy Be, Madagascar, a young Sakalava believer discovers the power of prayer.


Music Speaks Truth in Madagascar (VIDEO)

A friendship with local musicians led to the creation of songs with Scripture in the Sakalava language set to Sakalava music, and to faith.


Alexi and Mbotizara: Lives Transformed in Madagascar (VIDEO)

Alexi and Mbotizara, who live in a village in Madagascar, believed in a Creator but didn’t know Him. Watch as they share their story.


Mama Vao Vao: Creating Something New in Madagascar (VIDEO)

Every stitch tells a story, and through Mama Vao Vao, Sakalava women are stitching together a tighter community.


Worry, Witch Doctors, and the Word of God

I asked what the Holy Spirit had been speaking into his heart leading up to his conversion, and got a glimpse into the Sakalava worldview.


Mobilization Priorities for an Africa in Crisis (AUDIO)

The Church in Africa is growing rapidly, but corruption remains rampant. Where is the life-giving transformation of Christ? How can we help?


Rethinking Our Need for Control

Jesus lived His life among the crowds. Do we really need to control the messes, or do we need to get better at just being who we are?


Finding Rest

“When the Lord gives us a clear path, then the conflict in my heart will cease.” This is often how we think. The problem is, it's not true.


Mama Vao Vao: Sakalava Women Sew Tapestries of Hope

A traditional sewing technique of Sakalava women in a Madagascar village offers women a business opportunity and a path out of oppression.


A Peek Behind the Photos: On Being a Missionary and a Mom

I’m a missionary in Africa, but I’m also a mother. My everyday life may sound more familiar than you’d expect.


Do You Have Any Absolute Non-Negotiables?

What if God asks you to give up the things you've decided are non-negotiable?


Ministering to Oral Cultures in the 21st Century

An estimated 5 billion people are oral learners. As a result, an orality movement is emerging globally in Christian missions.


"The Band" of Madagascar: A Video

The breakthrough came when a group local musicians began putting the newly-translated Scriptures into song. Watch "The Band" in action.


Sharing Lyrics of the Heart

Our first week in Nosy Be, Madagascar, we met “The Band,” a group of local musicians (and fishermen) whom God had placed in our lives.


Give thanks for the maturing of the Sakalava church in Madagascar. Pray for the Sakalava believers who are now leading a congregation of people once steeped in ancestor worship and spirit possession.

Pray for the Sakalava in Nosy Be, Madagascar. Islanders have been hard hit by the shutdown of the tourisim industry. Many are new to faith. 

Pray for a band of young Sakalava men in Madagascar who have come to faith and are writing and recording songs from Scripture.

Pray today for Alexi and Mbotizara, new Sakalava believers in Madagascar. Pray they will grow in their faith and lead others to faith in Christ. 

Pray for women of the Mama Vao Vao sewing business in Madagascar. It's helping keep Sakalava women out of prostitution and introducing them to Christ. 

Pray for the Sakalava people of Nosy Be, Madagascar as they deal with harsh realities of death and poverty, and give thanks that many are coming to faith. 

Pray for the Church in Africa to deepen and for African believers to live holy lives in accordance with God's Word.  

Pray for a sewing ministry in Madagascar as it transforms into a business providing resources to a community plagued with sexual oppression.

Pray for missionaries adjusting to new cultures and new norms, forcing them to surrender the comforts they once considered non-negotiable. 

Pray that we would become more proficient at ministering to oral learners—those in cultures that learn best through the spoken word and storytelling.

Give thanks for new believers among the Sakalava people in Nosy Be, Madagascar. Pray for them, that they would be faithful and bold witnesses among their people and would grow in the gract and knowledge of the Lord.

Pray for the Sakalava people of Nosy Be, Madagascar. This beautiful tribe of people is hearing the gospel for the first time. Pray that they will understand and receive the message of Christ.

Sakalava Ministry Project

Support our local missionaries and their outreach to the Sakalava people of Madagascar to plant churches and translate the Word of God into their own language.

Africa Scholarship Fund

Help fund theological studies for young African men who are pursuing ministry on the mission field or in the pastorate.